Yes!! A Metropolis fic!! :3

Told from Rock's POV (Because hey, who doesn't love him).

This is my first Metropolis Fanfic, so I hope it's good. Set at the scene where Rock sends Tima the letter under Kenichi's name.

Disclaimers: I' don't own Metropolis.


I stand up above the machines on the suspended walkway. The gears grind below and around me, some giant behemoths, others small and delicate in comparison. A symphony of pneumatic hisses and churning, mechanical noises provides background music. You walk out with Enmy, Thinking I'm that little Kenichi brat. You stop when you realize that I'm not him.

"Just relax, this won't take long," I say, and Enmy goes back inside after I hand her the envelope.

"You tricked me," you say.

"I hat too; you never would have talked to me otherwise."

"Do you know where Kenichi is? If you do, you have to take me to him," You say. You're such a persistent little brat.

"It's uncanny," I stop leaning against the rail, standing up and putting my hands into my jacket pockets. Walking around you in circles, observing you. It really is uncanny, the craftsmanship. The amount of work that was put into creating you. But you just don't know. You're ignorant of what you are; you're kept in the dark.

"I'd never guess you were a robot. Your resemblance to a human is really amazing."

And it's true. If I had never found out about my father's plans, I would never know. I would never know that some worthless, filthy piece of machinery would be controlling the Ziggurat; controlling the world.

"Your hair, your skin. That craftsmanship, it's almost perfect."

It really is true. You look like any normal girl your age. Any human girl your age. Whatever age you're supposed to look.

"I guess my dad truly knows how to pick a mad scientist; 'cause that was a real find."

"Scientist? What are you talking about," You ask. Ignorant little robot. Than again, nobody told you what you are, so that's to be expected.

"Well, you being a robot and everything--"

"I'm not. I'm not a robot, that's not true at all."

You're not a robot? That's funny.

"Really? So what are you, then? A human," I ask mockingly.

You're silent, still watching me as I walk around you, circling you. You're uncomfortable now, I know it.

"Well, if you are human, who's your father?"

"My father is... Kenichi."

What an ignorant reply. That little brat, you're father? It's just to much. I stop circling you, and start laughing. It doesn't last long, it's not much more than a giggle fit. But it truly is funny.

"How could he think a little puppet like you is a super human," I ask, and I start laughing again. It's just to funny. My father thinks that a piece of trash like you is worthy to run the world, and you think that you're human. You even think that your 'father' is that little kid!

"If you can't take me to Kenichi, then I'm going," You say. You turn and start to walk back. I stick my hand into my pocket and pull out a device. Something of a knock-out gun for robots. It overloads their systems, shutting them down.

I run up behind you and plunge the two needles into your neck, ecstatic when you pass out.

Stupid piece of mechanical trash...


Okay, so... my first Metropolis fanfic. What do y'all think?

Good, bad, or sucky?

I, personally, can't believe I had the guts to post this.