Chapter 2

Turn Me On

Something about my encounter with Bella had left my head spinning. Maybe it was the pack of cigarettes that I had smoked as I sat at my desk, still thinking of the soft curves of her body and the gentle sweetness of her scent. Maybe it was the half a bottle of Jim Beam I consumed with it. Or maybe it was the fact that she had entered my life like a tornado. No warning for the storm that surrounded her. She brought with her danger. She had hinted at connections to both the Volturi and The Wolf Pack.

The Volturi had owned the city for the better part of a century. Passed down from father to son through the generations. They were simultaneously feared and revered throughout the city. They were the cause for nearly all the crime. But also they stopped most criminals in their tracks. No one wanted to infringe on their territory. Nothing good came from that.

Several years ago there was a cereal rapist running rampant through the surrounding cities that went unapprehended by the police for nearly a year. When he finally encroached in the city the Volturi intervened. They caught the guy within hours of his first assault on their territory. And they made an example out of him. The criminal was beaten within an inch of his life, strung up right outside the police station and disemboweled. The entire incident was photographed and videotaped as a warning. Some of the Volturi masterminds even got the images posted and broadcast in the newspapers and news stations. No one has ever tried anything like it in the city limits again.

The Volturi were known to be brutal. They murder without cause and care. They extorted money from local businesses. They bribed police officers to turn a blind eye. They had politicians in their safely tucked into the pockets. But they were willing to give back to the community in their own ways. Their umbrella of protection was just one of them.

They destroyed everything and anyone who crossed their paths. Many rival families had tried to dethrone them. All had failed. I don't even think you could consider it a failure. The Volturi had annihilated them. They left nothing of their rivals. Just a mystery of several hundred missing people. No blood. No bodies. No evidence. And no one ever said a thing.

The Wolf Pack was conceived to be the opposite of the Volturi but in many ways it was the same. In the midst of the city there was a reservation home to the reaming members of the Quileute Native American tribe. For years the Volturi left them be but when they started to go into the reservation and force their way of life on the tribe they formed their own Mafia family to fight against them. No one thought they would stand a chance. No one had in the past. But the spirit of the Quileute tribe couldn't be broken. They persevered. And over the years it has become less and less about stopping the Volturi and more about gaining full power. The Wolf Pack have become just as vicious and blood thirsty as the Volturi. And since then a war has been raging between the two groups.

And that's where the city still is. Caught in a war between two strong opposing forces. You don't want to choose a side. But it seems like you must. Someone will eventually have to win the war and regain complete control of the city.

But what side do you choose? My choice was always to remain neutral. To fly below the radar and wait it out. It wasn't really a feasible option. There are always sides and you always have to pick one. But I wanted to wait until the last possible second to do so. That time was drawing near. And I think it may have run out. If I chose to help Bella, I had a feeling I would be forced to pick a side. So how could I say yes to her?

Bella. My thoughts are consumed with her.

Bella. A very fitting name for her. An Italian name meaning, beautiful. And she was. Everything about her was beautiful. Her voice. Her face. Her body.

How could I say no?

And with my head still so clouded with the events of this evening I chose not to return home. I crossed the street and walked into The Vamp. I welcomed the scent of sweet cigars and whisky. I crossed the room to the bar and nursed a drink as my favorite performer took the stage. She was introduced as Pixie, but it was only her stage name. Outside the walls of this lounge I knew her as Alice.

She was beautiful and petite. Her dark hair was cut short and kept wild on most nights. But tonight she changed the look with a wig of long dark curls. Much like Bella's hair had been done. She wore a shimmering gold dress that managed to show off a fair amount of cleavage for such a tiny woman. And when I said tiny I meant it. 4'10" would be my best guess. She was a classic beauty with small features and delicate curves. Big brown eyes with long elegant eyebrows and long dark lashes. Men came here night after night to lust after her. Her husband, Jasper, owned the place. It was amazing how he managed to keep his anger and jealousy in check when he was in the club. Because on more than one occasion I spied him outside those four walls of The Vamp and if a man so much as looked at Alice he went into blind with rage.

Alice took note of me and gave a quick wink as a man seated behind the piano started to play. With that, she began to sing. She had an amazing voice. It floated through the room with a delicate ease. It got the attention of everyone in the room. There were always a few faces that were fallen into shock. How could such a small woman have such a remarkable and powerful voice?

But I was too occupied with thoughts of Bella to think about Alice today. So I turned my attention to the bar. Thankfully it was one of the less chatty people serving drinks tonight. I usually hated coming here when anyone but Emmett was behind the bar. He served the drinks with effortless grace and still managed to offer up great conversation, information and the occasional break in a case. But tonight I didn't want conversation. I wanted to think.

After a few glasses of whisky my mind was still as cloudy as ever. The image of Bella was still haunting me. My mind raced with wild fantasies of how she would reward me when I solved her case. And I hadn't even accepted her offer yet. It was then that I began to question what I had gotten myself into. It was against my better judgement to get involved with her in any way but my mind seemed to have already accepted her offer.

I knew next to nothing about the case. Her half-brother was allegedly missing. She didn't give me any information as to who could have done it or why they would have. I guess it isn't hard to figure out that in a town practically run by the Mafia, the mayor's new son would be a good target to go after. But she didn't say that this had to do with her father. And I never liked to make assumptions, they always get you into trouble. She said I had to figure everything out on my own. I don't like to waste time like that. But I wasn't really given a choice. There was no way that I should have taken on her case with only the little information she had given me. I should have pushed all thoughts of Bella and her proposal from my mind at that moment but for some reason the number in my breath pocket burned hot. Another drink did nothing but make me want to call her and accept her challenge even more.

I wasted more time at The Vamp trying to make sense of the situation I found myself in. Just before closing time I finally stood from my barstool and left. I opted to leave my vehicle behind at the office and take the long walk home. No only had I had too much to drink but I still wanted to spend some time alone with my thoughts. No better way to do it than by navigating your way through the dark and dangerous streets at night.

I entered my house silently and left the lights off. I wanted nothing more than another glass of whisky, one last cigarette and a night in bed to myself. But I could already smell the sweet sugar vanilla candles burning from the next room. Tanya's idea of a romantic night. I offered a silent prayer that she had already fallen asleep waiting up for me, but I knew I wasn't going to be that lucky. I shrugged off my suit jacket, draped it over the back of the kitchen chair, and sat, sulking silently in the dark. I pulled my pack of cigarettes from my breast pocket. Damn. Last one. I lit it and inhaled, I slowly felt every muscle of my body relaxing. My shoulders slumped, my legs separated even farther and my head fell as if it were too heavy for my neck to support.

"Looks like someone had a long day at the office," Tanya greeted me with a smile. I didn't even bother to look up. Its days like this I almost regret asking her to move in with me. I run my fingers through my hair and look up at her. Her soft strawberry blonde curls fell loosely, half was fastened back with a sparkling clip to keep it out of her brilliant blue eyes. The silky pale pink robe she wore matched her lips (and upon further inspection her finger and toe nails too) perfectly. Where I would describe Bella as sexy and curvy, Tanya was more the cute and petite type. "I can only hope that you haven't made plans for tonight," she says winking at me. Her voice was soft and gentle, almost child like. She slowly untied her robe and dropped it to the floor revealing her intentions for the night. A very small, very tight slip of pink fabric covered just enough of her small frame to make me wonder why she even bothered putting it on.

I hesitated for only a moment, not my usual reaction to a nearly naked woman in front of me. But there was work that I should have been doing. Unfaithful husbands I shouldn't been tailing. But by now we all know that wasn't what was really on my mind. My mind had been preoccupied with that sexy vixen that forced her way into my office that afternoon. But there is no better way to get a broad out of your head than by using another broad.

I removed my hat and snuffed out my cigarette before I stood. I loosened my tie and moved across the room, stalking my prey. And as soon as she was within my reach, I was on the attack. My fingers tangled in her hair as I pulled her closer to me. My lips assaulted hers. My tongue tasted her. My hands fell ready to tear into her flesh. I backed her into the corner, my right hand slowly snaking up her thigh. But she pushed me away and chased me into the living room. Her petite fingers casually worked on the buttons of my shirt. And when she accomplished that task she pushed the shirt to the floor, leaving my white tank on for the moment as she tackled my belt buckle next. She expertly unfastened it and pulled it from the loops, making sure to crack it like a whip.

I again took control and lifted her onto the desk against the wall. I laid my hands on her thighs and slowly pulled them apart. Tanya grabbed hold of my tie and used it to pull me into her. My mouth was on hers. Her tongue was massaging mine. Our hands greedily grabbed at any and all flesh. Her fingers slipped under the elastic of my briefs and I decided that was enough stripping and foreplay. I pulled her body close to me and slipped myself into her. She let out a muffled scream of delight as she sucked in her lower lip, biting almost hard enough to draw blood. Her head fell forward against my chest as she dug her nails deep into my back, that time she did draw blood.

She suddenly screamed arching her back and throwing her head backwards, encouraging me to move harder and faster. I obliged. It wasn't about making love. It was about fucking. Hard and fast. Like two animals in heat. And I wasn't even thinking about her. I was imagining that it was Bella's legs wrapping around me, pulling me in even closer to her. My muscles tensed as I felt the pressure begin to mount. Tanya's hands flailed, desperately trying to find something to grab hold of. Her panting and moaning continued to increase as my thrusts excited. Her body stiffened as I felt her walls closing around me. I bit my lip to keep from calling out Bella's name as I released myself inside of her. I slumped forward, gasping for air. As if my day hadn't been exhausting enough. I had then felt officially spent.

After I finally caught my breath, I slowly backed away and buckled my pants. It was in moments like that, that I remembered why I asked Tanya to move in with me. But I failed my mission. Even after fucking Tanya I still couldn't get Bella out of my mind. I began to search the room for a stray pack of cigarettes. I am good at leaving them all around the house but not remembering exactly where.

"Nothing like the touch of a woman to relieve some stress after a hard day of work," Tanya said with a smile. Too bad it wasn't the woman that I was actually wanting to relieve that stress with. Tanya smiled and spread her legs, reaching between them and pulling out a pack of cigarettes hidden in the desk drawer below her. She placed two cigarettes between her lips and lit them both before handing one to me. At least she has that going for her right now. God bless the woman for trying her damned hardest. "Are you going to tell me about it?" she asked turning to her left and reaching for my whisky tumbler, pouring two glasses of whisky.

I accepted the drink from her; glad for the momentary pause it would give me. Not that I needed any more whisky in my system but how could I say no? I took a long slow drink and let the liquid fill my throat with fire. I loved that feeling. I inhaled deeply, choosing my words very carefully. I couldn't lie to a woman that I just fucked, especially if I was thinking of someone else the entire time. But I certainly didn't want to tell her the truth. To tell you the truth, I don't think I even know what the truth is anymore. "Just a troubling case I'm thinking of taking on," I said trying to sound nonchalant about the situation as I ran my fingers through my hair.

She arched her perfectly sculpted eyebrow as she took a drink. "Not another cheating spouse, I take it?" she asked, expelling a cloud of smoke from her lungs.

"No," I shook my head. "This case is different." I collapsed onto the sofa. "No cheating spouse involved. It's a missing persons case."

She looked to me, silently begging for me to continue. "Anyone I would know?" Of course she would recognize Bella's name if I chose to give her the entire truth. And I didn't want to do that. And I knew I couldn't lie to her. She would see right through that. And why would I want to lie to her? Tanya had helped me to solve many cases. She was always updated on the latest gossip. She hung out in all the right clubs in town. Everyone knew her and everyone loved her. But even if I told her who I was looking for, I didn't have to tell her who hired me. I could keep Bella my secret.

"Seth Clearwater," I said reluctantly. I prayed that she didn't ask for more information. A level headed woman like Tanya wasn't going to be too keen on the idea of her man getting involved in the seedy dealings of the city's underworld via the temptress that is Bella Swan. But if she did con me into telling her the whole story, I had been fully prepared to face that battle with Tanya if it came to that. Because though I hadn't told Bella I was on the case. I was on the case and no amount of convincing was going to change my mind. What I wasn't prepared for was her reaction to the little information I did feed her.

The glass slipped through Tanya's fingers and crashed to the hardwood floor with a magnificent sound. It shattered into a million little pieces that scattered across the floor. They reflected the flickering candlelight giving the room an eerie glow. But worse than the broken glass was her expression. She didn't react to the breaking glass. Her eyes grew wide and brimmed with tears as she refused to look away from me. Her mouth hung open. Her joints were held rigid and her muscles tensed. Just like the glass, she fractured and seemed to fall apart right before my eyes. "What did you do?" she said softer than a whisper. "What did you do?" she repeated, the fear now manifesting in her voice.

I didn't understand her reaction. Had she known that Bella would be involved in this case somehow? Had she already known about Seth being Bella's stepbrother? I hadn't figured that into the equation. And even if she did know that much, wasn't the reaction a bit much? I was only expecting an angry sneer and a few hours of blissful silence as she gave me the silent treatment hoping I would change my mind out of guilt.

I stepped towards her not caring about the broken shards of glass littering the floor. I only knew that I needed some answers from her and she needed some comfort from me.

"No," she choked out, backing away from me. She held her hands out in front of her to keep me as far away as possible. "No, Edward," she cried. "You aren't that stupid!" she raised her voice to shout at me.

"What?" I asked as I kept trying to close the distance between us, to calm her, to understand her overreaction but she kept running away from me. "He's just a kid," I explained. The glass crunched beneath our feet and cut into the soles of our feet. Little bloodstains in the shapes of hearts littered the floor in the paths where we walked. As she continued to back away from me her hip hit the coffee table and a candle tumbled over. The flame licked at the whisky spilt on the floor and went up into flames. I turned my attention away from Tanya and towards the fireball of smoke and light. And then I understood.

Seth Clearwater. Son of Harry Clearwater. Who was murdered six months ago. Trapped in a fiery inferno after a car bomb detonated when he entered. It was right outside The Vamp. Right outside my office.

And the worst part wasn't my baring witness to his murder. It was the fact that Harry had been a member of The Wolf Pack. And just like the Volturi. When a member of The Wolf Pack couldn't do their job anymore, it got passed down through their family. To his first born son. Seth was Harry's first born son.

Seth was a member of The Wolf Pack.

I guess I had finally chosen my side.

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