Not a new chapter and for that I apologize.

This is purely me being preemptive (and I suppose paranoid). As I'm sure by now, you've ALL had a story that you've been following on FF (and adore) disappear on you correct? FF is apparently going through all M rated (and I just found out T rated ones too) and removing any that violate the Terms of Service.

Stories that feature sex/sexual acts (graphic or not), language, drugs, alcohol, rape, abuse, cutting, homosexuality, etc. are being targeted and cracked down on.

I'm not saying that my stories will be taken down, but I have a feeling they could if FF is being really thorough about all of this. For now, I will leave them up on FF, but should I get the notice to remove them, I will.

Rest assured that I am not going to quit writing them, especially not "Whatever It Takes". True, this is very irritating to think about both as a reader and a writer, but quitting is like letting the people who started complaining in the first place win. I will find another place to host my stories, and when I do, I will post where they are in my profile. BUT for now, my stories will remain here. Just remember if they disappear, check the profile.

If this is the first that you're hearing about all of this nonsense, check out these two links:

Melinda the Proud Bookworm's profile at: http://www(dot)fanfiction(dot)net/u/1846010/

-she has a very good explanation about what is going on posted in her profile.

Shortbritches85 also put together a petition I mentioned previously. She has also compiled a list of popular stories that have been removed and where they reside now. Check it out here: http://www(dot)fanfiction(dot)net/s/5734048/1/Petition

Well, hopefully I'll see you all again on here. Though with the way my stories are headed, maybe not. Stay tuned.