Last chapter we discover a lot of things about the Florez's family. This chapter Harper discovers why Alex is involved in all of this.

A World without Alex Russo

Chapter Nineteen: The Discovery

Justin watches helplessly as the teddy bear soldiers charges toward his dad. He was being pinned down by Journal Dean and his wand so happens to be in his back pocket so he couldn't reach it.

Okay Justin, this is a tough jam we are in. But we had dealt with worse. So think Justin think, there's got to be something I can say that can convince Journal Dean that we need the microchip.

He looks up at Journal Dean.

Hmm… If only I can think of something Journal Dean is very fond of…

Then he realizes it has been right in front of his face the whole time! He face palms in his mind.

OF COURSE! Why didn't I think of this before?

"Journal Dean!" Justin called out to him. He ignores him.

"Alex-I mean your fair maiden is in danger!" Justin tells him. That got his attention as he turns to him.

At the storage house, Jerry sees the teddy bears approaching him rapidly so he runs into the storage house and slams the door behind him. He puts his back to the door to keep the teddy bears from getting in. Just as he did that, he felt the teddy bears slamming into the door to break it down. He holds on to the door as he felt each impact hit him.

A few feet away, Journal Dean drew his sword and started waving it in the air. "In danger?! I must save her!" he exclaimed. He picks Justin up roughly by his collar. "Where is she?!" he demanded.

"I can show you if you let me down," Justin tells him calmly.

He drops him on the ground hard.

"Oof! I mean gently!" Justin shouts at him angrily.

"Sorry, I may be a fictional drawing by Alex, I am still like Dean in real life," he tells Justin as he helps Justin up from the ground.

He glares at him while rubbing his back,"Okay, stand back as I cast the spell. Journal Dean steps back. Justin rotates his wand at the ground as he chants the spell "Please please, tell me now, is there something he should know, Deranium, Deranius." The tip of his wand starts to glow different colors then as he finishes the chant; the glowing ball shoots into the ground forming a wavy rectangular frame in the ground.

The frame starts to show Alex's room at the hospital. Theresa is stroking her only daughter's hair softly as she sings 'Hush little Baby' lullaby in Spanish to her. Theresa sings the lullaby as Alex lies on the bed with her eyes closed. Theresa's eyes are red from crying so much.

"Remember this song Alex?" Theresa tells her while still stroking her hair softly. "Your father and I always sang it to you when you couldn't sleep because you were afraid of the monsters under your bed?"

She chuckles quietly, "And now you are facing monsters head on without any fear."

She looks out the window, "I hope your brother and dad isn't having trouble finding that microchip."

She turns to Alex, "It's the only thing that can save Harper."

Max is pacing back and forth.

Suddenly, Justin's cell phone rings since Justin left it there in case the guy calls back.

Max goes over to pick up the call, "Hello?"

There is no answer at first then the person asks in an angry tone, "Who is this?"

Max thought about it and answers back, "Who is this?" putting emphasis on 'this'.

"I asked first!" the person on the other line screams with frustration.

"Okay… okay… calm down," he tells the guy over the phone. There is a brief pause, "Soo… who did you say you were again?"

All he can hear on the other line is a guy screaming a lot of profanity.

Justin chuckles as the frame slowly dissipates into the air.

"Very well, I believe you Justin," Journal Dean tells him. "But when I find out who hurt her, I will cut off their heads and feed them to the alligators!"

Justin looks at him and backs away slowly.

"Yeeah… how about instead of doing that… you call off your teddy bears, "he tells him. "Who by the looks of things…" he stops in mid-sentence and turns toward the storage house. The teddy bear army has given up trying to break into the storage house. Most of them has fallen asleep on the ground. A few of them are chasing each other around. "…has stopped doing what they were doing before." He finishes his sentence.

"I think… maybe having an army of teddy bears wasn't such a great idea, "Justin tells him.

"Well Russo didn't drew me anything else besides teddy bears, but that's not important right now," he turns to Justin. "What's important is for you to get the microchip and save her."

Justin nods in agreement and runs toward the storage house.

Back at the warehouse, Harper stops and puts one hand on the wall while breathing heavily.

"Wow… they… weren't… kidding…" she said while panting heavily between each word. She hides behind two boxes as she sits down to gather herself. "It… really… is… difficult… to… find… the… exit in this place."

She starts breathing at a normal pace again.

"Okay, I think I am almost out of this scary place," she gets up and runs down the corridor. After running for another 45 minutes, she sees the exit sign a few feet away from her. She sighs with a relief that she finally found it. She runs toward the exit sign. Then she notices that one of the doors is open ajar. Curious, she walks toward the room. "Whoa…" she said as she pushes open the door and walks inside the room.

Meanwhile, Max holds the phone in front of him as the guy continues to scream on the other line.

"Max, what is going on?" his mom asks him.

"The guy on the other line just started screaming… for no reason at all," he covers the phone with his hand and tells her.

"What are you doing, Matt?!" he heard another person yell at Matt.

"Mike, this kid is getting on my nerves!" Matt yells back.

"I don't care! Give me the phone!" he hears Mike push him away.

"Hello" Mike said sternly.

"Hello, who is this?" Max asks him.

"You're not Justin. Where is he?" Mike questions him.

"I am Justin's little brother, Max and he is out getting your microchip" Max tells him.

"Well, Justin's little brother Max. You tell him the drop-off location has changed! We are meeting at the harbor!" he tells Max. Then he hears a dial tone as he looks up at his mom.

"What did he say, Max?" his mom asks him with a worried look.

"He said the microchip drop-off location has changed to the harbor," Max tells his mom.

"That's strange, why would he change the location before even knowing if we got the chip or not?" she asks him.

Harper saw that the door leads into a narrow hallway. At the end of the narrow hallway, she sees another door. She couldn't quite make out the words. She closes the door behind her slowly making sure not to make a loud sound. While walking down the narrow hallway, she sees many picture frames hanging side by side on the wall. In very big letters on top was inscribed "Dreams Industries Employees' Photos."

"Dreams Industries?" she said quietly as she pulls out her phone to look the company up. She sees no bars on her phone. "Ugh… Of course, there is no service in this creepy warehouse!"

She walks slowly down the hallway while using her phone to take a picture of each one. She walks pass the last picture ready to take the picture when she stops and looks out from behind her phone. She puts her phone down and moves closer to the picture. She couldn't believe her eyes…

In the picture… standing at the top left corner was… Alex. She was wearing a lab coat with lab goggles on her head and smiling… with her coworkers. Harper stares at the picture with her mouth gaping open. She is so focused on Alex, she didn't notice the person standing next to Alex. A blonde girl with her arms folded glaring at Alex…

Well, that's a shocker. We will find out more about Dreams Industries and why Alex was there in Chapter 22.

In the next chapter, Alex tries to get answers from Dream Harper. Will she succeed? Also Alexa grows tired of waiting for the microchip so she is preparing to force Alex to tell her. Looks like things are heating up in the next chapter!