Yeah don't get too exited, it's an AU.

And for those people who are all "CAN'T BE NO AU CHAPTER"

I hate you.


Hi Guys!

Yeah, I know. I suck and stuff.

I knowwww.

So just letting you guys know that I'm not dead, or in a comma or anything.

The reason that I haven't been updating is because I've been PLOT developing.

That's right! There's more to the plan! Le DUH! No I spent so long thinking about THAT RETARTED THING. XD Also I'm lazy, I procrastinate, and I had exams (but that's just recently).

I sort of have nothing better to do since I have no ride anywhere, am too young to drive, and lost my phone therefore cannot call or text my friends.

It's karma I tells ya!

Oh and the reason that one chapter was super Christianity is because:

I stole the idea that Mello made Matt a Christian from this SUPER CUTE FF I read a long time ago.

Matt has no back story other than being Mello's bitch.

Death Note has a lot of biblical references.

Wait. I updated last Christmas…

Holy fuck, I'm so awful.