Major thanks to D. Lawride (Explorer on the Gang of Five forums) for inspiring me to write this fan fic via his RP (Smash Brothers: Collision) on that forum.

Note: The Land Before Time universe in this story is the one from my other fan fic Twilight Valley. This rendition of the universe has dinosaurs using stone age weapons and tools and is much more violent than the universe that the Land Before Time movies portrays.

I do not own anything except the ideas and the original characters that will appear. I also own the idea of giving the dinosaurs stone age tools and weapons. Land Before Time is property of Universal and Smash Brothers, Mario, Link and any related indica are property of Nintendo.


Chapter 1: The First Battle

A brisk trumpet fanfare sounded and the crowd let out a thunderous cheer as the announcer spoke.

They were seated at Midair Stadium, a medium sized arena high above the Smash Mansion.

"The weather is sunny and clear; the perfect day for a friendly match between our challengers!" the announcer declared.

The crowd cheered once again. A few Latiku were flying over the arena holding cameras ready. Soon, the giant TV screen in the front of the arena was active and a magnified image of the arena appeared.

Suddenly the announcer spoke. "Well, it is time for the matches to begin!" He then gestured to the middle of the stadium.

A green pipe appeared and a middle aged, somewhat chubby Italian man in blue overalls and a red cap appeared from the pipe.

"And here's Mario, hailing from the Mushroom Kingdom!" the announcer said.

The crowd cheered and Mario waved back to them while standing on the pipe.

At the left end of the stadium, a swirling portal appeared and Hyp, Nod and Mutt warped in. Hyp, a grey Hypsilophodon, was astride Nod, a dark green Nodosaurus. Mutt, a light green Muttaburrasaurus capped off the procession. All of the three were armed: Hyp bore a pouch of stone throwing knives, Nod had several stone tipped spears strapped to his body and Mutt was carrying a stone tipped spear.

The three then strode towards the arena.

"And here are Mario's challengers: please welcome the trio Hyp, Mutt and Nod, hailing from the Great Valley!" the announcer said.

The crowd cheered and Hyp and Mutt waved back to the crowd in response.

"I'm a little nervous." Nod said.

"Don't worry. Everything will be okay." Hyp said, patting Nod on his armored shoulder.

The TV screen switched to a scoreboard, with Mario on the right and Hyp, Nod and Mutt on the left. A countdown timer appeared on the screen.

"This bout will last 5 minutes, with the best out of three matches. The winners of this bout will face the winner of the Princess Zelda-Link bout." the announcer said. "Contestants ready?"

The pipe retracted beneath the stage and Mario got into a fighting stance. Hyp dismounted Nod and Mutt walked to the sidelines.

The timer on the scoreboard began counting down from three. At zero a loud buzzer and a green light signaled the start of the bout.

Mario immediately rushed Hyp and slid into him, knocking him off his feet. As Mario focused and his fist glowed orange in preparation to slam a superheated punch into Hyp, Nod charged Mario and knocked him off his feet.

"Nice for a bunch of a-primitive creatures." Mario taunted, getting back onto his feet.

"Primitive creatures?!" Hyp spat. He grabbed a stone throwing knife from his leaf pouch and sent it hurtling towards Mario.

Mario's mouth fell open in shock and he was so dazed that he almost forgot to dodge the stone knife. The blade passed by so closely that it scraped Mario's overalls.

Mario retaliated by throwing several fireballs that Hyp easily dodged. Suddenly, a shower of rocks struck Mario in the back.

"What is-a-that?" Mario asked turning around. He spotted Nod who glared at him.

Hyp took advantage of the distraction and immediately grabbed Mario from behind.

"Let-a-me go!" Mario shouted. He then stomped on Hyp's foot forcing him to let go.

"Argh! So we underestimated you!?" Hyp said.

Mario nodded and delivered a swift left jab to Hyp's jaw, then a right hook to Hyp's stomach and he finished his one-two punch with a kick to the groin.

Hyp fell down to one knee at the end of Mario's attack.

"Looks like you-a lose." Mario crowed. He then began focusing in preparation for the final blow: his flame punch.

Hyp responded by using his tail to knock Mario off his feet with mere moments before Mario could deliver the knockout blow. "Nod! Now!" Hyp then staggered to his feet. "Oh no, you don't!" he said as Mario tried to rise. Hyp quickly knocked Mario back down with an overhead tail whip to his head.

As Mario fell back to the ground and at Hyp's signal, Nod galloped over to Hyp, intentionally placing Mario between them.

As Mario looked up and saw Nod bearing down on him he quickly rolled out of the way of Nod's charge. He then painfully staggered back to his feet and threw several fireballs at Nod.

"Nod! Move!" Hyp shouted. But Nod could not move as fast as Hyp; the fireballs struck him and burned him.

"Damn it!" Nod shouted. "Hyp! Stick some knives in him! I've got to recover." Nod then walked out of the arena.

The crowd cheered as Mario's fireballs struck home.

"Woah! It looks like Hyp's going it alone." The announcer said.

Hyp turned to Mutt. "Mutt! You're up!"

Mutt leapt to his feet and joined Hyp.

"It looks like Hyp is going for speed rather than brute strength." The announcer said.

Mutt threw his stone tipped javelin at Mario who dodged it. As Mario tried to grab the javelin to use against the two, Hyp nailed him square in the back with a well thrown stone knife. The sharp stone blade easily pierced Mario's clothing and penetrated deep into his flesh.

Mario coughed up some blood and turned to face the two. "So…you-a not…as…easy as I-a thought?"

Hyp nodded. "It's over."

"It's-a not over!" Mario gasped. He threw several fireballs at Hyp. As Hyp tried to dodge the fireballs, he left himself open to attack. Mario took advantage of the distraction and grabbed Hyp.

As Mutt rushed in to free Hyp, Mario threw him at Mutt, knocking them both down. He ran over to them and let loose with a barrage of kicks and punches.

"No! It…can't be." Hyp gasped. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

"It's-a the end." Mario said, unleashing his fire punch at point-blank range to Mutt's head.

Mutt screamed for a moment as he was struck by the burning punch, but he was quickly silenced when he was turned into a grey trophy of himself.

"Mario has scored his first KO!" the announcer said. The crowd went wild. Chants of "Mario! Mario!" arose from the stands, adding to the already loud stadium.

Mario then attempted to do the same to Hyp but a quick uppercut to his groin broke his charge of the fire punch.

"I won't go down that easily!" Hyp said. He sidestepped Mario's sliding kick and grabbed him. Mario tried to stomp Hyp's foot but Hyp moved his feet out of the way and another knee to the groin stopped that attack. Hyp then delivered a forceful knee to Mario's midsection that knocked the wind out of him, causing him to double over in pain.

Hyp then grabbed the dazed Mario and forced him on the ground. He then slammed his elbow down on Mario's head.

"Oh! That looks like one painful elbow strike! It looks like Hyp and his buddies may be making a comeback."

Hyp threw a swift right jab to Mario's jaw but Mario slammed his head into Hyp's face, breaking his nose with an audible crunching noise.

"Bastard!" Hyp shouted, as his nose started pouring blood.

"Look who's-a talking? You-a stabbed me." Mario retorted, getting back onto his feet.

"You burned my friend!" Hyp spat. "Nod! Get out here!"

Nod galloped onto the field. Hyp swiftly mounted him and grabbed one of the spears that Nod was carrying. Nod then proceeded to chase Mario down.

"Woah! There's something new!" the announcer said. "Looks like Hyp and Nod have got Mario on the run!"

Mario sidestepped Nod's charge and threw a fireball at Hyp, knocking him off his mount. Nod immediately stopped his charge and went over to where Hyp was lying prone after the fall he took.

Hyp grunted as he staggered to his feet. "I'm not through yet!" He then approached Mario.

At the same time, Nod swept up debris he could swat at Mario.

Mario approached the two, hoping to nail them with his powerful leaping uppercut but he never got the chance; as soon as he got within range, Nod sent a hail of dirt and gravel at Mario.

Mario immediately stopped to clear his eyes and that allowed Hyp to nail Mario with an elbow to the face. Nod immediately followed Hyp's attack with a short charge that sent Mario flying. He was struck so hard he actually flew outside the boundary markers of the arena and was turned into a trophy.

"The winner of this bout is the Great Valley Trio: Hyp, Nod and Mutt!" the announcer exclaimed. The crowd cheered.

Mario's last moments were shown on the TV screen in slow motion: first the spray of debris, then the elbow strike and finally, the deadly charge.

"We did it." Hyp said. His face was bloody and there was burn on his right side.

"We sure did." Nod said. He was also covered in several burns and scorch marks.

"Well, we'd better congratulate Mario for putting up a good fight."

"Yeah." Nod said.

As they spoke, the clean up crew, consisting of several Toads bearing various cleaning implements arrived. They were followed by the medical team, several Toads who were wearing white labcoats.

The medical team had quickly revived Mutt and Mario simply by tapping the base of their trophies.

Two other labcoat clad Toads went over to Hyp and Nod and handed them each a blue and red pill.

"What is this?" Hyp asked.

"A Megavitamin, it was developed by the Mushroom Kingdom Institute for Medicine. It can rapidly heal all injuries." The Toad said.

Hyp shrugged and swallowed the pill. Within seconds, he could feel the pain of several broken bones disappearing. He even noticed that the burn on his right side and the several cuts he received were healing rapidly as well.

Nod did the same and he too was rapidly healed.

On the other side of the arena, Mutt and Mario looked at each other. They had been treated with the same Megavitamin and their injuries had disappeared as quickly.

Mario picked up the stone knife that had fallen out of his back when the deep stab wound healed. "This-a belong to your friend."

Mutt nodded and accepted the knife. "Thank you. I have to say, you are a great fighter."

"You are a-good fighter too." Mario replied.

Hyp and Nod went over to Mario. "Thanks for the great battle." Hyp then shook Mario's hand.

"You are a-shockingly good fighter." Mario said.

"Thank you." Hyp replied. "And now, we've got our next opponent. We've got to…" Hyp was interrupted by a loud crash from behind him. Hyp turned around to see a large silver sphere with a red X emblazoned on it. Soon two robots pulled the sphere apart, revealing a countdown timer and a mass of pulsing dark iridescent material.

"Everyone out! We've got a bomb! Evacuate in an orderly fashion!" the announcer shouted. The spectators began filing out of the Midair Stadium, quickly but calmly.

"What's a 'bomb'?" Nod asked.

"I have no idea but if everyone's running so should we." Hyp said. "And that portal is our way out."

The group then ran to the portal.

"Mario! You coming?" Hyp asked.

"Uh, yeah!" Mario replied. He then dashed over where the three were located.

"Go!" Hyp shouted. At his command, all of them leapt into the portal just as the bomb detonated, engulfing the Midair Stadium in an eerie pulsing darkness.