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It had never been this close before. He was falling, eerie green eyes barely visible as his eyelids fought against fatigue. Danny could feel his body aching, and his head pounding, he knew what was happening, but for some reason his brain couldn't process that he needed to stay in the air, he had to keep fighting. But he was so tired... hadn't he done enough?

"Look out!" someone's cry rang out, loud even in all the turmoil, all the noise. Danny shook his head, trying to clear it... and he gasped. The ground was rushing at him, ready to collide...

Danny grunted under his breath and managed to stop himself, just before he hit the ground. For a single, agonising second, he hovered, before collapsing to the ground, ears ringing. A laugh echoed from above him, triumphant. Danny couldn't bring himself to care. He got a glimpse of the crowd watching him, thunderstruck. Not one of them rushed to his aid, as he did time after time. Why was he still fighting for them? They shunned him, they attacked him. Why did he continue to protect them, when it cost him so much?

Bad grades, loss of sleep, pushing his family away... keeping this secret was killing him. Danny groaned softly, attempting to sit up. He was so tired...

"Don't give up." Suddenly someone was beside him, and Danny's eyelids fluttered open. A small girl, perhaps six or seven, was kneeling beside him. Faintly, he could hear someone shouting- probably her mother- for her to come back. Light blonde hair fell over her face, but Danny could still see the tears running from her big brown eyes. "You gotta get up."

He had to get up... why? So he could protect the town? So he could stop the destruction before it was too late? He'd heard it all before, and it was easier said than done.

"Come on," she pleaded, "Don't lie here, you'll get killed. You don't have to fight no more if you can't, just don't lie here. You're hurting." Lightly, her fingers brushed against his forehead, and he winced. "Don't die, please."

Danny stared at her in wonder. She was no more than six, and yet she was here, in the middle of a battlefield, helping him... he had to fight, or else they'd both die. Slowly, he staggered to his feet, and hoisted the girl into his arms. She hugged him tightly, immediately putting all her trust in him.

"Hold on tight." Danny managed to gasp out. Wincing, he took to the skies, yelping in surprise as an ecto-blast sent gravel showering over him and the small girl. His first instinct was to take her back to her mother, and he began to fly towards the crowd.

"Melissa!" Someone screamed as Danny was thrown to the ground by an unseen attacker. He quickly wrapped the girl in his arms and turned, making sure Melissa wasn't hurt by the sudden attack. He cried out in pain as his back hit the earth, feeling tears spring to his eyes.

"GO AWAY!" it took Danny a moment to realise Melissa was on her feet, shouting at his opponent. "Leave him alone!"

"No, don't!" Danny cried, leaping up and grabbing the girl into his arms as another ecto-blast was fired. She was trembling now, finally letting fear seep into her mind, realising where she was and what she was doing. Danny held her tighter. "I won't let anything happen to you," he promised, "I'm still fighting."

He turned around, green eyes glowing menacingly. Holding Melissa in one arm, he fired his own ecto-blast at his enemy, before flying as fast as he could back to the crowd of people. He saw a woman who had to be Melissa's mom, and he soared towards her.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." The woman cried, tears welling in her eyes and spilling over as she pressed her lips against her daughter's head as she clung to her.

"Thank you, Melissa." Danny murmured, before nodding to her mother and flying away. Yes, his body still ached and his head was still sore, but he was still fighting. It didn't matter how many times he was shunned by those he protected; this was his town, and he would protect it. Besides, Danny thought as he cast another glance at his little saviour, some people still believe in me.

A day later, and everything was back to normal. Danny Phantom was a hero who saved a little girl, that's what the newspapers read. His parent's didn't agree with the headlines, but that was nothing new. Danny went to school, got a B- for his History report, and felt a little better. It was better than a C. He hung out with Sam and Tucker, ate the terrible cafeteria food and made it through the day. He was Danny Fenton, a regular kid.

But that night, as Danny Phantom, he found Melissa's house. Hidden by the night, Danny glanced in her window. It was just after 7:30, and the little girl's mother was tucking her in bed. He smiled as Melissa kissed her mom, and said goodnight. The light was turned out, and her mother left. Waiting a minute, Danny knocked on the window.

A few moments passed, and he knocked again. Then, Melissa was at the window, smiling exuberantly.
"Danny Phantom!" she whispered excitedly as Danny phased through the window. "You're okay!" He smiled at her.

"Of course I am, thanks to you." He told her. She looked at him, confused.

"I didn't do anything but; you're the one who beat the bad guy." She grinned. "You beat him good."

"Thanks, Melissa," He replied, "But you did help me."

"How?" her brown eyes were bright.

"I was gonna... I was gonna keep lying there." He murmured, ashamed. "I didn't want to fight anymore. But you helped me." This was harder than he thought it would be.

"But... you're a hero. Heroes don't stop fighting, silly," Melissa smiled, but then she frowned, "But heroes are allowed to get hurt, and feel tired. They're allowed to get sick of being heroes. I think it would be hard to be a hero all the time." She told the halfa.

"It is a little hard," Danny admitted. "But thank you."

"I was real scared yesterday." Melissa continued thoughtfully, "And I was wonderin'; how do you keep fighting when it gets so scary?" Danny thought about that for a moment.

"Well... I guess I keep fighting so that everyone else doesn't have to feel scared, even if I'm terrified." He said at last with a smile. "Are heroes allowed to get scared?"

"Of course!" Melissa nodded vigorously. "Everyone gets scared." The sound of footsteps echoed down the hall, and Danny quickly turned invisible. Melissa pretended to be asleep- and did a pretty good job too, because her dad came in, kissed her and left again.

"They were mad at me for trying to help you yesterday." Melissa whispered.

"I'm sorry I got you into trouble." Danny whispered back. She giggled.

"I don't mind," Melissa shrugged, "I'm glad I got to meet you." Danny smiled.

"I'm glad I got to meet you." He replied. "But I have to go now." She frowned.

"Will I see you again, Danny?" she asked. He hesitated. He probably couldn't come back here again; he needed to sleep and study...

"You'll see me again, I'm sure. Just... don't come running in to my battles again, okay Mel?" he joked, tickling her. She giggled softly, and hugged him.

"I promise." She said solemnly. "Pinky swear." She held out her little finger and Danny took it. She shivered.

"Your fingers are cold." She pointed out.

"Bye, Melissa." Danny smiled, hovering in the air.

"Bye, Danny Phantom." She waved, before yawning and lying down again as he phased out of her room.


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