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A/N: Mehhh... I was a little pissed at Olivia after the season finale... And I know she just did it to save Elliot, but still... I had to let myself know, I had to know her thoughts... so I wrote this. Post Zebras, about a year. Short, one-shot. Will remain that way.

It was a hot, humid night in Manhattan and the air was thick with heat. It didn't help that the air conditioning in the Manhattan SVU squad room was broken. She slide into the crib, trying to escape the heat, not even knowing he was there, too, for the same reason.

He was lying on his back, his arms above his head and his shirt unbuttoned. She saw the scars on his chest and remembered that night over a year ago…

"Let's do this your way," Stuckey said, pointing the gun over his shoulder at Elliot's head.

"Wait," Olivia said, trying to come up with some way to distract him… anything to get him away from Elliot… "Wait. I want him to watch." She couldn't believe she was about to do this…

"Watch what?" Stuckey asked, dumbfounded.

"This," Olivia sighed, cupping his face in her hands and leaning down as she brushed her lips against his gently. She reluctantly pressed her lips against his, making Stuckey's guard drop completely.

Elliot's muscles tensed and he became filled with rage, or was it jealousy…? He could sense what Olivia was doing, and he kicked Stuckey's boys as hard as he could.

Stuckey collapsed and Olivia had grabbed the gun from his hands. She took the knife from him and cut Elliot's restraints loose.

He stood and she saw the blood seeping from his wounds, making him stumble slightly. She put her arm around his waist to support him. She looked up to him, a million thoughts running through her head. She wanted to say she was sorry; she wanted to say that it was just because she was distracting Stuckey… but her throat was dry.

She looked at all the scars covering his torso. She felt like it was her fault, if she had gotten there sooner…

Those scars were a permanent memory. For both of them.

She stepped forward towards Elliot's sleeping figure. She put her leg over the bed and sat on his stomach. He opened his eyes. Those brilliant blue eyes melted her heart every time he looked at her…

"Liv, what are you -" he began.

She shook her head, putting a finger to her lips. She looked down his chest as she ran her fingers over his scars. He took a breath in as he watched her.

He could see the guilt in her eyes as she looked at each and every scar.

"Olivia," he started again. He stopped when she leaned down over his body, bringing her face close to his.

A fiery passion burned behind her brown eyes. "Close your eyes," she told him quietly.

He looked up at her for another moment before shutting his eyes obediently.

She grinned and brushed her lips against his skin. "I don't want you to watch this," she whispered quietly.

She cupped his face in her hands as she pressed her lips against his, kissing him tenderly. Elliot couldn't keep himself from kissing back.

It was passion, pure passion… real passion. Unlike that night in the lab.

It was love, pure love… real love.

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