The first half of this is in Edward's point of view, and the second half is Bella's. I hope you're enjoying this!


I saw it happen in Alice's mind the moment that she did. Carlisle was coming home with the results of the pregnancy test, that Bella was truly pregnant. She wasn't ill. Alice knew how I'd feel upon hearing the news. When she came to get Bella and take her off to the mutt's, I was a little relieved. I had been a picture of calm for Bella, but inside I was different. I was outraged. I was livid. I was disgusted.

As soon as Bella left, I went hunting. I wasn't thirsty, I just needed a distraction. I didn't want to think about the things that Jacob and Bella were talking about. Their child. Of course it would happen to us though. I was not lucky these days. One mistake on Bella's part and our whole world is changed. I had made mistakes before, ones that had altered the lives of many, but never had one hit so close to home.

As I ran, I just got more upset. The dog had his hands all over Bella even before I got the chance! Was nothing sacred here? Why did he think he could just traipse into Bella's bedroom and seduce her? Didn't he understand how it would make everything much more complicated than it already was?

I was raging now. He knew she was vulnerable, and he took advantage of it. The thought of his hands all over my precious Isabella, it was too much. I wanted to kill that dog. How dare he touch her? He knew this would happen! He planned it!

And then, before I could stop myself, I ran headlong into a werewolf. Both of us went sprawling into the dirt. I don't think either of us realized the other was there. We recovered quickly though, and were soon standing opposite each other, ready to fight.

What the actual fuck? thought the wolf. It was Leah.

I backed away slowly, not wanting to cause any trouble with the pack. "It was an accident; I do not want to fight you."

Maybe you should watch where you're going! she thought angrily. And get out of my head, she added as an afterthought.

"As much as I'd love to, I really can't," I said, rubbing my temples with one hand. When I moved my hand, Leah was standing there clad in hardly anything at all. She was wearing what I guess one would consider shorts, and what might as well have been a bra on top.

"Well maybe you should try a little harder then," she snapped.

I sighed. "Look, Leah. You clearly don't like me, so why don't you just go and leave me here."

She put her hands on her hips. "Excuse me, but I think you should go because you were the one who ran into me."

"Look, I have had a… well, a terrible day. I don't want to argue with you."

She laughed harshly. "You've had a terrible day? You've had a terrible day? You just got married to a girl I know would be better off with someone else. You've got all the money in the world, a 'perfect' little family, and I'm sure everything's just fine. Get some perspective."

"You have no idea what you're talking about. Do you know what's made my day so terrible, or has your dog friend not been able to tell you yet? He wins, Leah. Do you get that? Bella is pregnant with a little wolf baby!" I exclaimed. "So you can take your self-righteousness somewhere else, because I don't really need to hear it right now. And to be honest, I'm not in the friendliest of moods, so it'd probably be in your best interest if you left before you got hurt."

She laughed again. "Yeah, okay big shot. So Jake scored the big one, did he? Kind of sucky about your whole situation though. You think she might have thought to tell you before you got married, right? That she and Jacob did the nasty. Sort of inconsiderate, I think."

"She waited until we were on our honeymoon to tell me," I said. "And I could care less what you think."

"Oh! Wow, that is… I don't even know. That is some cold shit," she said, a disbelieving smile on her face.

"I'm glad you find this amusing," I murmured.

"No, not amusing. Just… wow! On your honeymoon! Happy rest of our lives, honey, and here's a deep, dark, scandalous secret for you!" she laughed. "Oh, by the way, I have loads of debt and you know that they can't actually cure herpes. Oops!"

I growled. "Everyone makes mistakes."

"Yeah, and you sure did. Have fun with your life, I'll leave you to your regrets now," she said before sprinting into the forest.

I growled and punched the nearest thing next to me, which just happened to be a tree. It snapped in half and fell to the ground with a massive thud. Things were not good.


"Bella, what in the world are you doing home so soon?" called Charlie as soon as he heard Jacob's car rumble up to the curb. Jake got out of the car and opened my door. He tried to help me out, but I was perfectly capable of doing it myself.

"Some… things happened. Dad, I have to tell you something." I was unsure of how to start. This was my dad. You don't just tell your dad you're pregnant with a baby that was not your husband's.

"Yeah, Charlie! Let's go inside!" Jake seemed a little too eager about the whole thing.

As soon as we were inside and seated, Jake blurted, "Bella's pregnant. I'm the dad!" It almost seemed as if he was taunting. Not Charlie, but Edward.

The array of emotions that crossed Charlie's face would have been hilarious if I weren't so guilty. First, he was happy. Jake was the father, why wouldn't he be happy? But wait, didn't I just marry someone else? That was the confusion. And then there was the anger. Wasn't I too young?

"Well," he said finally. "I have no idea what to say right now."

"Well, I'm happy! And I know I'll be a great dad. Can you believe it? I knew you always wanted Bella and me together. Here you are!" exclaimed Jake, talking so quickly I could barely understand him.

Charlie shook his head. "Bella… you literally just got married."

I looked down at my lap. "This was awhile before I got married." It didn't really help the situation. I let the wedding go on as if nothing was wrong. I didn't even tell Edward until after we had already said I do.

There was a pause, and you could cut the tension in the air with a knife. "You get to call your mom, then. I am absolutely not the one who is going to break this to her."

I suppressed the urge to groan. She was going to kill me. She had her baby young, and I knew that it was something she regretted. When I told her that it wasn't even with my husband… oh boy, was she going to lose it.

"How could you do this to Edward? I'm not saying I like him better than Jake, but I thought you were raised a little better than that," sighed Charlie. "I don't really know what else to say here. I'm pretty disappointed."

"We thought you ought to know," said Jake. He was more serious than he was a moment before. I imagine that it was because he was finally realizing the situation we were in. There was no easy fix here. "We'll be going now. I'm sure you'll be able to talk to Bella at the Cullen's if you have anything you need to tell her."

With that, Jacob grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the house. As soon as we were in the car, he sighed heavily. "Maybe this isn't going to be as awesome as I thought."

"You don't say?" I asked harshly.

"You slept with me, Bella! I asked if you were sure, and you said yes. You knew I wanted it. This is both our faults, you know. Not just mine." He started the car and drove slowly towards the Cullen house.

"I know. I'm sorry. I know that you're really happy about this."

"But you're not." He shrugged.

"I just haven't had time to process this, Jake. Give me a couple of days, okay? I just need some time." It was true. I hadn't had any time whatsoever to actually process what was happening. I was pregnant, for Pete's sake. Maybe my feelings would change later, but I wasn't at that point yet.

"I'm sorry, Bella," he sighed. He turned into the driveway and turned the car off. "I know that this isn't great for you. But I'm really happy, and I think you need to take that into consideration. We're having a baby, and you can't just pout it away."

"See you, Jake," I sighed as I got out of the car.

"Love you, Bells," I heard before I shut the door.

I wasn't really up for talking to anyone once I got in the house. Alice told me that Edward was out. I fell into our bed just a few minutes later and drifted into a dreamless sleep. Things were not good.

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