AN: so this is my first ever story, and its a Lemony One-Shot, please be kind, hope you enjoy, for any of you that are wondering this is Senior Year for Bella, and Edward is the new teacher starting his first post takes place 6 months in.

It is so sad what my life has been reduced to. In six months, I have come to love school, I actually look forward to coming to school and class, most eighteen year olds go to parties and have boyfriends, in essence have a life. Not me. Why?

Three words.

Mr. Edward Cullen.

My sexy as hell English teacher.

Piercing Green Eyes, Sexy Fuck me Copper Hair, that just screams for me to run my fingers through and a crooked smile that makes my panties wet. Did I mention when he reads out passages I almost come with that smooth velvet voice. Fuck. If he were to take me on the table today I would die happy.

God I am so obsessed with him, why would he want me? I'm his student for godsake, his student with plain brown hair and brown eyes, I just scream background object, and I usually just hide in the shadows. I walk into class and sit at my usual place towards the back.

Ah Fuck.

Mike Newton wants to talk. Can't he seriously just leave me alone for two minutes? I mean he's sweet and like a puppy dog, but he's only a friend, that's all he'll ever be, and I keep telling him, but does he listen? Of course not.

Oh my God, Mr. Cullen just walked in, Oh My God. White button down shirt rolled to the elbows giving me a glimpse of those sexy arms, I never thought arms could be such a turn on.

Oh my God today he's got the first two buttons undone, I am officially in heaven. I guess I had been staring glassy eyed a bit, because his green eyes suddenly were gaping into mine, I looked away and blushed, damn my stupid cheeks.

I turned to Mike, anything to take away my embarrassment, but not before peeking up at him, he had my favourite crooked smile. Yep, my panties were officially wet, I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, Mike of course glancing down at my legs, eyes glazed over, pig. However Mr. Cullen had abruptly sat in his chair. I looked up somewhat startled , it appeared he was in pain. I looked at him confusedly. Of course this was whenl I saw Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory resident skanks walk up to the front sitting down, I'm sure giving Mr. Cullen a peep show.

I rolled my eyes, slutty bitches. Of course they thought he was hot, it wasn't as if they were blind, most girls wanted to Fuck Cullen, but I know none of them got the chance. I almost laughed when I saw Mr. Cullen glare down at Jessica, apparently Jessica had made friends, in other words fucked the student body president, and he had given her a personal tour of the front office, including a peek into Mr. Cullen's file along with his personal phone number.

She had also left a long steamy message for him, which didn't go too well HA I saw her face after she came out of class after a long lecture, she looked ready to cry, serves her right for trying to get into Mr. Cullen's pants...

mmm Mr. Cullen's pants, gah stop thinking those thoughts Bella, that just makes you a hypocrite. Shit, he just asked me a question.

"Sorry Mr. Cullen What was that?"

His eyes flashed down on me, he was looking at me angrily

"Ms Swan if you can't fucking pay attention the first time, how am I suppose to teach you?"

Did I mention he had the most beautiful dirty mouth, yet his idea of teaching involved me staring out the window in boredom? Of course had he not been Adonis himself.

"Ms Swan you will stay behind at the end. The question I asked you was what is your opinion of Heathcliff and Cathy, and their situation?"

Did I mention Wuthering Heights was my favourite novel?

"Although Heathcliff was a tyrant and in a sense wrong for Cathy because of his station, it is clear that he truly did love her, despite their situation and everything that happened. It also gives a realistic approach that true love does come at a cost."

He looked at me blankly for a second, but regained composure.

"I'm surprised Ms Swan, I didn't realise you actually pay attention to what I say in class" he said crudely

I looked at him confused, but my anger was starting to boil

"Why are you surprised Mr. Cullen? Just because I don't kiss your ass every time you walk through that door, does not mean I don't pay attention, and its only because I've read the book over twenty times, I tend to give myself a bit of leverage, seeing as you clearly can't seem to take the stick out of your ass and teach this to us properly, instead you sit behind your desk every lesson asking us mundane questions, that are useless and very vague, and you expect me to be enraptured?" I spoke angrily and forced my legs upright. He riled me up so easily.

"Are you quite done Ms Swan?"

I looked around and realised I was having a heated argument with my drop dead gorgeous teacher, criticizing the way he was teaching, in front of the rest of my class. I looked at Mike who was staring at me, I blushed the heat rising in my cheeks and I looked back at Mr. Cullen. God he was beautiful, as I looked into his darkened green eyes I saw anger flashing through them, with a hint of something else I couldn't quite place. I realised I was staring at him again, the tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

"Sit down Ms Swan I will talk with you after class"

So I sat down and refused to look up at him the whole time. I was so embarrassed.

Did I mention he knew how to press ALL my buttons. He was a gorgeous lusty prick of a teacher, and I still wanted him, I still wanted him to throw me onto his desk and...

I jumped at the sound of the bell, and tried to clear my thoughts unsuccessfully, while I waited for my punishment. I shifted nervously in my seat and crossed my legs. He surveyed me from my desk angrily and stood up revealing his tall body and his long black pants.

"Ms Swan, if you have a problem with my teaching, I suggest you take it up with the main office and not insult me in front of the rest of your peers," he spoke angrily to me, but his voice softened, "I'm surprised by your behaviour today, Bella you are usually not so distracting and disruptive in class"

I swear when he said Bella instead of Ms Swan I was swooning.

I sighed, my behaviour really was inexcusable, but I had to show him what he had done wrong.

"Mr. Cullen, I am truly sorry for my behaviour, all I have to say in my defence, was that you were provoking me," I knew I was being childish, but I felt that it wasn't my entire fault.

He laughed at me, "Bella, I didn't mean to provoke you, but you were distracted, it's not proper for me to allow you to day dream in my class, when the rest of the students have to endure the pain of Wuthering Heights, is everything ok? What made you so distracted if you don't mind me asking?"

A scene where Mr. Cullen had me pushed up against the door crossed my mind, and I licked my lips, reality suddenly struck, when I saw him zero in on my mouth as he shifted uncomfortably. I blushed in remembrance of what I had been day dreaming about before he interrupted me with his mundane questions. I realised he was waiting for a reply, and I sighed.

"It's nothing Mr. Cullen, I guess I just spaced out, sorry to disrupt your class" I had to get out of there, the pent up sexual frustration I was feeling from being in the room alone with him was almost too much to bear. Fearing I was going to jump him if I stayed any longer, I stood up from my desk.

"Anything else Mr. Cullen?" I answered with my head high, he just sighed at me again

" No that is all Bella, you may go, but I will still be seeing you after school for detention with me"

I nodded my head tightly at him, Fucking great, I'm not sure I can last an extra hour alone with him. He lifted himself from his chair and motioned me towards the door. I held my head high and strode towards the door, but of course because of the klutz that I am I felt my feet trip over themselves, I waited for the impact, but it never came, and I felt warm arms surrounding me, warm arms that with it sent electric lightning bolts down my arms. My breath caught in my chest and I looked up to see Mr. Cullen staring down at me with his arms around me. If I thought the tension was hard to bear before, this was torture. His green eyes became black, and it became too much for me, I grabbed his stubborn jaw and pulled his lips to me.

Oh my God I was in heaven, I had never tasted anything so sweet and masculine, his lips were soft yet firm and his arms snaked around my waist tighter. My hands went into his hair, and he groaned softly into my mouth. His lips were sucking my bottom lip and I ran my tongue over his top lip. I felt him push me up against the door just like when I was day dreaming, but so much better and I pulled him tighter to me groaning into his mouth and wrapped one leg around his waist bringing his hard cock closer to my aching heat.

His arm swung around and locked the door and flicked the lights. We could still see each other, but only just. His lips removed themselves from my mouth and I stared up at him in amazement, but he continued to press his lips against my jaw, and he slowly made his way down my jaw to my neck.

I sucked in my air and my breathing was harsh and uncontrolled. He let his tongue lick up the side of my neck stopping to take soft little bites, and I groaned, when he found my ear and sucked on the ear lobe, I couldn't control myself as I groaned out his name. He withdrew his mouth from my neck and I whimpered at the loss of heat.

I looked into his eyes and could identify the look I had been unsure of before, he was looking back at me with pure unadulterated lust, his breathing ragged.

"Can you feel that Bella? Can you feel my hard cock pressed against you?" I whimpered again

"Do you like it, when I press it into you?" he demonstrated by shoving his cock against me hard and I whimpered out his name in pure ecstasy, and I felt his cock twitch under me.

"Fuck, do you know what you do to me Bella, when you say my name like that? I want to throw you over my desk rip all your clothes off and pound my hard cock into your tight pussy, would you like that?"

"Yes, please Edward, fuck me senseless," I growled at him, pulling his body against mine again.

He moaned with me this time, as I began to pull at the buttons of his shirt. But I became too frustrated and just ripped the shirt off him, popping a couple of buttons along the way. I had to feel him, to taste him, if this was a dream; I never wanted it to end.

I finally got his shirt off, and what I saw underneath was perfection, I couldn't help but bite my bottom lip,

"Fuck Bella, do you know that whenever you bite your lip like that I can't help but do this"

then I felt his lips crash into mine. He took my bottom lip between his lips and sucked on it, licking and biting it at the same time. I moaned loudly into his mouth, and felt a deep fire run through my body, settling on the lower half of my stomach. He deepened the kiss, and started to remove my shirt, I was thankful I was wearing my favourite blue lace matching set underneath. I broke the kiss and started to work on his neck, working down his body licking a spot, biting at it softly then kissing it tenderly.

This evoked more moans from my passionate teacher, and my hands and body ventured lower until they came into contact with his belt and pants. I quickly undid the belt and slid the zipper down, making sure my hand grazed his cock. He jumped and moaned loudly at this, and looked down at me whispering hoarsely,

"Bella, do you know how long I've wanted to do this to you, to Fuck you senseless, to lick your pussy dry, and watch you suck my cock? Since that first day that you walked in with your short plaid skirt and white almost see through blouse, and blue lacy bra. Since that first fucking day, every time you walked through that door, you made me so hard, so hard for you."

I smiled up at him and swiftly pulled him from the confines of his boxers and pants, and gazed at his enormously beautiful cock standing proud and erect for me. I licked my lips, and Edward groaned. I had never done this before, but I was trusting my instincts. I ran my tongue slowly over the head and slipped my tongue on the underside, giving an experimental lick. His head banged against the door, and he groaned loudly before hoarsely saying

"Fuck Bella, that feels so good, keep going baby"

At that I was encouraged I was doing well, so I took him into my mouth bobbing my head against his shaft, moaning at how good he tasted, and licking his entire shaft every so often. I pushed him into my mouth until I feel him on the back of my throat. At this he moaned throatily, and kept chanting my name over and over. I took one of my hands and let it slide along the remainder of him that wouldn't fit into my mouth, and took the other to fondle his balls. It was long until he was full out moaning my name.

"Bella, Fuck Bella, so good...urgh... I'm gonna... I'm about to..."

But I wanted to taste him cum in my mouth, so I kept going, increasing the speed. After a few more pumps of my mouth on him, he jerked into my mouth and hot liquid poured itself down my throat. I swallowed him up greedily, loving the mix of sweet and salty taste of him, and I looked up at him. His face was scrunched up tight with pleasure, and he groaned out my name over and over loudly.

I looked up at him smirking loudly. He immediately picked me up and lay me on his desk, and almost ripped off my skirt. He started playing with the hem of my underwear, massaging my inner thighs. The heat and longing came back at full force, and I couldn't help but beg.

"Please Edward, Please"

He smirked up at me for a second before saying

"All in good time Bella"

His hands continued their journey up stopping at my blue lace bra. My erect nipples were screaming for his touch. His hands lightly brushed over the fabric covering my nipples, and I couldn't help but arch my back, pressing into his hands. He quickly tore the fabric from my body and continued to play me with his fingers. Suddenly his tongue came into play, licking the underside of my breast rising slowly, and finally reaching my nipples sucking on one, while his expert fingers played with the other. At this point I couldn't stop moaning.

"oh Edward, yes, yes, Edward, Yes"

His hand travelled down to my panties this time, his hand travelled down and pressed flush against my core.

"Bella, Fuck, you are so wet for me, I can't wait to have your dripping pussy around my aching cock"

"Do it Edward, just do it, I can't wait any longer."

I could see him trying to restrain himself, but I needed this. I needed to be inside of him, needed to feel something, so I bucked my heat into his hand. All self restraint was lost at this point.

He hovered over me questionly, and I realised what he was asking

"It's alright, I'm on the pill" Thank god for contraception.

He gave me his crooked smile, before plunging hard and deep into me.

We both moaned simultaneously

"Bella, you're so tight and wet, Fuck"

We needed to lay there for a few seconds just to control ourselves and the feel of him inside me. I slowly wiggled my hips, and he started to stroke himself into me. Each time he plunged into me, I couldn't help but make a little noise, and his grunts of satisfaction spurred me on. It didn't take long for me to near my climax, I felt the coil in the pit of my stomach tightening. I was almost there.

"Edward," I moaned, "I'm almost there, uh"

"Come for me baby," he whispered into my ear and his hand started circling my clit, and that was it, I was lost. I saw stars, and rainbows around me, and I felt Edward come while I squeezed around his cock, and he let out a guttural roar, crying out my name over and over.

We lay spent over his desk, trying to catch our breaths and our normal our heartbeats. Gasping at each other. I couldn't help but speak

"That was... amazing Edward"

His deep green eyes looked at me again, turning darker by the second.

"I guess I'll see you in detention later on Ms Swan, I've heard you've been a bad girl"

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