Pregnant by Christmas of his second season, Harry was able to finish the season, not due until the start of August, around their anniversary. Harry would miss the first half of the season, and return in January, when the baby was five months old. Harry and Charlie were so excited when the test was positive, the baby conceived in November, meaning Harry just made it to the cut off of playing with a stasis, before spring training, when he could go on leave. They did not even mind too much the baby shower thrown for them, refusing though to tell anyone the gender.

Charlie and Harry's family crowded into the room when the baby was an hour old, anxious to see the gender. Other then Ginny they were the only red heads with no kids till now, well and Ron, for he had never even seen his twins. Draco and Scott were married for six months, and were trying for their own.

Remus smiled when he saw the blue blanket nestled in Harry's arms."A little boy. I guess I can stop nagging you to carry on Lupin."

Harry laughed and handed his son to his dad. "Now only Draco has to worry about you guys."

The three men had been happily bonded for two years nearly, and though they would never have kids together, they considered both boys to be all of theirs. Snape was the only name not to carry on, but it was a muggle name, for Draco was sure to have kids soon.

Bill was honoured with Draco to be asked to be godfather to the little boy. "What name have you chosen for my new little nephew here?"

Charlie did the honours for his husband. "We have chosen to honour both our families, so we have named him Colin Augustus Lupin."

Both Harry and Charlie had names from British royal history, a Potter tradition and a link to the Weasleys, and Colin was the name of a king of Scotland. Augustus was of course both a title for and name of a Roman emperor, for Harry's dad and his two husbands.

Ron looked down at the baby before he handed him back to Harry. "He is cute. You're definitely blessed."

Harry wondered sometimes if Ron regretted giving up the twins, but they were happy, Neville and Luna married a year ago. "We definitely are."

Baby Colin, the first of three they thought, was Harry in features including his eyes, but he had Charlie's mouth. Severus was right, between Charlie and Lily, the baby was bound to be red headed, but he had the dark auburn of his sire and grandmother, and not a freckle in sight.


Hermione and Ginny wanted kids; Hermione would carry since Ginny played quidditch, even if they had the stress of potions and a procedure. First they needed to wed, and when Colin was only two weeks old, he attended the wedding of his Aunts. It had been held in the back gardens of the Burrow, and Ginny became a Granger, for even with Charlie a Lupin, there were still five brothers.

Ron came and kissed them both after the ceremony. "You both make beautiful brides. I hope you guys know I am happy for you."

Hermione smiled and nodded. "It has been nice to see my old best friend back. I am happy you brought Lavender."

Ron had been working on getting his life back on track, and had been promoted several times at work, and now shared a flat with his girlfriend Lavender. They had not told anyone, but they were engaged, she working for a magazine. He was slowly becoming the friend Hermione and Harry remembered. When he learned his mum saw the twins at least once a month, he sent money and such for them. Though knowing he had no place with the twins, he wanted to continue to do right by them, as he had by giving them up.

Molly came over to them and hugged Hermione. "I am so happy you are finally a member of the family. You know I always wanted you and Harry to be."

Harry who had come over with Colin laughed. "I remember having to remind you one Christmas, you would still have us."

Even Molly laughed, but they all remembered she almost had a stroke, when she realized she had not one, but two gay kids. She had seen Harry with Ginny, and Hermione with Ron, but the couples were happy, and she still got them in her family. And she was looking to Ron to tell her soon he would be honourable.

Ron decided to put her out of her misery over a toast. "Lavender and I have decided to stop living in sin as mum calls it. We will be married at Christmas."


Argus had retired a few years back, but the school had been his entire life, and he had moved back into the school that summer, too old to trek up from town. He watched with pride as the Longbottom twins were sorted, Frankie a Ravenclaw like his mum, and Kathy a lion like Neville.

Luna had been at the head table, Neville now herbology teacher, but came to join him."Kathy is sure to make us all proud."

Argus smiled. "She has already made me so proud. You raised an amazing little girl."

Kissing him on the cheek she assured him he had a big part, for Kathy adored her Uncle, who when the twins got older, had taken both twins. When they started day school he took them not weekends but parts of every holiday, and even Frankie called him Uncle. He knew he had been right to let the couple raise them both.

Kathy spotted him before she headed to her dorms. "I am a lion like daddy, Uncle Argus. Are you proud of me?"

Smiling he kissed his daughter on the cheek. "Very proud Kat, very proud."

Like Neville and Luna, he thought of Ron for a moment, but as far as he knew Ron never once asked after them. After being beaten and left on the street by his old blood parents, for the shame of being a squib, Argus could at least thank Ron for the twins. In them he finally had family. And the kids of the school were less likely to be threatened with whips, though not entirely safe, even if he had mellowed.

Author note: Colin Augustus Lupin: Colin (Gaelic) means cub or pup, which seems fitting for a grandson of a werewolf, a term many authors have Remus call Harry. But honours Weasleys and Potters for names from British history, for Charlie (William and George too) and Harry come from royal history, Colin was an ancient king of Scotland. Augustus (Latin) majestic, name of first Roman emperor and later a title, honour of Remus and his two bonds all of whose names from Roman history

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