Chapter 2: Unexpected

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Christie pushed open the door and let Matt in. He almost fell on his face when he saw her room was also clean. She never seemed to be the type because she was so messy at the cons and he had seen her room at her parents house. Boy was that an interesting sight. He would have to tell his sister about this one.

"So Matt."

"So Christie."

"What do you wanna do now?" He looked towards her bed, and she caught where his eyes were looking. He looked back to her and saw something new in her eyes. Something sparked like it never had. He got up close to her, their bodies hugged close. He could feel her breath on his neck and he shivered. She looked up into his eyes wanting to kiss him, and he got the message.

Their lips connected, it was a soft, sensual kiss. They let it linger for a moment before it become more heated. Christie locked her arms around his neck and combed her fingers through his chestnut locks. Christie sighed into his kiss. Matt pulled back.

"What was that?" he said smirking. She blushed immediately and shook her head.

"Oh, come on now. I heard you sigh. That was so cute." She blushed even more.

"Just shut up and kiss me Matt." He smiled and pulled her into another kiss. Soon it became a luxury to breathe. Neither one wanted to break apart to get some proper air, but Matt was getting tired of standing after his trip. He started moving towards her bed so he could better enjoy his time with her.

Christie noticed him inching her towards the bed and began to mentally freak out. Was she ready? Was he? Was she sure about this? It was only the first time he was visiting. She had a million questions in her head, but didn't want to ask Matt. She was too afraid of breaking the moment they were having.

When they got to her bed Matt finally came up for air.

"Wow. That's just so much fun." He had the biggest smile Christie had ever seen him make. She knew then that this was right. She knew how she felt. What she wanted. She wanted Matt. She pushed him so he was laying down on her bed. "Christie, what are you-" She attacked his mouth with hers, slipping her tongue into his open mouth. He had to stop himself from gasping at the feeling of her tongue. It felt so good he pulled her onto him. Her skin was silky and warm against his. He was in heaven.

A loud thump was heard from the living room. Both of them shot up faster than a NASA rocket.

"What was that?" said Matt. Christie looked shocked. No one was supposed to be here except her and Matt. She had asked her roommates to leave for the night. She was holding onto Matt's arm tightly. "I'll go see who it is," he whispered. She didn't want to let go of him, but she did want to find out what the noise was so she released her grasp. Matt walked over to the doorway and peered into the living room. Laying on the couch was a blond girl wearing cutoffs and a tee shirt. Matt didn't think she was going to attack so he went back to Christie.

"There's a girl laying on your couch."

"A girl? Does she look sketchy? Is it Beth?" said Christie. She leaned off her bed to get a better look out the door.

"Yes a girl, but she's not Beth. She's some blond girl." Christie jumped up and ran to the living room when he said that. "Um…Christie?"

Matt followed Christie into her living room to see what the fuss was about. He found her about to jump on the sleeping blond girl and ran to stop her. He was a second too late and fell on the floor.

"Oof," said Matt and the blond at the same time.

"What the heck?" said the girl. "Oh! Hey, what's going on? I thought you had left or something." The girl looked down at Matt while Christie hugged her. "Who's the guy?" Matt groaned from the floor.

"That's Matt! He's my boyfriend. I didn't tell you?" said Christie. She sat up next to the girl.

"No, but he seems a little crazy. I like it. Anyways, oh my gosh it's you," she said taking Christie in for another hug. Matt slowly got up from the floor and stood up. He had no clue what was going on, or who this girl was.

"Oh, sorry Matt. This is my cousin Britt. She lives a couple towns away and I must have forgotten she was coming down to see me. Sorry." Matt sighed. His opportunity to be alone with Christie just flew out the window. He wasn't too upset though. Her roommates would be back the next night anyways so she was supposed to spend a night in his hotel room.

"Hi, I guess. Nice to meet you," said Matt. He was awkward with things like this. People always looked at him funny, but she seemed okay with him. He felt like he should get himself settled in her room while they caught up. He walked off thinking Christie would be too preoccupied to notice him leave for a bit.

Christie did notice though. She looked up when he left the room and felt a little bad. She didn't mean to exclude him, but Britt had showed up unexpectedly. She would make it up to him later. She promised herself. For now she would catch up with Britt.

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