A Thick Line Between Love and Hate

Chapter One: Nightmare Turned Reality

(Eve POV)

"Ha-ha! Number 24 Across, WWE Canvas is a mat. Duh!" I chuckled. The chuckle quickly turned into a yelp of surprise as the door to the hotel room opened and another Diva came in, clearly frustrated as she tossed a packet onto her bed and slammed the door shut. "That your script?"

"Nope. It's a coloring book! Yes, Eve, it is indeed my script." Isabella frowned at me before plopping down on the soft mattress and snapping open the buckles that ran up the side of her boots. Kicking them aside, she laid down and sighed. "He hates me."


"Take a wild guess! I guess it's not enough he hates me, he might as well torture me too. I bet he requested this storyline to drive me up the wall."

"He's probably thinking the same thing about you right now." I stated, putting the newspaper away and sitting up to talk with her. The raven-haired woman did the same and began running her fingers through the black locks.

"Exactly. I can't do this!"

"If you can survive Thunder Thighs, you can survive him." I reminded her of her old interviewing days and being a valet for Orton.

"You're right! I can do anything I set my mind to. If that means surviving the one thing I hate more elevators, than it shall be that way." She grinned.

"See? You're already in a better mood. So I guess it's safe to assume that this conversation was concerning Shannon Moore?"

The grin turned to a frown again as she tossed a pillow at me. Chuckling, I blocked it and tossed it back. "I was kidding! Good God, Izzy."

"Sorry, Eve." Isabella smirked and headed into the bathroom. I tried to ignore the temptation leaking from the packet on the bed next to mine. Their inked pages screaming to be read, thousands of little words begging to be leafed through. Closing my eyes, I tried to ignore it, but to no avail. Knowing Isabella was showering, thus meaning it would be awhile till I saw her, I went against better judgment and picked up the packet. Leafing through the pages, I stopped and my mouth dropped in awe. Printed neatly across the top was Shannon Moore Isabella Smith Kiss Scene.

"I told you it was bad." Isabella stated as she stood behind me, dressed in boy shorts and a tank top, hair in a ponytail and eyes narrowed at the page.

"You have to kiss him?"

"Yeah and if I don't do it, Vince told me not to bother coming to another house show as a WWE Diva and that TNA is looking for female competitors." Isabella grumbled.

"He's hot, though."

"For a One-Toothed Ogre." Isabella said sarcastically as she got into bed. "Goodnight, Eve."

"Night, Izzy." I flicked off the lamp that illuminated the room.

The obnoxious ringing of Isabella's phone awakened me and I sat up as she answered it.

"Yo, you've reached Isabella's phone. I'm currently unavailable for reasons I will not share in a voicemail. Leave your name and number and I may or may not get back to you ASAP. Thanks for calling." Hanging up, she returned the phone to the bed stand and chuckled.

"You're terrible. Who was it ?" I laughed with her.


"You mean Shannon."


I rolled my eyes at my friend and got up. She was already dressed and ready to leave. A knock came at the door and she opened it. Shannon barged into the room, enraged. "What the hell is your problem, Izzyabells?"

"What are you talking about? I never even left my room to associate myself with a situation, person or persons, or any other dilemma that would ultimately cause me to have a problem."

"Stop being a smartass. I called you like five minutes ago and you gave me your voicemail."

"Well when you can't get a hold of someone, the phone tends to go to voicemail."

"No, you spoke into the phone while it was in discussion with mine and purposely read your voicemail from memory to annoy me."

"And did it work?"

"Very much so."

"Goody. I'm doing something right." Isabella smirked as she fixed her hair in the mirror.

"For once." Shannon retorted with a scoff. "Get a move on Izzyabells."

"Cut it out. You know I hate that nickname."

"That's why I haven't stopped." Shannon smirked back and left the room, Isabella trailing after him. Seconds later I got a text from her saying, 'Wish me Luck'.

Laughing, I replied, 'Sure, just give me a sec to kill Aladdin and steal his genie.'

(Isabella's POV)

Walking down the hallway, I frowned. "What's the rush?"

"Vince wants us in his office pronto." He replied curtly.

"Oh." I sighed as he stopped at the elevator. "Um, I'll meet you in the lobby."

"I never understood why you hate elevators." Shannon said.

"Personal reasons." I replied as I headed for the stairs.

"Whatever." The blond shook his head as the doors opened and he stepped in.

Of course, he was waiting for me at the bottom of the steps. "Took ya long enough."

"Well, you're the one who moved my hotel room to the top floor!"

"You're the one who's too chicken to go into an elevator!"

"Shut up, you two and get in there." Vince rolled his eyes as we stepped into the room and took our seats. "As you know, you two are in a storyline together, a romantic storyline. It's the first for a long time. So, we really have to make it good, and believable. Normally, I wouldn't do this, but since you two hate each other, I have no choice but to make sure you know that you have to act professional about this."

"We know." Shannon responded.

"Good. So, next week Izzy is saved by Shannon when Isabella is ganged up by Umaga. Then, Shannon is attacked, so Izzy visits him in the trainer's office. So on and so forth. Understood?"

"Yes, sir." I nodded. "We'll act totally professional. No worries, promise."

"Good, just making sure. Now, you may leave, but I'm serious, if either one of you think about dropping out of this storyline, TNA will welcome you." Vince frowned as he shooed us out of the room.

"Goodie, my worst nightmare has now become my reality." I sighed.

"So, you do think about me when the night is lonely and cold and you need a man to hold?'


"Bye, Satan." He said as he left.

Without looking back, I kept on walking and, making sure he saw me, I flipped him off.

Oh yeah, totally professional.

So that's the first chapter! I had this story finished, but couldn't download it to my new computer, so I'm retyping it. That part sucks, but I'll update soon.