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Building The Family

Carlisle's Pov.

"Today's the day" I thought happily as I started the car with my wife Esme beside me, who was just glowing about finally bringing our children home. It's been a long and painful process with the stacks of paperwork to bring six young teenagers home. Yes, SIX! We were just planning on adopt two at that time, a girl and a boy but things got out of hand, way out of hand.

I remember the first time at the orphanage, when I saw him I just knew he would make the perfect son.

He was sitting under a tree, with a girl beside him lying against his shoulder while his arm draped across hers. It seemed like they were reading a book together and just enjoying each others company.

I looked at Esme and said quietly "I think I found us the ideal son." and looked towards him.

She smiled in agreement and said "I think I found us the ideal daughter." and looked towards the girl beside him who had fallen asleep in his embrace.

I chuckled and said "And I think they wouldn't have a problem with living together." We decided to walk over to say hello and get to know them better.

When we were about five feet away the boy looked up with bright and curious green eyes, which met my golden ones. Esme smiled warmly which he returned with his own smile showing his perfect white teeth.

He gently shook the girl awake and used his arm around her shoulder to support her. She yawned and blinked a few times before giving a quick kiss on the boy's cheek probably not realizing we were there.

The boy said to her in an amusing tone "Bella, honey, we have company." Hearing this she looked up with big chocolate brown eyes and then quickly looked down trying to cover her face with her long chestnut brown hair which was going bright red with embarrassment.

The boy got up shaking his bronze hair and pulled Bella to her feet then walked towards us. I waved not wanting to explain my freezing hands and introduced myself as Carlisle Cullen and my wife Esme Cullen while the boy introduced himself as Edward Masen and his girlfriend Bella Swan. Just then raindrops started falling and Edward suggested we go inside before it starts pouring buckets. We all started laughing and headed to the building, to sit on the soft couches.

I learned that Edward's parents died from the flu and Bella's mom left her with her dad, and she lost contact with her, while her dad got shot dead from his job being a police and all. After hearing this and talking some more Esme and I asked if they would mind being adopted and start a new life living with us.

Their faces lit up after hearing this before falling into sad looks.

Concerned Esme asked "What's wrong? You don't have to if it makes you unhappy, even through we would really love you to."

Edward replied politely "We would love to, too, but we would miss our friends a lot, right, Bella?"

"Yes, we've been pretty tight ever since we met like three years ago." explained Bella.

Esme gave me a pleading glance I knew she already loved these children like her own and they were starting to grow on me too.

I sighed and said "Well, I guess we would have to…" everyone looked to see what I would say "adopt your friends too!" I finished with a huge grin on my face. My wife gave me a peck on the lips and a hug while Edward and Bella just looked shocked before they started jumping up and down with excitement.

Just then two girls walked in through the door and Bella immediately called them over.

"Alice! Rosalie!" she yelled across the room, earning a few stares but she was too excited to notice. They started coming over and Bella introduced Esme and me to Alice Brandon a small pixie like girl with black, spiky hair and Rosalie Hale a taller girl with wavy blonde hair, who looked like a model.

Bella then added happily "We are going to be sisters!!!" Alice and Rosalie squealed with delight before looking at Esme and me, for confirmation which I nodded my head.

Then Rosalie asked "What about the others?" and just on cue two muddy boys walked in slapping each other on the backs and laughing.

Alice yelled "Hey guys, over here" to them.

The muscular boy who was big enough to be a body builder suggested "Race you there?" to the other taller boy who said "You're on." And then started running towards us before the other realized what was happening and soon started running too. The tall one made it first and Alice jumped into his arms which he caught her easily in.

A second later the other came and pouted "Cheater!" while the other just smirked.

Instead of staying mad he quickly went to Rosalie and gave her a giant hug which she tried to squirm away from complaining "Eww, you're making me dirty!"

He just laughed and said in a seductive tone "I thought you liked dirty." which caused Rosalie to blush and playfully swat him saying "That's not a very appropriate thing to say in front of our future parents."

"Huh?" was all he could say with a very confused look. I just sat there looking very amused at my future family, life is about to get very interesting.

The other caught on and introduced himself as Jasper Whitlock while Esme introduced herself and me.

"Emmett McCarty" the muscular one said and asked "Are you seriously going adopt all of us?"

I replied "Yes." and pulled on a serious face before I said in a fierce voice "I'm going to make you all work in my sweat shop!" They all gasped and looking horrified and throwing glances at each other. I starting cracking from their expressions but managed to say "Just kidding!"

In unison they all sighed in relief and soon started laughing too. Esme gave me a stern look "Carlisle that wasn't very mature!"

"I know, I know, but you have to admit that was hilarious."

"I guess so..." she answered.

Emmett said "Whew, you got me there." and Jasper said "Man, I like you already, your way more fun than the people running this place, especially with the receptionist, she'll give you hell with this request." I would have paled at that comment if I wasn't already so pale, I totally forgot about that and said "I guess I better get started." and walked toward the desk.

After what seemed like days convincing the administrators of the orphanage that I can handle the six children and support there needs for food, clothes, shelter, education, etc.… and signing papers, I got told to wait for the papers to be approved and they would call me. I thanked them and left, smiling as I walked back toward my family, who were bunched up at the couches talking animating. I joined them, talking a seat beside Esme, and asked "So…what did I miss?"

"Quite a bit, it's been…" Esme replied stopping to look at the clock "six hours and forty minutes."

I gave an exasperated sigh, and said "They were being very difficult, but that's their job to be thorough, running background checks, interrogating me carefully, and rereading files to for any missed details, adopting so many children is quite unusual."

"Maybe they did think you were running a sweat shop." Emmett joked.

"Maybe," I shrugged, going along with his joke. "But it was worth it." I added more seriously.

"Well, they were just telling me about themselves, how about I'll just give you condensed version for now, we'll have more time to discuss it later." Esme suggested. "Sounds good to me" I said.

Alice's parents died from a landslide and poor little Alice managed to crawl into a little hole until the rescuers came. Rosalie's family died from a car crashed, because they forgot to change to snow tires and slid on black ice into a tree. Jasper's dad died during a war which he fought in, while his mother died from a business trip when her ship got caught in a windstorm and sunk. Emmett was on a camping trip with his parents when a bear decided to join them and killed both his parents before the rangers sedated the bear.

Esme was very comforting towards the children giving them each a hug after repeating their tragic past and I assured them that they won't suffer that kind a pain again. We talked a while longer before it was time for us to leave and we shared a group hug and said good-bye promising to take them home soon.