Chapter 2: The Great Valley Under Siege

Hyp, Nod, Mutt and Mario tumbled out of the portal, which closed behind them. They then brushed themselves off.

"Where are a-we?" Mario asked, looking at the sky. The sky was a deep purple color with black thunderheads. Lightning crackled at periodic intervals.

"This was the Great Valley." Nod said.

Hyp pointed to a rock formation in the distance. "It is the Great Valley, that's the Great Rock Pass."

"I've never seen the sky like this."

At Nod's words, dark purple rain began to fall. The droplets coalesced into short humanoid creatures with red eyes and green "uniforms": Primids. The Primids started moving threateningly towards the group

"Wh…what are these things?" Mutt asked.

"Don't know but they don't look friendly." Nod added, pawing the ground.

Mario clenched his hands into fists. Hyp grabbed a spear from Nod's back.

"If they want a fight, we'll give it to them!" Hyp said, glaring at the Primids.

Meanwhile, the Primids were assaulting other parts of the valley.

Over in the Feeding Grounds, Mr. Threehorn, a large dark grey Triceratops and Grandpa Longneck, an elderly grey Apatosaurus, were trying to fight off a wave of Primids. Mr. Threehorn opened a large path through the ranks by charging through. Primids were trampled underfoot into a dark grey mist. The ranks quickly closed with more Primids. The Primids punched and kicked at Mr. Threehorn but he ignored their attacks and continued trampling them.

Grandpa Longneck sent several Primids flying through the air with one swing of his massive tail. A Giant Primid tried to attack him but it too, was sent flying through the air with a powerful tail whip.

At the Great Rock Pass, Deimos, a large dark brown Utahraptor; Raptix, a purple-blue feathered Velociraptor and Ducky,a light green Sauropholus were also fighting off Primids. Deimos was armed with a crude mace, nothing more than a large rock lashed to a sturdy branch while Ducky was trying her best to fight with her bare hands.

"Who invited these things?" Raptix asked, leaping onto a Primid and biting it until it exploded into a puff of purple smoke.

Deimos kept his eye on some approaching Sword Primids. "Careful, some of them are armed." He then clubbed a Primid, turning it into a puff of smoke.

Ducky punched out a Primid then splattered another one against a rock with a swift tail whip.

Deimos saw Hyp, Nod and Mutt in the distance. "Hey! Hyp and his friends are back!"

"Yeah, but first we need to cut a path through these bastards before we can get to them!" Raptix replied. He dodged a punch from a Primid, leapt onto it and bit its head repeatedly until it exploded. A Giant Primid then tried to attack him. Even though he could easily dodge the attacks, he could not hurt it.

"Shouldn't be too hard." Deimos replied.

"Do not be too sure." Ducky said. She elbowed a nearby Primid, knocking it to the ground. Deimos accidentally stepped on the Primid, exploding it.

"Why?" Deimos asked. He kicked a Primid that tried to grab his mace.

"Some of these things are armed with glowing sticks! They are, they are." Ducky then caught a Primid's fist with one hand and punched it with her free hand until it exploded.

"Why should glowing sticks be any different?" Deimos grabbed a Primid and threw it at the Giant Primid that was attacking Raptix. Both Primids exploded in a black mist.

Ducky shrugged and knocked down several Primids with a spinning tail whip.

At this point, the only Primids left were the Sword Primids. Their energy blades gave off a menacing green glow.

Back where Hyp, Nod, Mutt and Mario had arrived, the mob of Primids thinned significantly.

Mario grabbed a Primid and tossed it into Giant Primid, which staggered back, then toppled over. He then finished it off with a barrage of fireballs.

Hyp was mounted on Nod, who was charging at the Primids. Any Primids that avoided getting trampled by Nod ended up being speared by Hyp. Several of the Primids punched and kicked Nod but he barely felt anything thanks to his heavy armor.

Mutt, who had lost his spear, was punching and kicking any Primids who dared approach him.

"We-a got trouble!" Mario said, pointing to the group of Sword Primids approaching them.

"So, they've got sticks? Big deal." Nod replied contemptuously. He then charged the Sword Primids. Most of them got out of the way, but some were trampled underfoot. The ones who survived, immediately began slashing at the two.

"Not so..Argh!" Nod shouted, as a Sword Primid's energy blade struck him on the side.

Hyp speared one of the Sword Primids but before he could attack again, a Sword Primid cut his spear in half. "Damn it! What kind of sticks are these?"

Mutt was backing away from the Sword Primids. "Guys? How do we kill these things?"

"Throw stuff at them?" Nod asked.

"Good idea!" Hyp replied. He then pulled out some stone throwing knives from his pouch and threw them at the Sword Primids. The knives easily sliced into the Sword Primids, causing them to explode in a puff of black gas.

"That's a-fast throwing." Mario said.

Hyp twirled his last knife, a black stone blade, and sent in into a Sword Primid's head. "Thanks, Mario. I've been practicing for a while."

"Not enough! Still a bit more!" Mutt said pointing to a small group of Sword Primids who were now approaching the group.

"Take them!" Nod shouted.

Nod swept up nearby stones and debris to swat at the Sword Primids while Hyp hastily gathered up the knives that he had thrown. Mutt simply gathered nearby rocks.

"Wait for it…" Hyp said as the Sword Primid group approached closer.

After a few minutes, they were close enough to hit. "Now!" Hyp shouted.

At that moment, fireballs flew from Mario's hands, burning every Sword Primid they touched. At the same time, Nod sent a swarm of rocks at the Sword Primids, stunning them momentarily. Mutt threw large rocks at the Sword Primid horde; each rock literally exploded the Sword Primids into a black smoke. Hyp sent out a flurry of his knives, most of them skewering the Sword Primids.

Soon, the four had killed all the Primids.

"Now what?" Mutt asked.

"We have to help the others." Hyp said, spotting Deimos's group in the distance.

"Right." Nod added.

Hyp quickly gathered up the stone knives he had thrown. He sighed as he realized that half of them were broken. "Got to see Mr. Bigmouth about making some more knives." He muttered.

Mutt picked up one of the energy swords dropped by the Sword Primids. The blade extended with a crackling sound as he grabbed it. "That's a strange stick." He muttered. He then touched it out of curiosity.

"Damn it! What is with this stick?!" he shouted, dropping the sword, which turned off as soon as he left go of it.

"What-a happened?" Mario asked.

"Damn stick burned me!" Mutt then looked at his burned finger. The burn was not too severe, just some slightly reddened skin.

"Well, a hot stick that can cut through other weapons is a good thing to have. Keep it, just don't touch the glowing part of the stick." Hyp said.

Mutt obeyed and picked up the dropped sword. Again, the green blade shot out from the handle as Mutt grabbed it.

Ms. Swimmer, a large dark green Sauropholus was by the Bubbling Muds. There, she was trying her best to fend off a swarm of Primids. She was armed with two heavy sticks and was using them to great effect.

She tripped one Primid with a tail whip and accidentally stepped on it as she was dodging the other attacks. Another Primid approached only to be batted away by her left stick. Another Primid exploded, courtesy of a hard swing from her right stick.

"You're not getting the best of me!" Ms. Swimmer shouted, blocking a punch from one of the Primids, then catching its arm between the sticks and snapping it.

The Primid stood in shock for a moment before it exploded, courtesy of a stick to the face.

Ms. Swimmer flinched as a Primid landed a kick to her groin. She smashed the butt of her right stick onto the offending Primid's head, causing it to explode.

Unbeknownst to her, a Big Primid got behind her and wound up for a punch.

Ms. Swimmer was occupied with another Primid when the Big Primid punched her. The punch knocked her to the ground and sent her two sticks sprawling.

The Primids then dissolved into Shadow Bugs.

"Damn it!" Ms. Swimmer shouted, paling at the writhing mass of purple Shadow Bugs.

She leapt to her feet and ran, but did not get far before the swarm engulfed her.