The war had ended in sixth year and the restrictions on students had been lifted this year, as there were no such risks. Seventh years could leave evenings and weekends, and with the new bars and restaurants open in town, there was fun to be had around every corner. Harry Lupin, adopted by his godfather in the summer, Lord Potter-Black, one of the richest wizards in Europe, was with them. Harry had been the boy who lived, and though he was head boy and quidditch captain, he decided he needed to let his hair down this year, possible as he had grown his hair out, lost his glasses and got some proper clothes. He was already offered a place for the United next fall, and though he would worry about classes enough, he for once would have fun, let loose and be a teen.

As he had been on the train platform he had caught the eye of a number of guys, knowing he was gay, as no one had seen him since his make over. He and Remus had been in the US all summer and even for Ron and Hermione it had been a shock. Harry saw all the eyes, but was happy for the looks, not because of his scar.

Remus kissed his son on the cheek. "Remember you do have classes please. Have some fun but even if you're playing pro, you want to graduate."

Harry laughed when he heard that. "I promise Dad, I will not flunk out of school. If the marauders could graduate from school, I am sure I can."

Nudging his son in the ribs he assure Harry he knew he could, Harry had got second top marks last year for boys, even with the war. Remus had considered teaching DADA but he had been offered a position in the Department of mysteries, he could not turn down. A retired auror had taken the position for the next few years.

Harry looked over at Ron as they got on the train. "Where is Hermione? I hope you two have not managed to already blow it."

Ron shrugged. "She was at the Burrow all summer, but she has been frigid lately. She was cool, going to let me play the field. You know she is too pure."

Harry shook his head and tried to ignore that, Hermione was one of his closest friends, and Ron was bragging he was going to sleep with other women, and he expected Hermione was going to wait on the side. He watched Ginny and Hermione coming down the train towards them and could see Hermione whispering to Ginny, and a hand of Ginny's, looking to be fondling Hermione's ass unless he was mistaken. He wondered if there was a reason why Hermione had not minded her boyfriend sleeping with others and realized again just how blind his best friend was.

Ron snaked an arm around Hermione when she came into the compartment. "Come along my love, Dean and the guys brought some warm fun."

Hermione shook him off. "I don't plan on showing up drunk for the Opening Feast. I am sure Lavender will give you a good feel up."

Ron shrugged and headed out and called for Harry to come with him, and though Harry did head out the same way as he did, he stopped, heading for the bathroom and instead he saw a compartment with more interesting prey for him.

He poked his head in the door. "Malfoy."

Draco looked up from where he was deep in talk with Blaise, the goons and Pansy. "Potter, or should I say Lupin."

Harry strolled into the compartment and ignoring the looks, he took a flask from Blaise's hands and downed some of the fire whiskey. The little goody two shoes he had been when he had been the boy who lived, he would have avoided them like the plague. The boy who lived would have been expected to be the proper little Gryffindor and think them all future Death Eaters like Nott and Greengrass. But though Ron and his little friends had some fun, if he was really going to have some fun he needed to have some fun with them.

He plopped down in Draco's lap who looked shocked at him. "What are you doing Lupin?"

Harry rubbed his ass along the cock, and he could feel it growing hard in Draco's pants. "Come to the room of requirements Saturday night. We're having a party."

Harry continued his methodical rubbing through he pants, and Harry made sure he left the little Prince of Slytherin something to think about. Draco's friends were all looking at him in shock when Harry was gone and asked if he was going to go.

Draco groaned as he needed to go and relieve himself. "I think we might just have to. I would not mind a ride on that ass."