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Inside Out


About Thirteen Years Later

Isabella Cullen

"Mmm Mrs. Cullen," Carlisle whispered into my neck as he nuzzled his nose into it.

He held me there as we sat on top of the bed, him seated basket style and me lying in his arms. The man didn't look a day older than the day I had met him even though he was now into his forties. He left one single sweet kiss on my neck before he let one of his arms slip down lower to place a hand over my flat stomach.

"I love you," I said as he kissed his way back up my arm, stopping to rest his chin on my shoulder as I spoke.

"I love you more," He said playfully, and he leaned over to catch my lips with his, kissing me passionately until, regrettably, we both needed air and he pulled away only to kiss my shoulder through my t-shirt.

We were, currently, in a pent-house suite hotel room in some fancy Boston hotel. It had a living room area with a TV, a kitchen, and enough bedrooms for our family. It was set up more like a luxurious apartment rather than a hotel suite. It wasn't a bad place to crash for a few days before heading down to Disney World to spend our anniversary as a family.

We had always discussed telling Carter of Carlisle's past when he was thirteen, so here we were, in Boston. Our plane left the next night for Disney, we had planned this perfectly so we could sleep on the plane, first class mostly just so we could sleep peacefully. But anyways, Carlisle was going to take Carter to the cemetery the next day so he could show him then take him to lunch. We had always meant for me to go with them, but now it just wasn't practical, and I didn't trust the Hotel's babysitting.

"Tell me," said Carlisle kissing my hand before looking into my eyes passionately, "I may be biased, but how it is that you have had three kids and you're even more irresistible to me now than the moment we met?"

"I have mystical powers," I said as I used both hands to brush his hair back and out of his face, then held his face with them.

"That I already knew," He said with a chuckle and a mischievous smile as I pulled him into a kiss.

"Mommy! Daddy!" called a small voice, and Carlisle and I broke apart to see one of our three year old girls tottering through the door she had just managed to open, "Anna hit me!"

"Awe, come here, Luce," said Carlisle as I scooted off of his lap and he placed the tottler, who was on the verge of tears, on his lap, "It's ok Lucy. Where does it hurt?"

"Here," she said as I started to carefully massage the portion of her forehead that she was pointing her little finger to.

"I didn't hit her," said Anna as she appeared in the doorway.

Our twin baby girls couldn't have been more different if they tried. Lucy had gotten Carlisle blonde wavy hair and eyes with most of my facial features. She was timid and shy like Carter had grown to be and was a little sweetheart, crying for every little hurt bug she saw. Lucy didn't really show any preference between Carlisle and I. Anna, on the other hand, looked like me, almost exactly, with the minor detail of the fact that she too got Carlisle's eyes. You could say, looks wise anyway, that Carter was to Carlisle as Anna was to me. Anna was very much Daddy's little girl, and was the most outgoing of all three kids. She got extremely jealous when Carlisle showed affection to any of the other kids, and was almost constantly on the verge of a tantrum when he did. Carter, as expected, had grown to look eerily like an old photograph of Carlisle when he was thirteen, and his preference between us depended on the day. Though, he was going into his teenage years and neither of us expected him to like either of us much longer.

"You girls were supposed to be sleeping," I reminded them as Carlisle offered me Lucy and I snuggled her tight.

"Do you want some ice, sweetie?" Carlisle asked Lucy as he gently checked her head for signs of bruising, though I wasn't even a doctor and I could see it forming.

"Yes please," said Lucy politely and Carlisle kissed her head gently before hopping off the bed.

"Daddy!" Anna whined in the doorway and Carlisle walked over to her as she pouted and lifted her up onto his hip.

Carlisle kissed the side of her head, making cute little kissing noises and she beamed as he carried her out into the living room area.

"C'mon," I heard him say, "Let's get your sister some ice."

"What's up with Luce?" Carter's voice came next.

"She…mysteriously… hit her head," said Carlisle and I heard the freezer door open as well as Carter's running into the room.

"Is Luce ok?" Carter asked with full concern for his baby sister as he slid on to the bed in his Mariners pajamas.

Carter and Lucy seemed to have a very interesting type of bond. Lucy had the three of us wrapped tightly around her little finger, but she seemed to have a much tighter hold on Carter, and he was adorable with her. Lucy in return, while she showed no preference between Carlisle and I, was very attached to her big brother.

"She'll be fine," I said as Lucy, having heard Carter's voice, pulled her face out of my chest to look around for him.

"Car," she said simply, using her and Anna's nickname for him and reached out for him to hold her, and he took her from me, kissing her head as Carlisle came back in with Anna and a baggy full of ice.

He tossed it under hand over to Carter, who, with his little League all star hands, caught it easily and held it to the purpling section of his sister's face. That was another thing about Carter, he had received a magnified version of his father's athletic skills. Good thing too, considering the alternative was my really uncoordinated genes. Though, a byproduct of his super athlete-ness was that we couldn't get him into enough sports.

"I didn't do it," said Anna, and Carter raised his eyebrows at her before turning to me, "Can Luce come watch the game with me for a few minutes?"

"Yes," I told him and he carried Lucy out of the room, holding her ice for her.

That image brought back the one of Carter carrying her into the house after she fell off her big wheel. She had started to cry, and he had given her the lollipop out of his mouth to suck on while he carried her in. I was never really all that good with blood, so we were lucky Carlisle had been home at the time. But, after she was all bandaged up, Carter had sat with her and watched one of the girls' two hour Barbie Princess movies with her.

As Carter made his departure with Lucy, Carlisle sat back down on the bed with Anna in his lap. I had worked this out well, I hadn't had to get fully up yet, and I crawled over to sit in front of Carlisle and Anna. Anna was looking up at her father with her most innocent expression, but Carlisle was just looking down at her sternly. We had discovered, while it was best that I discipline Carter and Lucy, Carlisle had the most success with Anna. It wasn't that Carlisle yelled, because he never had, but if he was upset with one of the kids, they knew they were in serious trouble, seeing as he let most things slide.

While Lucy and Carter had us both tightly wrapped around their fingers, for some reason Anna had Carlisle at least twice around compared to the other kids. I had asked Carlisle why that was one night after she had gotten him to read at least five bedtime stories to her, he told me she looked exactly like me, and he got confused. Though, I pointed out that she was two feet tall, and I would not be asking for a bedtime story.

The confused part was about right though, not much had changed since Rosalie had announced that Carlisle worshipped the ground I walked on just after Carter was born all those years ago. I would be the last one to admit it, Carlisle being the first, that he still was very much there to help at my every whim, not that I let him most of the time. Anyways, going back to the kids, if I showed any of them preferential treatment it was Carter. It was very rare, but it did happen once in a while, mostly because he was my first baby.

"Daddy, do you not love me anymore?" Anna asked, on the verge of tears when her innocent face failed her, and the expression on Carlisle's face went from stern to sweet in about a second flat.

"I'll never not love you, Anna," said Carlisle brow furrowed as he looked into his daughter's eyes, "You're my little girl, but so is Lucy. I love Lucy just as much as I love you, Anna. It hurts daddy when you hit your sister, it's like you're hitting daddy too. Would you hit daddy?"

"No," said Anna automatically and Carlisle kissed her cheek.

"So, are you going to apologize to Lucy and stop hitting her?" said Carlisle and Anna nodded enthusiastically, "That's my little girl."

Carlisle wrapped his arms around the little one and gave her a hug. He really hated having to discipline the kids. He always ended a talk with one of them over something they had done wrong with a hug or a kiss. He let go of Anna and she crawled out of his lap for a second to hug me too. It was quick and before I knew it she was sitting in his lap again.

"Now, I believe mommy and daddy put you girls to bed an hour ago," said Carlisle, smiling down at his daughter.

"Carter's up," she protested and Carlisle sighed with a slight rolling of his eyes.

"Carter's a lot older than you two," said Carlisle, touching his nose into his daughter'sSS so she giggled, "C'mon, it's bedtime."

We got the girls back down in their room, for good this time, and went back into the living room area. Carter was watching the Mariners game we had ordered to the hotel room so he wouldn't have to miss it, and we told him to go to bed when it was over. Once we had each gotten a glass of ice water and watched a little bit of the game with Carter, we returned to our bedroom.

"Now where were we before those kids decided to interrupt?" Carlisle asked as we cuddled together in the bed.

"You know," I said, going along with it, "I just don't remember, I got a little distracted."

"Well," He said, pressing his lips to my neck, "Allow me to remind you."


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