Foxy Misadventures
Story Start

Naruto never found himself able to enjoy peace for long during his travels. The life he had lived over the years have allowed him to encounter many strange incidents and beings out of legends. He had over the course of his life faced demons, dragons, monsters, ghost, vampires, lycans, and Kami only knows what else.

He was powerful and without a doubt brave. After awhile one can't help but be molded into who he was currently after all his experiences. In this world he was currently in Kunpo High. Now unlike some worlds with this setting he was on business and not vacation. Well he was, but he couldn't find any allies to his cause. Dimension Hopping, building an army, and managing an empire was costly and required much patience and intelligence. He found that oddly enough that High Schools seemed to be breeding ground for strange phenomenons and the such. Often he would transform into a younger age or adopted into a family to become familiar with the customs and area.

That's why he was currently at the High School and why with a yawn he collapsed on the desk. He hadn't been able to sleep lately for some strange reason. It was the normal, lack of poon sleep deprave instances. ''Ohayo Namikaze-kun!'' Greeted a feminine voice.

It was known other then the class rep Asahina. Her circular frames and short black hair suited her, as the first time he saw her he pegged her as cute.

''Ohayo Asahina-san how,'' He yawned and sat up. ''...are you this morning?''

''I'm good but sounds like someone didn't get much sleep last night.'' She said with that stern look of hers.

''Yeah it's just the damnest thing you know.'' He said, scratching his head and stretching.

''Namikaze-kun it isn't proper to swear in an environment as such as this,'' She scolded him.

''Yeah well if you been through what I have you wouldn't…'' He started to say when suddenly the door to the classroom slid open, revealing a beautiful, dark haired girl with an ample bosom. She wore the uniform of the school so she was obviously a student. She was a few inches shorter then Naruto and had Emerald eyes that made him just want to gaze at them. She had rapidly made her way across the room, while a trail of whispers followed her from the students.

"Isn't that Chizuru-san…?"

"…so pretty…"

"Why is she here?"

She had halted in front of Naruto's desk. He first caught sight of the letter in her hand and looked up as their eyes met. "Found you!" She exclaimed before handing Naruto the note. A moment later she was by the door, but not before stopping at the door and blowing a kiss towards Naruto.


''Yes Asahina-san.''

"I don't know what that note says, Namikaze-kun, you had better be careful around that girl." Asahina said in that stern tone of hers.

''Whatever you say…now if you excuse me I have someone's puppy to go kidnap,'' He said standing up and walking out the room.

'What the hell?' Came to the girl's mind as she tried to figure out if she heard Naruto correctly.

Naruto had opened the note and read it's contents. She apparently wanted to meet him in the music room. He caught sight of a piano being played masterfully. Naruto opened the door, the music suddenly stopped as the girl from before turned her head and smile.

''Namikaze Naruto-kun please come in.''

''Minamoto-san is there a reason you asked me to meet you here today?'' He had seen the girl around and heard of her, but he never really interacted with her.

''Please call me Chizuru, Naruto-kun." Suggested the girl, "That's what everyone else calls me!"

Oh hell either Darkanis is being an ass-hole again and sent an assassin in the guise of a beautiful woman or she's a fangirl that found out how to travel.

''As you wish Chizuru-chan!'' He noticed the light blushed that adorned her cheeks.

"S-so did you get lost on the way here?''

''Not really…one of the things I do whenever I go to a new place is find the lay out and memorize IT.'' Best place to hide…best place to assassinate a person from. Best place to get freaky with a woman with. The essentials.

''You were surprised too weren't you Naruto-kun! It was so sudden." She said as her cheeks redden.

''I'm used to surprises and the such so it didn't surprise me too much.'' He said then noticed the red crest on her uniform signifying she was a second year. Though it seemed the girl thought he was looking somewhere and covered her chest with her arms.

"You're pretty ecchi, Naruto-kun…"

''I am a teenage male so I do have the sexual desires…I was actually admiring your badge, but those are pretty nice too.''

Chizuru was taken back by the blonde's response. She figured she tease him a bit then tell him it was a joke when he became flustered. Though for what she had in mind his forward attitude was a big plus.

"But aside from that, Naruto-kun…" began Chizuru as she hugged herself below her bust, pushing her boobs up, "You like big ones, right?"

''I'd be lying if I say no…but aren't we getting off topic?'' He asked. ''I'm really curious as to why you asked me here?''

''Right, I was curious about something. What kind of place did you live in before you came here?" asked Chizuru.

"Huh?" questioned Naruto, wondering why she suddenly asked.

"It was a place with Mountains and rivers, with lots of plants and trees and animals." Chizuru stated excitedly. "Am I right?"

"Hai,'' He drawled out suspiciously. The description of many places he lived fit there but no better then…well hell that fit a lot of places.

"The scent." Chizuru bluntly stated. "The smell of nature. The smell coming from you is overpowering."

''Uum ok.'' Ok I feel as If it's right in front of me. She can smell the nature on me…could she be…

"That's it!" Shouted Chizuru as she lunged towards Naruto, intent on tackling him into a hug. "I can't hold back any longer!" The next thing Naruto knew he was tackled to the ground. His face smashed between her breasts. He could have avoided the lunge quite easily but let's be honest. What straight guy in his right mind would have?

''That warm and gentle smell…it overflows my senses…I can't just contain myself. '' She said pressing her lips to his. Her lips were soft and were delicious. It was then it hit him…what was different about this girl…what she was. As they broke the kiss her Pheromones hit his nose causing him to be disorientated slightly. When he came too he noticed large golden Kitsune tail sticking from out of her skirt. His eyes traveled farther up to see golden hair and kitsune ears. 'So she was the one bearing the scent of fox. Damnit! And I thought it was that cute nurse too! Oh's not like most of the kind of beings here seem all that adept or ready for combat purposes anyway.''

''I don't know my Vixen, you tell me.''

Her hands immediately shot up to her ears as horror came to her face. ''Oh no! I-I-I-t's not what you think it's…um…Cosplay…I thought you be into that sort of thing! That's it!'' She said jumping up, waving her arms in a frantic manner.

Naruto cocked his head and gave her a look that said 'Are you for real!''

''You're a female Kitsune, a vixen, there's no use in hiding your identity now.''

Chizuru adorned a downcast look. ''You're right…I'm a fox…A demon animal….''

''A complex and mysterious Beauty.'' He finished with a smile recognizing 'that' look from anywhere.

''Hai…I'm not human like you Naruto-kun,'' She said crest fallen as Naruto chuckled.

''I'm not exactly 'normal' myself.'' He said as the shroud of chakra covering his person was reascended. Slowly his own Kitsune appendages appeared into site. His own bushy tails more pronounced then hers swayed back and forth in a pendulous like motion.

''You're not the only one kitsune here,'' He finished as one of his tails brushed her cheek. He supposed if he was taking his job a little more seriously he could have easily pinpointed who she was a long time ago, but at this point of life his routine had settled into a more dry and tired formula that lately was in need of being spruced up.

He saw the array of emotions go through her face at a rapid face but the mostly easily recognized was joy. The next thing he knew he was pinned to the ground again.

''From the moment I saw you…I knew you were different Naruto-kun…at first I was afraid…that you wouldn't accept me but now I'm glad…that your like me.'' She said as she kissed him passionately. They lips pressed parted after a few seconds. ''I really like you Naruto-kun,'' She said sliding off his uniform jacket.

''Uum Chizuru…are you doing what I think your doing?''

''Well Naruto-kun this is my first time with a boy…yeah! This is my first time with a boy so I'm just going to follow my instincts.''

''Whoa…seriously?'' It wasn't the first time that a female had jumped his bones when they first met, but usually said woman was in heat or something.

''That's right…your prize is Minamoto Chizuru a Lively Vixen.''

''Well hell, I have no complaints then,'' The blonde said as his hands slid up her skirt. Who was he to the deny the cute little thing what he wanted?

''Wait…Oh no! He's coming!'' Chizuru exclaimed as she stopped her actions.

''Who?'' Was his question when a black haired teenager appeared in the window. He was dressed in the male's version of the school uniform and looked rather Bishi like. Not that Naruto had anything against Bishonen's, but after having to deal with crazy asshats like Light, Suzaku, and various other colorful characters one grew rather weary of certain people.

''What's going on Chizuru? You didn't tell me…that you were meeting a man today…Will you tell me something Chizuru? Why are you holding that guy down? That's not like you. Why did you reveal your true form to him? But what I want to know the most is…WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY!'' He demanded, apparently not taking notice to Naruto's form.

''Keep your voice down…I didn't call for you, so why are you here Tayura?''

''Answer my question Chizuru! Who is he? I haven't seen his face before, is he a new demon? Or is he…Or is he…''

''No…Naruto-kun is definitely demon…show him dear.''

Naruto stood up, allowing his tails to sway to the side and his ears to be revealed. ''I'm more or less a Hybrid, but a Kitsune is my most designated form.'' It was his most natural demonic state as it was his original. Throughout all the shit Naruto went through from since it all began, the deaths and rebirths, the black-light virus, and genetic tinkering with his DNA it was a wonder if he could call himself a human anymore at all.

''See…Naruto-kun isn't just an ordinary guy…he stole my….he stole Chizuru's heart away…I have prepared myself for this moment. I don't care what you think about the love between Naruto-kun and I...though I didn't really want anyone to findout. So there is nothing for you to do here. I am busy with my beginning a relationship of sin with Naruto-kun. You're a good boy, so go play outside.''

''Love? Ha…you heard him…he's not even a full blooded Demon…Albeit better then being some human you can…'' His statement was cut off by Naruto being possessed by Chizuru.

For a moment the blonde Kyuubi was dumbfounded, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. He then sprouted an extra tail, a black one. Then he started to feel Chizuru's presence. ''You know…you should ask next time you're going to do something like that.''

''Sorry Naruto-kun…it was the only way to show the true depths of our love,'' Came out of his mouth in Chizuru's voice. Yep…once again another one situation that added to the long list of why Naruto drinks. This would be number 72 if he was remembering correctly. And how the hell could they fuse based on love? It wasn't even an hour since he met the girl. Maybe the love was one-sided? Or maybe there was 'another' reason.

''Even you Taruya should understand this…for a fox to possess a human both of their hearts must be completely accepting. If the human's heart was closed off then I wouldn't have been able to merge with Naruto-kun…sense he has human blood and heart it was possible to still do this….do you really want to test us any further?'' She asked and it seemed like he did when he sprouted a kitsune tail and ears of his own.

''If you're so sure this bond of yours…then I'll test it myself.'' Taryua stated as he summoned a ball of foxfire in his palm.

''Then let's see how well you do…when we join our powers together,'' A wave of youki rushed off them. They generated a large kitsune composed out of foxfire.

''Now what will you do? Do you want to test the bond of our love?''

''…Ha…Hahah….I give in!'' He shouted, back flipping and getting on his hands and knees. ''I…I have no choice…if you've gone that far..with that kind of foxfire. ..I'd die…if I tried to endure that.''

''What can I say…that's just how deep our bond is apparently,'' Naruto answered. '' But even if I didn't use the power of the extra tail…I can still feel it coursing through my veins.''

''Our mutual bond has grown to an unthinkable extent…there is no doubt that it was love at first sight. I'm glad that I love you…Naruto-kun.''

''Keh,'' Taruya scoffed. ''You're over 400 years old. You shouldn't be talking about things like love at first sight, act your age.''

''I'm a girl…and and you bring up age!'' She shouted, leaping out of Naruto's body completely nude and nailing the guy in the face, sending him crashing into the wall. ''You rude bastard.''

''Man…that was fucking…'' Naruto looked up to see Chizuru's naked form and fell back from a nosebleed.

''He…Hey…What's wrong Naruto-kun! So much blood. No! Where are you hurt?''

''I'm not hurt…but if you don't get some clothes on soon I'll die of blood lose.'' God why does this bloody annoyance seem to come and go at it's own damn convenience? I really hate my life at times.

''Clothes?'' She asked, then taking notice of her position.''Ah…Gomen…but Naruto-kun…I don't mind if you look…because sooner or later…you know?'' she said poking her fingers togethers.

''Yeah…but I like to be conscious during then.'' he remarked.

''Hey…'' Taruya groaned, ''You guys are a stupid couple….Chizuru! You…You…You!''

''What are you so agitated about? You always see me naked, but have you ever been happy about it?''

''I'm tired of seeing you naked! But it's not that, it's what's behind you guys…who is controlling that?'' he asked as the blazing fire began to spread over the room.

''Ah, Oh no. I forgot all about it.'' she remarked as the two males sweatdropped.

''You didn't forget. You're 400 years old so your mind is slipping.''

''I forget because you say things like that,'' She responded by whipping off her shoe and launching it at light speed, connected it with his chin.

''I got it…'' Naruto said as he went over to the fire. He placed his hands together and began to concentrate. After thirty seconds he pulled them together and clapped, the foxfire extinguished. ''Holy crap that worked!'' He shouted in amazement as the other two foxes nearly face faulted.

''Hey Chizuru-chan…I got a question.'' As they were leaving the school grounds or fleeing the scene, however you looked at it something struck Naruto's curiosity.

''Yes Naruto-kun?''

''Who was that guy?''

''Oh you mean Taruya…that's just my Ototu.''

''Ohhh..for a second there I thought he was gay or something when he said he was tired of seeing you naked….then that mean he's...''

''Has a big sister complex.'' she finished for him.

''Exactly…also his fur is silver unlike your gold.''

''We're not related by blood.'' she explained as a smirk formed on Naruto's face.

''So I shouldn't dismiss that gay theory just yet?



At that Chizuru began the explanation. ''My Okaa-sama and I found him six years ago….back then he was small and cute, unlike now.''

''Huh.'' He said as she started licking his cheek. ''Hey…want to go back to my place?'' He asked. ''I mean it's getting late and we should be getting to sleep soon.'' Even as the words came out, he knew it was crock as much sleeping wouldn't be done with those bedroom eyes Chizuru was giving him. It was times like this he loved being a Traveler. ''Oh and call me Naruto from now on ok Chizuru-chan?''



Chapter End- Knowledge Bomb


Kun is a Japanese Suffix often used by someone of senior status in addressing or referring to those of junior status, or by anyone when addressing or referring to male children or male teenagers. It can also be used by females when addressing a male that they are emotionally attached to or have known for a long period of time. Although kun is generally used for boys, that is not a hard rule. For example, in business settings, young female employees may also be addressed as kun by older males of senior status. It can also be used by male teachers addressing their female students.

Chan is the female equivalent used by the speaker finds a person endearing. Thus, using chan with a superior's name would be condescending and rude. In general, chan is used for babies, young children, and teenage girls. It may also be used towards cute animals, lovers, close friends, or any youthful woman. Although traditionally honorifics are not applied to oneself, some young women adopt the childish affectation of referring to themselves in the third person using Chan. Also, the very common female name suffix Ko may be dropped, as in Kana-chan.

A lot of people in stories I've seen use Suffixes all the time and often incorrectly. Like people who have Naruto call Sasuke, Sasuke-teme when Teme if I'm remembering correctly is a way of saying 'You' in a rude manner and not bastard in the way some people think to use it. This is the first of the Knowledge Bombs I might start dropping in the fics about various things, stories, or authors. Let me know what you all think of this rewritten chapter.