A stone rat scampered down the streets of Tedra-Koro, following the Toa and Skakdi from the docks. It scampered up the stone wall of Cedrak's house and peered in through the window. Satisfied with what it saw, it turned and hurried down a nearby alley.

Once safely down the alleyway, he moved behind an abandoned crate and reached his hand up to his other hand's wrist. He pressed down on his armor, and it began to fade. Moments later, the illusion of a stone rat was replaced by the reality of a small and very unusual being. Though resembling a stone rat in shape and size, he was covered in a sort of organic looking material. On two of his fingers, a pair of rings could be seen, one yellow and the other green. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and concentrated. Tendrils of power sprung from the rings and enveloped him, and moments later, he blinked out of existence.

Deep in the forest of Tedra Nui, a point of light appeared among the trees. It grew until the strange being could be seen standing on the forest floor. As he opened his eyes, he pressed a button on the device attached to his forearm. A small image appeared above the disk-like object, and as it began to coalesce, he could see in the image what appeared to be another equally strange being.

The being in the image turned towards the creature.

"Any luck?" asked the image.

"Yeah," said the small being, "I think I've found one."

"Make sure you know for sure before you say anything to him," said the image. "You know what you'd have to do if he said no."

The mouse-like being stared at the device for a brief moment as a very unpleasant memory jumped into his mind. "Yeah," he said. "Yeah I do. By the way, how are things with your search?"

"I know there's one here, but I still can't quite pinpoint it."

"Well, keep in touch."

"Right, good luck, Repicheep."

I was debating whether or not to put this up for the longest time. It might be a bit confusing at this point, but that's my intention. Don't worry, you'll find out what's going on before long, and I can guarentee it's not going to be one of those horrid fanfics where the Mary Sue author shows up and saves the day. I have a very long and detailed reason, complete with backstory, as to why a Narnian mouse is disguised as a stone rat on Tedra Nui. You'll just have to wait for the sequel to find out what it is.