TVXQ shows up wearing tuxedoes with bouquets of roses.

JaeJoong: Roxy doesn't own me or any members of TVXQ or any other people she mentions!

The rest of TVXQ: But she sure as hell owns everything else.

Roxy: Thank you Oppa for doing the disclaimer!

Junsu: You are welcome

Yoochun: Now Princess tell us

Changmin: Is there anything else you need?

Roxy: -smiles wickedly- Why yes there is something else

Yunho: What ever you want


Soo Yun's health was not getting better and her mother was scared out of

her mind! She frequently called Jin Sang at odd hours of the nigh for him. He

was not much help as over seas diagnosis was not is specialty. Abby knew this and knew it was illogical to ask a doctor thousands of miles away what was wrong with her child. But he was the only doctor she knew and trusted but sadly he was not really at her disposal.

Her baby was gradually becoming more and more ill. She had a fever off and on and not to long ago she threw up. She knew it was normal for babies to throw up but this was terrible! Babies usually didn't throw up the way her baby has been. She knew she had to get her to a hospital but she was so scared to go alone. She needed somebody to go with her to give her support. What she needed was her husband with her to giver comfort.

She looked at the fridge and found a piece of paper that had all the members of TVXQ 's phone numbers. She looked at all the numbers and realized she had a one in five chance of calling the number that get her a hold of her husband. She decided to call Changmin he didn't answer but she was determined to get a hold of him. Finally he answered his cell phone.

"Hello who is this?" He asked sleepy

"Oppa it's me Abby what you doing?" She didn't want to interrupt anything he was doing but she didn't want to be alone.

"I was sleeping." To Abby It sounded like he still had his face pressed against the pillow.

"Oppa it's Soo Yun…" She started to panic as she held her baby.

"What's wrong with her?" He shot right up from his bed and suddenly he was more scared then he ever had been in his whole life.

"She is sick at first it was just croup! But now she has a fever that comes and goes randomly. She is throwing up terribly I know babies throw up but not like this this. She has a terrible cough and she just coughed up what looks like blood. Oppa I don't know what to do." Her voice was frantic

"Abby you need to get her to a hospital right away!" Changmin said he was really worried; the little baby he hadn't even held her yet. She was his daughter and he hadn't even held her yet. He didn't even think he had seen her yet.

"You don't think I don't know that?" She asked

"Do you want me to go with you?" He asked

"Yeah can you get her as fast as possible?"

"OK I am on my way and see what you can do for her until I get there OK?" Then he hung up the phone.

Changmin Point Of View

I hung up with Abby and quickly got dressed not really caring what I had put on. I sent out a mass text to my band mates that I was on my to take Soo Yun and Abby to the hospital and to meet me there. In a matter of seconds I got replies from all of them saying they would be right there.

I grabbed my keys and I ran out the door and went straight to my car. The whole way to her apartment I knew I must be speeding but I didn't care. Not a single cop tried to pull me over. The whole time I was driving I was thinking about the baby. Soo Yun was sick and from what Abby described it was serious! That baby didn't even had her father's last name. Her name was Soo Yun Laurent; not the father's.

What the fuck did it matter that she didn't have the same last name? ……..FUCKING ……….DAUGHTER!

"I just got to calm down. Babies get sick all the time." I continued to try and comfort myself with this knowledge but it didn't work. I picked up my cell phone and called Yunho and told him what had happened and to meet me at the hospital. He agreed immediately and said he would call the others. Good one less thing to think about.

I showed up in front of the building and noticed Abby was not outside waiting for me. I was a little bit happy about that; The August air was quickly cooling and a small infant who was extremely ill shouldn't be exposed to it for two long. I sat in the car for a second waiting to see if she would walk about of the building. Then I saw her walking towards my car with a car seat. She hooked up the car seat as I looked at her from my review mirror; her hands were shaking.

When she finally sat down in the passenger seat she looked at me and smiled weakly. Then she turned her hear and looked out the window for the rest of the drive to the hospital.

When we got there everyone else was already there waiting for us. I held Soo Yun was the seven of us walked into the hospital. We filled out the forms and we all went to the back to the emergency room. They took the baby and went into a room and wouldn't allow us to go with her. I sat beside Abby and wrapped my arms around her I had never before seen her so weak. The tears I knew she had been holding sudden started to fall.

I could feel my band mates eyes on me as I held her but I didn't pay attention to their glances.

For what seemed like hours the six of us waited for the results. Then the doctor came out of the room and looked at the five of us and Abby.

" Your daughter is extremely dehydrated and she has an extremely high fever. She has been diagnosed with bronchitis and a touch of pneumonia. She will need to stay in the hospital for observation and treatment. She could be staying here for as long as two weeks."

It was then I felt her truly crumble in my arms. Her whole body shook as she wept and I did my best to comfort her. Then out of nowhere she pulls away and runs down the hall to where the snack machines were.

Husband's Point Of View

My daughter had bronchitis along with pneumonia. My wife is in hysterics because she feels like she failed as a mother. But to be honest the person to blame is none other then me. I should have been at home taking care of my wife and child instead of being in my hotel room wallowing in how my wife doesn't remember who I am. I should have fallowed her when she ran away when the doctor gave us the news. But I didn't I am standing her with four of my best friends trying to understand how this could be happening to my wife and daughter.

The doctor went to walk away but I stopped him.

"I was wondering if you could help me. Abigail Laurent is my wife and Soo Yun is my daughter. You see almost a year ago my wife went to England for what was supposed to be a two week visit to see her aunt. But she ended up being gone for ten months. When she got there she was in a terrible accident and went into a coma and when she woke up she couldn't remember the past five years?"

"Sir Amnesia isn't really my field but there is a doctor here who could answer some of your questions."

He led me to a an office and opened the door revealing a middle aged woman at her desk doing paper work. She looked up at the doctor and smiled and I guess she didn't see me and asked him what he wanted for dinner tomorrow night.

"Young man I would like to introduce you to my wife. She is a doctor who specializes in things pertaining to the brain. I will just leave you two alone. And dear I would like roast beef and boiled potatoes."

"So young man why is it my husband sent you to me?" She asked kindly

So I told her everything that had happened the past few months. She listened to what I had to say and when I was finished to spoke.

"Young man from what you told me it sounds like your wife suffers from more then one kind of amnesia. I haven't examined your wife so I could say for sure but to me it sounds like she has a repressed memory, and Prosopamnesia.

Repressed memories are just that you see. You said she remembered forcing herself to forget the time you where together because she was afraid she would die. Prosopamnesia is when you can't remember peoples faces much like what your wife is going through. There isn't really any medication you can take; so I would say just continue to do what you have been trying to do and help her along in recovering. But you understand she may never truly remember who you are. But I wish you both the best of luck."

I walk out of her office thinking about what she had told me. She said my wife may never really remember me. That's when my idea came to me and I wasn't sure if it would work. Then I saw my friends waiting for me by the room they had Soo Yun in.

"Where is Abby?" I asked

"She left" said one of the them

"She hasn't come back" said another

"I don't know" answered the other two

"You guys are so helpful you know that?" My voice was really more sarcastic then it had to be but. My friends really are a bunch of dorks.

"You're right we really are really helpful!"

"Hey hyungs I made a decision." Suddenly I found my voice loosing all of its confidence. Maybe this was a bad idea. My friends looked at me expectedly they could tell my decision had to do with Abby I guess.

"The doctor I spoke to said that there was a chance Abby would never remember who I was. She said it was much pretty much a certainty that she would get the flash backs but never remember it was me who made the memories with her. So I decided I am going to make her fall in love with me again. And then I will 'marry' her again and be my daughter's 'step father'. I could still be with her; she just wouldn't know I was her husband in the first place right? We don't need the old memories from the past we could makes new memories even better then the old memories."

My wife may never be able to regain the memories that was so precious to us; but I would never forget the memories.

One of my friends walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eye.

"I think you should do what ever you think you need to do. And if you're willing to spend the rest of your life pretending to be someone else. Then we will help in whatever way we can."

"Thank you" I really did have great friends.

With Abby

I walked out of the hospital as soon as the doctor gave me the diagnosis. How could I have let things get so bad? How could I have not seen the signs of how sick my daughter really was? This was all my fault I'm a terrible mother it was as simple as that.

I found my apartment building and sitting outside my door was two young men I hadn't seen in such a long time.