Pon Farr and You

'So You're Thinking About Pon Farr?'

There comes a time in every young Vulcan's life when his body undergoes an important series of hormonal and physical changes. We do not speak of these changes. But some acknowledgement of them must be made for the logical purposes of education, for they are an inevitable, terrible thing.

What is Pon Farr?

Pon Farr is a state of being which occurs every seven years in the natural life cycle of adult Vulcans. It is a biological mating imperative, and left unresolved, can lead to death.

What Can I Expect From my First Pon Farr?

Insanity. During the time of Pon Farr, the madness of the plak tow will take hold, stripping you of logic and higher thinking and rendering you little better than a mindless beast. Your instincts will drive you to mate or die trying.

What is the Best Way to Handle Pon Farr?

At the age of seven, all Vulcan children are bonded to a suitable partner to ensure that there will be a mate readily available for when Pon Farr sets in. At the onset of your condition, you must return to Vulcan and mate with your assigned partner. Should your partner find you undesirable, for whatever doubtlessly logical reason, they may select a champion, at which point you will participate in the Kal-if-fee.

What is the Kal-if-fee?

The Kal-if-fee is a fight to the death. The winner of the battle will be permitted to mate with the female who has called for the combat. The loser will be dead. Under certain circumstances it has been noted that the act of participating in Kal-if-fee can cause sufficient physical exertion to expend the plak tow, so that some champions may elect not to couple with a female who has called for Kal-if-fee against them.

When Can I Expect My First Pon Farr?

Most Vulcans experience their first Pon Farr when they are thirty years of age, although this estimate has been known to vary depending on random factors such as physiology, health, diet, and environment.


Spock took a moment to stop reading. He looked up at his father, who had retreated to the far corner of the room and appeared to be purposefully focusing his attention elsewhere. Then he looked back down at the pamphlet.

He had to remind himself that stark terror was an emotion, and Vulcans did not tolerate emotions.