Disclaimer: I don't own Sonny with a Chance. However, the idea is mine and I wrote the poem.

My Love

Sonny was worried about Chad. Ever since Mackenzie Falls had signed on for its fourth season, they'd been pushing all of the actors even harder to do better and show up at more appearances, and get on the cover of more magazines. But Chad was getting it the worst because he was the star. And now, he didn't even want to fight with Sonny anymore.

No insults, no "fine" or "good" yelling matches. Not even a small dig at So Random when Mackenzie Falls won the "Best TV Show" award again. Sonny was really worried about him and was determined to help him whether he was willing to take it or not.

That day during lunch, Sonny noticed Chad eating alone for once. Well, not really for once. Everyone on Mackenzie Falls had been so crazy busy that they hardly ever ate together anymore. It was just that this particular time, Chad looked even more… un-Chad-like.

Sonny excused herself and slid out of the plastic chair, making her way across the room to Chad's table. "Hey. Mind if I sit here?"

Chad looked up at her and shrugged. "Whatever."

Sonny nearly started crying when she heard his dull, lifeless voice come out of his mouth. It was still there, and he was still being overworked.

"So, you mean, you wouldn't even be embarrassed to be seen with someone from 'Chuckle City' or someone who's wearing plaid?" she checked, hoping, in vain, for an insult.

He shrugged again and ate a half-hearted bite of steak.

Silently, she pulled out a chair from the table and sat next to him. Sonny eyed him tentatively. This wasn't the Chad Dylan Cooper she knew and secretly loved. Because the old Chad would never have let her purple and black plaid shirt slide by without a snide remark. Nor would he let her sit by him without checking to make sure no one else was around first, or actually be slouching in his seat. This Chad was heart-breaking to look at if you had known him before all of this happened.

She took a deep breath and started to say something to possibly egg him on, but stopped. Her mouth opened again to give him some encouragement but instantly shut again when she rethought her actions. Finally, she leaned farther forward to get a better look at Chad's expressionless face and asked: "Chad, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." His words were not reassuring in the slightest, and did nothing to ease Sonny's concern.

"Are you, Chad? Are you really?" she asked, seriously.

There was a small pause before he finally shook his head. "No, not really."

Hesitantly, Sonny reached over and put an arm around his shoulders and slowly lowered her head onto his right shoulder. Eventually, Chad rested his head on top of Sonny's.

And they stayed that way for an immeasurable amount of time, not caring about the people who walked by, or the photographer who was lurking in the bushes outside the whole time and snapped a picture of them. It wasn't important anymore.

Later that night, before Sonny went to bed, she picked up a yellow, smiley face pencil sitting on her desk and started to write the first words that came to mind on a piece of scratch paper.


Not always been the best to me
Hurt clouds up my memories

You've broken me times before
Hurt me 'til you settled the score

Somehow I still love you
Take my word, for it is true

Told myself that I was done
Since it was clear I wasn't your number one

So I packed my bags and I did leave you
My hold on you had to be unglued

The time away has not been fun
My ties to you were never undone

And now you're hurting, you truly are
So I must come back to prevent any scars

Never stopped loving, I'm loving you still
Though most of our time spent has been uphill

You are forgiven, I no longer care
For I must save you from your despair

My love for you is unconditional
Despite your acts that have really been shameful

And yet you never even knew
That I had ever left you

You only knew you broke my heart
Trust me honey, you've made it an art

I only left you in my mind
Though in reality, we still had our ties

And although the love is not reciprocated
My love for you will never be outdated

And you can think this is corny
And also quite cheesy

Just another clichéd love poem
About a clueless boy who is quite handsome

But believe you, me, this is not a lie
I couldn't deceive you, no not if I tried

So listen, and listen well
To the words I'm about to tell

You may not know it, but you're in a bind
And it's my job to save you, before we're out of time

But please don't question this act of kindness
I'd do it even if I weren't still bias

I'm doing this because I care
I won't leave your fate up in the air

Others would leave
They'd have no sympathy

But love unreturned or not
I'll fight for you, I'll never stop

Because, again, as I've said
I'll still love you 'til the day we're both dead

So say its clichéd
And overall really passé

That I'm lying, you're safe
And this poem's a fake

Say what you want, at this point I don't care
When it comes to your soul, any cross will I bear

Sonny set down her pencil and looked back over her poem. After reading it back a couple of times, she nodded to herself.

From that point on, Sonny was going to help Chad get out of the rut he was in. She was going to do it despite the times he'd hurt her feelings to the point of breaking her. Even if it hurt her in the long run, knowing that he would never love her back no matter what, she was going to help Chad Dylan Cooper become himself again no matter what it took or what the cost was.

I have to do this. I love Chad too much to let him keep hurting because I know almost for a fact that everything with his family isn't going so great either. I love him, whether he knows it or not, and sometimes, you need to channel your love into the right task or place. So that's what I'll do. Because… well, Chad Dylan Cooper is important to me and I'd do anything for him. He's… my love.

I wrote this mostly for myself and for my own friend/secret love who is also lost to me in a similar way. So this is dedicated to my friend, Devin.
To be honest, I just wrote the poem for him and then added the storyline around it for Sonny with a Chance just because... I don't know. I guess I just wanted to publish it so I could dedicate it to him, even though he'll never read this.
So, sorry if it's not that great or like my usual happy stories with rose petal-covered endings. Also sorry if the poem's not very... poem-y and rhyme-y. I've never really been that much of a writer in that department, so sorry... Oh, and I know they were out of character, but yeah...
If you liked it, thank you, and if not, that's fine. Tell me honestly, and I promise, I won't cry. ;) Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a happy week. :)