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In the Heat of the Night

I smiled against Esme's lips and pulled back slightly to whisper "How's my diagnosis now?"

Esme answered "Everything seems fine except a minor flaw, you missed one detail."

I frowned and asked what detail, for I was confident that I got everything dead on, I even remember the décor and floor plan of the church.

A victorious smiled appeared on Esme's lips that I omitted something that she remembered.

"You forgot our defiant act against God, switching the grape wine with animal blood."

"Actually, it was lamb's blood, and it wasn't too defiant since sacramental wine is supposed to represent blood." I corrected.

"Any ways how does that incident relate to our wedding night?" I questioned.

"The night wasn't over till we shared our toast."

"Does mean we share our wedding night in bed also?" I challenged.

"Nope, it was already past midnight, so it's technically our wedding morning." she replied coyly avoiding my suggestion.

"You're impossible" I groaned while Esme grinned.

I wanted to wipe that smirk off her face and attacked her lips once more with mine. It was a whole kind of kiss unlike our first. The second was passionately heated, rough, and borderline wild, both of us releasing our pent up emotions.

Eventually, I broke away before I did something reckless. No parent would ever want to be caught explaining why they were returning home in shreds of clothing in the early hours of morning to their children.

Esme sensed my reluctance but instead of following suit like a responsible parent, she encouraged our naughty behavior.

"Don't stop," she begged.

"Sorry." I muttered as I broke away from her embrace.

She showed no sign of letting go instead she held tighter.

"You've always been so controlled and careful; let loose just this once, show me the side you're holding back from me." she coaxed.

I hesitated but made no move to continue.

Trying a different approach she used guilt.

"I've been honest with you, Carlisle, I shared my past and feelings, it would be nice for you to return the courtesy and show me yours, why fight it?"

"The children." I say, thinking that would bring her back to her senses.

"No, I know you; the children aren't the problem, what's your real reason?"

"I'm afraid to hurt you." I admit.

Esme showed no worry and said "I'm tougher than you think; I've been through much worse, besides memory retain ability isn't the only thing known to vampires, indestructibility is another feature."

"And endurance." I add.

"That's the spirit," she said with a genuine smile as she swiftly unbuttoned my shirt.

I pulled down the straps of her dress and whispered in her ear "Switching wine isn't going to the most rebellious thing I've ever done."

"But no one will ever know, especially the children." Esme said with a wink and just like that I took her - right then and there - on the forest floor.

It was an untamable fire, burning desire coursing through our bodies as they intertwined together. It could have lasted all night and well into the morning but as the sky lightened we had to put a stop to our madness, if we wanted to keep this dirty little secret.

Reluctantly, we got dress, amazingly our clothes were not rags, but our hair were a different story, all mussed up with leaves and twigs from our little roll. Expertly Esme picked out the debris for the both of us and running her fingers to smooth out difficult pieces of my hair. I would have preferred those fingers pulling at it again but our time was up, so I pushed those thoughts out of my head.

"Guess we did replay our wedding morning after all" I said lightening the mood.

"That's not how I remembered the first time we were together" laughed Esme.

If I could, I would have blushed at her suggestion but since I couldn't, it wouldn't give me away. So I tried to bluff it and shrugged playing it off coolly.

"I remember you asked for it."

"I know." she replied "I also said just once, so does that mean we are converting back to our old love making ways?" she questioned raising an eyebrow.

"Can you give this up and be satisfied with the usual?" I counter-questioned matching her with a raised eyebrow.

Our past intimacy wasn't bad, it was gentle, soft, simple yet lovely, but some might describe it as "vanilla." This new excitement was like adding alcohol to a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and setting it on fire. The plain natural ice-cream is good on its own but a flaming sundae, who could resist such a temptation?

"Let's keep a balance." she compromised.

"Okay," I said in agreement "that means this," gesturing to what just conspired, "will happen more frequently to make up for the past hundred years."

Esme's musical laugh echoed through the forest but she managed to nod her consent, and finally when she sobered up she added "You better remember that!"

"Don't worry; you won't let me forget it."

"Very true," Esme said, "Oh and before I forget; who was this other woman in Columbus?" she interrogated with a dark glint in her narrowed eyes.

"Jealous, love?" I chuckled.

"Answer the question." she said steeling her voice.

"Her name was Esme Platt; I was treating her from a broken leg after she fell off a tree, that silly girl was trying to put a fallen chick back into the nest." I replied fondly.

I hadn't expected Esme to have such a dramatic reaction; she flinched from the name, her face twisted in surprise, eyes wide with shock and mouth opening and closing like gaping fish. It looked like she wanted to say something but couldn't find the right words.

Finally her mouth formed the words "No, it can't be…"

"What's wrong? I'm sorry if I offended you, nothing happened between us; she just left a memorable impression."

Esme eyes snapped back at me and fiercely said "Something most definitely happen, you married her."

"What? No! I married you" I stuttered in confusion.

"We're the same person."

"How is that possible? She died."

"That's what I'm trying to figure out." Esme said in deep concentration.

My thoughts were a jumbled mess; things I thought I knew were untrue, but the truth seemed like a ruse.