Foxy Misadventures
Author's Note
Reposted chapters like this ones have added detailed and altered dialogue added to them or made longer to make the story flow more fluently.

Story Start

''Naruto-kun...'' A voice softly called out to him as he started to stir. And he was having the most magnificent dream to. As he came too he noticed something was on top of his body. Something that was soft and pressing against his chest. A two soft somethings in that felt not too vaguely familiar.

''Huu...?'' he muttered unintelligibly as his blurry eyes opened. It took a moment for his vision to clear up and to notice it was none other then that vixen Chizuru on top of him.

''Good morning.'' Chizuru cheerfully greeted. She was wearing boy shorts and a sleeveless night gown that showed her ample cleavage. Aah yes and what magnificent cleavage it was. Mountainous, soft, and probably the number source of fanboy wank material at the school.

''Uugh what happened?'' he asked her with a groan as his head began pounding. Despite how many times he made a promise to himself not to get messed up he always went and did it. In fact it was in the middle of a midnight ramen run that he found himself on this planet and bull-shitted his reason for staying there as he didn't want Kuiinshi to send him into a rather twisted planet without women like that one universe...the bastard. The only thing he was aware of was that Kuiinshi was involved because he was bull-shitting as well about this being one of Naruto's target planets.

''Last night was great.'' She stated as her face became flush. ''I won't ever forget it. You feel the same way? Right?'' She asked him in a hopeful tone as she blinked her eyes at him in an overly cute gesture.

'Whoa! Did I get laid and not remember? Curse you midnight ramen run with sake! You have finally betrayed me like that fortune teller said you would!''

Suddenly the door popped up and it was none other then Chizuru's brother ruining what would have been without a doubt one of the best morning wake-ups Naruto could have ever wanted.

''Aah! It's so early and you're already making a racket!'' Taruya complained and as a resulted alarmed Naruto.

''What the hell? Where am I?'' Naruto asked as he gazed around the room. Silk curtains, cream colored sheets, and the smell of peach lotion. This was not his room at all.

''After circumstances which I am not allowed to repeat we brought you here to our place.'' Taruya sulkily remarked as

Naruto rubbed the bruise on the back of his head.

''I don't want to know what happened do I?'' he mumbled to himself as he tried to come to terms with what the hell was going on.

''You were awesome yesterday, Naruto-kun when you were battling that fire I was awestruck,'' She said lovingly as she rubbed her cheek against Naruto's face.

''It was nothing...really. I mean it really was that simple. '' he said as Chizuru continued to caress her face against his.


''Nothing...never-mind,'' He said shaking his head. Why the hell did his back hurt? Like he was scrapped against something.

''If you're ready to get up Naruto-kun the bath is warm, so you can get in. Your clothes are being washed, too.''

''Wait...what?'' Naruto asked as he lifted up the sheets.

''I'm the one who undressed you...' Taruya said as Naruto looked horrified. ''Though Chizuru was going...'' Naruto's mind blanked out for a moment. ''...her fingers.''

''I should be more horrified a gay dude undressed me, but since my Anus isn't hurting!'' Naruto couldn't help but add in a gay joke as he continued to surmise his situation.

''I'M NOT GAY!'' Taruya roared in response to Naruto's accusation as his face began going red.

''That was pretty defensive. you must get that a lot.'' It was funny to mess with guys like Taruya. They had such short tempers and were concerned with their masculinity.

''Now, now, Naruto-kun let's go you in that bath.'' Chizuru said dragging him away. She brought him to the bathroom and began undressing.

''Whoa...not that I'm complaining, but what's going on here?'' he asked as his eyes fell upon her cleavage.

''I'm getting in too. I have to wash my husband's back of course.'' she told him as she continued to undress.

Naruto's eyes widened. 'Sake, the stench of shame, and the taste of cheap chicken-wings on my breath. Holy crap! We didn't get married in Vegas or something did we?''

''CHIZURU! The pot's overflowing!"' Taruya shouted from the Kitchen as an annoyed expression came across the Vixen's face.

''Ah! Damn it; why can't he do anything right? I was in the middle or preparing something to eat. Sorry darling. Next time.'' She said kissing Naruto's cheek before she darted off into the kitchen.

''C'mon Tayura! Turn it down instead of just watching!''

''You told me not to touch it before!''

''Idiot! Have you never heard of playing be ear?''

Naruto finished up his bath quickly and arrived downstairs. There, was a plate of sandwiches and tea waiting for him. ''Wow Chizuru, this looks lovely.'' as he glanced over the freshly prepared food.

''Go ahead and eat up.'' she told the blond with a cheerful smile as she lovingly watched him eat the meal.


Even though there was a slight mix-up in the salt/sugar ratio of the meal, Naruto enjoyed it all the same. Then again Naruto could enjoy the food made by just about any lethal chef as long as she was a cute girl. Which unfortunately led to phrase Naruto has no taste to almost Memetic levels. Though they never last long as it was often wrongly interpreted by the women Naruto pursued and said perpetrators were often beat down by said angry women.

As they entered the school grounds they became aware of everyone looking at them.

'' long as there's one attractive person with someone not in their norm of a group or two of the opposite sex together it always draws attention. I would say it's quite sad most teens lives only revolved around rumors and other high school chef, but I suppose I can't fault them for being the kids they are.''

''Hai, two beautiful people together probably seems like a crime to them. I guess we just draw attention.'' she chirped happily as she nuzzled her head against his arm.

''Huh? Minamto-san and the transfer student?''

''He works fast!''

''It's Ecchi!''

''At this hour of the morning!''

''Minamoto gave him a letter!''

''His name is Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto! Isn't that weird? Why does he have two last names?''

''They're too close to each other!''

''It's Echi!''

''He's pretty hot!''

''She snatched him up!''

''He has such nice eyes and did you see that ass?''

''That type is surprisingly!''

''It's still Echi.''

Naruto ignored the whispers of the annoying school children who apparently had nothing better to do.

''See! The walls have ears and the doors have eyes...there is nothing but ears we'll talk about the important stuff later...okay?''
''What's there to talk about? All I see is...'' Naruto took noticed of her hands. There were many small cuts covering her hand. Normally he would have took notice, but his concentration was more on this new situation. ''Your hands..Chizuru...what happened?'' he asked as he looked over the injured digits.

She suddenly snatched them away. ''N-Nothing. It's nothing.''

''Your beautiful hands...'' She latched onto Naruto's arm and pulled him forward.

''Let's go...we'll be late.'' she said as she tried to change the subject, but Naruto wasn't going to let her.

''Chizuru...why are you avoiding the question?'' he was curious as to why Chizuru didn't want to tell him what happened.

Her face became flushed. ''It's this!'' She relented handing him the box lunch.

''The Obentou?''

'''ve probably realized it, but I'm not very good at cooking at all. So chopping, cooking, and frying...I ended up chopping, cooking, and frying my fingers as well...''

Naruo brought one of her hands to his face and kissed her fingers as he softly whispered. ''You really are an angel...''

''Ara...Naruto-kun,'' Her blush became even heavier as a result of his compliment.

''Did you see that?''

''Echi I tell you! Echi!''

''Damnit! How did the transfer student get a peace of ass like Chizuru-san?

''Come on let's go...'' He said as they walked away from the nosy ground. ''I extinguished the fire, but I didn't think about replacing the desk or checking for any hidden scorch marks. Maybe we should contact the school under a guise or implicate an arsonist or something?''

''Naruto-kun...let's just forget about it.''


''We shouldn't get involved. We should stay away from the music room,'' Her expression suddenly changed. ''Those guys are here.''

''Those guys?'' he echoed as he wondered just what in the hell she was talking about.

''Monster Hunters.'' she whispered to Naruto who frowned.'Oh for the love of a football player back flipping over a midget. Can't things ever be simple for once?'

''Great another damn incarnation of hunters I have to deal with. I take it these bastards are the persistent type?''

''Hai...they'll chase us to the ends of the earth if they discover our identity. Rumor has it that there are hunters among the faculty.'' she added to her earlier statement as she began explaining what she had meant by her earlier statement.

''I see...then I...''


Naruto spun and came face to face with Asahina. ''Class rep?''

''I see you then didn't take my advice,'' She sent a glare at Chizuru's declaration who gave a look of aloofness. One of Chizuru's arm went under her bust as to highlight them which set Asahina off. Before anything else could occur, Chizuru spoke, ''Akane-chan, thanks for always taking care of that idiot...Tayura.'' She spoke cheerfully.

''It's no big deal. He's a classmate after all.''She spoke with false cheerfulness. ''As a class rep, it's my obligation to help students who are failing.
Chizuru cocked her head to the side to hide her smirk. ''Ah. I see. As a class rep.''


''Since I always see you two together, it's easy to get the wrong idea.'' the playfully vixen said as she began teasing the class representative.

''Wha...what do you mean wrong idea...he and I aren't...'' Akane sputtered out as her face became flushed.

''Ooh?'' Mischievousness flashed across Chizuru's face. ''He's always talking about you at home, so it's easy to get that impression.'' She ran her hand through her hair. ''Right, Tayura?''

Said boy popped up from the ground. ''Wa...! Wait A MINUTE! DON'T INVOLVE ME!'' He separated from the ground. ''Perfect timing Tayura. I wanted to ask you. You like Akane-chan don't you?''

Tayura grimaced and Akane continued to remain flushed.

''How could I?'' He said turning his head.

''Knew he was gay...'' Naruto whispered. ''Asahina-san forget him.''

''Don't worry about it. It's not I think anything of Minamoto anyway. But thank you Namikaze-kun. You're a kind person.'

''Hey Tayura, you'd better tell her you like her. Otherwise she might end up making a pass at Naruto-kun.''

''I'M NOT KIDDING. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO FORCE ME TOGETHER WITH THAT FOUR-EYES?'' He shouted. ''I ONLY LOVE YOU CHIZURU!'' He said pulling her into a hug. Akane and Taruya shared a look, the former being laid out by a fierce punch by Chizuru and the former turning her head.


''When a woman lures a man with sex, and then ends up conning him out of his money.''

'' she means to prey on his desire to try something different...?''

''Why the hell are you lot talking around me?'' Naruto asked getting steadily annoyed.

''Naruto-kun! You know nothing is between me and this moron right?'' Chizuru said batting her eyelashes.

''Yeah...I hold on to my belief that he's gay.'' Naruto added with a snicker knowing full and well it would set off the temper of the fox boy.

''I'm not gay damnit!'' He said holding the five inch bruises his head sported. ''Ah...damn...I thought I should come to school for once and this is how it turns out. But this idiot couple has been on my nerves since we woke up...''

''Since we! WOKE UP...! NAMIKAZE-KUUN...YOU!'' She looked back and forth between Chizuru and Naruto.

''Ufufu...'' Chizuru pulled Naruto into her bust. ''Yesterday Naruto-kun stayed at my house. From dusk until dawn...don't you want to know what we were doing Akane-chan?''

''What do you that...!...DIRTY...NAMIKAZE-KUN YOU'RE DIRTY!''

''HEY! I take offense to that. I'm clean in every since of the word thank you...well almost.''

Chizuru roared with laughter. ''...No. Clam down...Clam down Akane.'' She said to herself out loud. ''First of all, he only transferred here recently...he doesn't know right from left yet...he's being tricked. Yeah, he's being deceived.''

''It's double forbidden love...from incest to love theft.''

''Suddenly he's two timing!"'

''She's the other woman!'' The female students talked amongst themselves.

''As Namikaze-kun's friend and as his class rep, I am demanding. Break it off with Namikaze-kun right now. Illicit sexual relationships are a violation of school rules!''

''It isn't illicit, though is it? The love between Naruto-kun and I is pure.'' Chizuru stated with complete conviction.

''THAT'S NOT THE PROBLEM!'' The class-rep exploded as Chizuru was completely missing the point of the statement.

''Aah Naruto-kun, she's scary!'' Chizuru whimpered as she shot behind Naruto like he was a shield.

''Aaa...DISGUSTING! It's your own fault.'' Naruto slipped out of Chizuru's grasp as his face slowly went from purple to normal. 'Why is it when I'm always almost smothered it's by Marshmallow Hell and not ass-cheeks? I'm an ass man damnit! Is it too much to ask?''

''We'll with nearly three minutes weren't of arguing and no apparent cat fight about to break out I think I'll take my leave now.'' He said as the back and forth arguing between the two girls was boring the hell out of him. He came to the school gate to see a black haired man with sharp facial features holding a wooden sword.

''Namikaze-kun! Finally I caught you!'' Said an out of breathe Akane. ''Are you listening to me? I still want to talk to you...''

''That man...who is he?'' For some reason something is off about that guy. Damnit...I think I burned my senses on whatever the hell happened today. Reasoning? I'm seeing a bunch of purple midgets in the background.

''Yatsuka-sensei? He's the guidance counselor, but this is odd. It's not a dress code inspection day. Those who have nothing to feel guilty about needn't worry about the guidance counselor.''

They walked by but the guidance counselor spoke up. ''Stop! Namikaze; You plan on just walking in?'' he asked as Naruto could only inwardly groaned.

''Namikaze-kun. I'll leave you in Yatsukia-sensei's hands.'' Akane said as she went on ahead.

Naruto turned, repressing a sigh of annoyance, ''Something you need Yatsukia-sensei?''

''You know, fire isn't something you should play with.''

Naruto remained rather impassive at this. 'Why the hell am I here again?'

''You're quite the rebellious one aren't you?' I see you got guts. I can't say that I hate guys like you. Alright. We'll change Venues. Let's go to the guidance office...''

'Damn. Now how will I go about killing him if he is a hunter when Akane can implicate me as being one of the last people to see him?''

''Oh, good morning Yatsuka-sensei.'' Greeted an attractive raven haired woman. She wore glasses like Akane, but unlike the former's short hair she had two pony tails on her side. One hanging casually in the back and the other in the front. She wore a white dress shirt and long skirt.

''Sahara-sensei.'' Naruto greeted as he took notice of Yatsuka's expression. He didn't seem to happy.

''C'mon now, you'll be late if you don't hurry. What are you doing standing around here?''

''Ara?'' She looked at Yatsuka. ''Ara...ara? Yatsuka-sensei?''


''Do you have some business with my homeroom student?''

''The incident in the music room yesterday...''

''Aren't the police still investigating it? Or was there some other clues?''

'Go now. Now.' She waved Naruto off.

'' to go.'' Naruto said as he went on his way to the building.

''Wait! NAMIKAZE! I'm still...''

''You're still talking to me aren't you?''Sahara asked regaining his attention.

''Great, something always occurs that's a pain in my ass. Though this time I'm getting on top of the situation.'