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Sasuke stretched slowly, ignoring the tug of pain in his lower back as he slipped out of bed. All he really wanted to do was sleep, it was, after all, a Monday Morning after an incredibly exhaustive evening. He nodded to __ as the other boy walked downstairs, and laughed quietly at the sight of the still-sleeping Naruto. Deciding to let the blond boy sleep, and against going back to sleep himself, the Uchiha went through his usual morning routine.

There were, of course, a few more spells needed than usual this particular morning. He could only imagine the questions that would revolve around having trouble sitting, and just what they'd been up to. Naruto wouldn't tell them what happened, but he could just picture the blond boy aiding in their interrogation, pretending he had no clue just why Sasuke was in pain. And it would only get worse if his robes managed to slip a bit, revealing more than a few red marks and bites.

Thankfully, magic had more than a few benefits to everyone who managed to sneak around for a bit of fun. A quick charm numbed the pain in his back nicely, and another hid the marks, he had a feeling Naruto wouldn't want them to go away anytime soon. He'd been very occupied with making them after all.

He rubbed his now normal-looking shoulder, and slid on his robes, looking over to the still sleeping Naruto. He had a great way to wake him up, and fully intended on doing so. He moved to the blond's bed, sat and pressed a hand gently to his chest. He was just about to lean down, and give the blond a pleasant little wake up when the sound of footsteps sounded.

Sasuke sighed, when the other boy walked over, it was Harry.

Sometimes, Sasuke really wanted to throttle his friends. In the most loving way possible of course. He wasn't exactly mad at him, it was just the timing that the other boy had; all Sasuke wanted was a few more moments alone with the blond. Not that that would ever happen very much, if it all.

"Hey, what's he still doing asleep?" Harry asked, "We've got classes today, and so we gotta go, you know…soon."

Sasuke frowned, and feigned a long-suffering sigh. "I know, I know. But he won't wake up.'' Mostly because he hadn't tried yet, not that that actually mattered.

Harry laughed, "Uhuh. Well, I've got a spell to wake him up. I'm sure you remember it." The look on his face told him just what Harry was planning, and that he doubted Naruto would like it. But, it wouldn't hurt the blond, and it would be an interesting situation, so why not?

He nodded and Harry flicked his wand, and Naruto went flying into the air, hung upside down by an ankle.

The blond shouted in protest at the rude awakening, "What the hell? Let me down you dirty bastards!"

Sasuke couldn't help but laugh at the blond's situation. On one hand, he felt bad for his lover, but on the other, he just looked so damn funny. Harry cracked a grin as well, letting Naruto down after a few more moments.

The blond muttered angrily in both Japanese and English as he dressed, damning both Sasuke and Harry thoroughly in the time it took him to pull on his robes and shoes. When he was done, he glared, but motioned for them to leave, letting Harry walk past him, and falling in step beside Sasuke as they went to the common room. "Bastard." He muttered in Japanese.

Sasuke smiled slightly, "You love me." He replied in kind.

"Not the point." He said, waving a hand to dismiss it. "You hung me upside down, by my ankle, while I was sleeping. That's a sick, twisted way to wake a man up."

"Well it wasn't my idea." Sasuke muttered, "Harry stopped mine. It was much better."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, looking incredibly curious, but Sasuke merely shook his head, flashing him a quick smile as they arrived in the common room, and headed over to Ginny, hugging her quickly. "Who's ready for another day of the torture, known as classes?" A chorus of groans greeted him. "Hey. At least the food doesn't suck." He pointed out. "Now seeing as we're all up anyways, mush."

Naruto nodded, "Yeah. Seeing as I woke up in the air, none of you are allowed to complain." He grumbled, "because that is sick and wrong."

Ginny raised an eyebrow, "What'd you do to him?"

Harry smiled guiltily. "Levicorpous. Sasuke let me do it."

"Yeah, because it was him or me." He retorted, "I kinda thought Naruto would flip more on him. Thought it might be funny."

"Hey!" Harry protested, as the others laughed, entering the Great Hall. "That's not right."

"Neither was hexing me in my sleep." Naruto pointed out. "And for that, you don't get to regulate my...purchases from last night." Admittedly Naruto was shocked to find out Shino had actually gotten the clones to buy the alcohol, he chalked it down the Aburame being through, but unfortunately for the Gryffindor house, the bug user also had no way to get it back from him.

Sasuke hit him lightly upside the head, "That's the last time we're going until the next official trip." He replied, "So don't waste it."

Naruto frowned as he sat down. "Teme, you're no fun."

Breakfast passed relatively uneventfully, Harry got a letter from his godfather, Ginny got a small box of sweets from her family and Naruto had eaten more food than any wizard had previously believed. The blond was amused at their reactions, really it was nothing compared to the way he ate ramen from Ichiraku's; now that was a sight to behold.

They were on their way to Herbology when Naruto caught sight of Shino, the groups remained separate, but, he nodded to the bug user in thanks for his help the night before; and he merely tilted his head in reply. What caught the blonds attention was the sign the other made with his hand, it was subtle and would look normal to any of the uninformed, Naruto recognized it as the symbol for the need to talk. Mouthing 'later' the Aburame he couldn't help but notice the fact Lexi hadn't looked at him. Great, he'd scared her, and as expected, the Kyuubi wasn't upset in the slightest over it. Damn fox.

He smiled slightly, shaking his head at the look Sasuke gave him. After the events of yesterday, things would change, it was inevitable. He and Sasuke needed to discuss their relationship: it wouldn't be ending, ever, but it was his choice if they told anyone. He knew Shino well, that meant that no one would have caught on, even the girl who seemed constantly at his side, so if the Uchiha heir wanted to keep it a secret, they would. After all, they'd been his family for over two years, if he didn't want to endanger their relationship, it was his choice.

And then their was Kitty-cat herself: she was a fellow Jinchurriki, and he could roll with that. She wasn't all that threatening, even with magic, so Kyuubi didn't exactly hate her. Honestly, Naruto suspected it was some demonic territory war; Kyuubi was bigger, stronger and more experienced, and was fully ready to prove it. Poor Lexi hadn't expected it, even if her demon knew it. And even if she'd expected it, she was so unprepared for it it was pathetic. They should probably work on that.

Absently, he wondered if he could help in her training, without the Kyuubi deciding to 'play'. That wouldn't end well if he decided to.

He yawned as they entered the greenhouse, instantly the scent of dirt and plants greeted the group and he smiled, just a little more at home here than he was in the castle, and just a little less at home than in the forest. He resisted the urge to try and pet the nearest plant, one that happened to have fangs, vines, and looked just a little bloodthirsty. Bloodthirsty plants. Oh how he wanted one for back home, his garden could use a little muscle.

He couldn't help but smile when they got their assignment for the day; they were to split into groups of four and harvest the sap from the venomous tentacula, the very same plant he'd notice earlier. Of course, groups of four did present problems, all four houses were present, and as such, Draco needed a group, as did the three Ravenclaws. Naruto was more than happy to split away from the normal wizards though, even though he was well aware it'd probably make Lexi nervous to be around her, but she'd have to live with it. If they were quiet enough, he'd be able to talk a bit to Shino, or at least, apologize to the girl. As a precaution he gave the demon fair warning to stay quiet and calm.

The groups split apart, each needing enough space to focus only on their own plants, rather than worry about another groups tentacula trying to strangle them. Naruto couldn't help but muse that a few plants from here would probably thrive in the forest of death, and make a great way to keep Sasuke on his toes during his sessions. Pulling on his dragon hide gloves, and once more wondering who the hell skinned dragons for a living, he smirked. "So...this crap is poisonous?" He clarified

"Only if you drink it, and even then, you won't die." Shino replied, and Naruto just shook his head.

"One day, I'll find out how you know everything." He muttered.

Sasuke just grinned, "Ravenclaws, they're freaky."

Naruto laughed, though the others didn't seem to care in the slightest about Sasuke's remark, focusing instead on the plant. The task sounded simple, two people would restrain the vines, the third would keep the mouth occupied and the fourth was in charge of the sap. Unlike the muggle way, wizards had a cool little device that just needed to touch the tree to begin tapping it. The problem was the tentacula didn't exactly like it, and thus the vines would fight even more to destroy the tap, and the tapper.

It was Naruto, who after his earlier musings about the plant that claimed the teeth, while Sasuke, who Naruto felt deserved a little payback, was volunteered to be the tapper. The look he got in response would've killed a lesser man due to fright, but once more, the blond was forced to stifle his laughter.

Taking their positions, the group approached the plants, the Ravenclaws grabbed the vines quickly, and Naruto couldn't help but notice that Lexi was good at this, tying the ends of vines together fairly quickly. Once he was satisfied, Naruto rushed forward to battle with the plants teeth; he tied it shut with a piece of dragon hide rope, though it still fought to snap through. Lexi muttered a spell, and the teeth were literally cemented shut, and Sasuke moved forward to tap it. Instantly the plant began to struggle, vines writhing in an attempt to stop it, the jaws struggling to snap at the Uchiha.

A vine lashed out at Sasuke, having escaped Lexi's grasp, and Naruto caught it in a gloved hand, aware of Shino moving behind him to keep the bound jaws still. The plant refused to give in, even as Sasuke conjured a small bucket and sap began to fill it. Another, longer piece of dragon hide was wound around the jaws, and Naruto used the loose ends as a set of reins, wrestling with the plant. Oh yeah, he so wanted one of these for Konoha.

Finally, they'd gotten their sap, and Sasuke fell back, bucket in hand. Shino nodded to Naruto, and a quick spell was used to sever the ropes before Naruto jumped back, narrowly avoiding losing his hand in the process as the cement gave way and jaws snapped at him. The others moved back as well, and he couldn't help but notice that Shino had several scratches on his arms and tears in his clothes from the spikey vines. On his other side, Lexi was subtly repairing her clothes, hiding the fact the wounds she'd gotten were already healing.

Naruto just raised an eyebrow, having heard she was a healer, "We're not supposed to heal our wounds in class. It's a learning experience." She explained quietly, still looking a little nervous, "But seeing as well...you know. I've got to cover myself. You should too." She murmured, nodding to his torn sleeve and the mostly-healed scratches on his forearm.

Naruto frowned, "How?"

Sasuke shook his head slightly, pulling out his wand and muttering a spell. "What I do for you..." He muttered

Naruto chuckled, "Shut it. You love me." Shino just shook his head, looking faintly amused. "Now come on, let's turn in our semi-poisonous stuff in. I wanna go try and poison someone. It's time for potions."

It was after Lunch, and then Transfiguration that Naruto could finally have talk to Shino alone. Both the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws were on break, so they decided to disregard the more appealing Room of Requirement for an empty tower, one without portraits, that they doubted anyone would come by. Naruto was sprawled out on a chair, while Shino sat far more formally on his.

"So. We've got lots to talk about...don't we?" Shino nodded, "Where to begin?"

"Let's start with what I walked in on. How likely are you to lose control?" The silent 'again' hung in the air, and Naruto had the grace to look a little sheepish.

"I think I'm good. I had a nice long chat with the Kyuubi last night, and he's agreed to try not to go after her, unless she get's bad. Last night was just well....not a good situation."

"And if you find out someone else hurt him? Or if they do it now? Are you going to kill them? I won't always be there to stop you, and as unprepared as she was, your chakra alone could have done serious damage to someone else."

Naruto frowned, "I don't know. I'm not planning to kill anyone else, if that's what you mean. Last night was just, shocking, and she's a host like me. Kyuubi already wanted to take care of her a bit. That was just the breaking point." He frowned, "Going to have to have a long talk with him." He muttered, tapping his forehead. "Sasuke's a big boy, he can take care of himself, after all."

Shino sighed, running a hand through his hair, "Yes. Because it will be noticed if people who hurt him happen to drop dead." Naruto laughed, "And we do have another issue..."

"Such as we either need to give Lexi some training before one of us winds up killing her, she loses control, or we wind up ditching her?"

"Something along those lines. Any ideas?"

"Well, we could throw her into Sasuke's training. Work her onto building up her reserves, and actively controlling her chakra instead of letting the Nibi take control." He mused, "She probably wouldn't mind using the Kikai and maybe some chakra blocks to force her own chakra out that badly." He paused, "She does know about the Kikai...right?"

Shino nodded, "Yes, and the Kyuubi. After last night I was hard pressed to be worried about any secrets."

"How'd she handle it?"

"She was shocked, I'm shocked she was responsive after that. I had her explain what happened when you snapped. I explained to her the way I stopped you, and the Kikai. That distracted her."

"She was shocked I take it?"

"Yes. They didn't bother her though..." He seemed fairly satisfied with that, and Naruto grinned.

"Good to hear." One more person that didn't think of his clan as a group of bug freaks. "And then?"

"I told her about you. You need to talk to her about that. I pointed out the Kyuubi wasn't fond of her Nibi. She might be under the impression you're going to kill her."

"Well what'd you do that for?"

"Because honestly, it looked like it. And I'd rather she at least be prepared if you were mad once you were....unoccupied."

Naruto laughed, "And that brings up the other part of last night...."

Shino shook his head. "Just stop. Now."

Charms was their next class, and Shino and Naruto had just finished their conversation, and had been forced to subtly shunshin in order to make it to their class in time. They'd only done it in abandoned hallways, and the Kikai hadn't reported seeing anyone nearby when they'd done it, but Shino was still just a little tense, a little paranoid that they'd somehow be ratted out, despite having started and ended them away from portraits as well. It was shinobi instinct, and one that had kept many alive.

Naruto smiled, seeing his Gryffindor (and one Slytherin) friends sitting in a group together. A little away from them was Lexi, and Naruto couldn't help but wonder if it was preference or force that motivated her to be away from others. She'd never seemed to mind Shino, but he was quiet, she knew Sasuke well, and honestly, she wasn't with Naruto all that much; he'd been mostly been preoccupied with Sasuke.

Naruto shoved Shino lightly towards the group of Gryffindors, walking over to Lexi. "C'mon Kitty-Cat. Join the group. We're awesome you know."

Lexi just raised an eyebrow, looking just a little suspicious. Great, her own paranoia and Shino's warning, she'd never trust him.

He held out his hand, "Seriously, I mean it. Come join us." He waited, "I wanna make it up to you, so I'm going to harass you until I'm forgiven or you learn to trust me. Start now and it'll be a lot less painful."

It was with a sigh, that she neglected his hand, but stood up. Naruto slung an arm around her shoulders, "You and me, Kitty-cat. You'll see, once we get over some...issues...we'll be fine."

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