The first of a two-shot story. The two parts are: Theoretical Treasure (or Imaginary Treasure) and Physical Treasure.

This is Gemshipping, Thief King Bakura x Ryou. The setting is in Ancient Egypt. This is AU obivously.

Well, enjoy!

Theoretical Treasure

I've had a very strange day. Very strange indeed. First, a routine trip to the museum to see an ancient Egyptian exhibit landed me several thousand years in the past. Bakura had convinced me of going to the museum to see the exhibit, most likely looking to steal something from his "beloved" home country. Neither of us were expecting to be all but ambushed by a woman apparently named Ishizu Ishtar. A few words about evil and dark forces and suddenly Bakura takes over my body. Being overtaken by my yami is nothing new, but being suddenly ripped out of my body by some weird power is most definitely new. The last things I heard, before being sucked completely out of my body by this power, were Bakura laughing and Ishizu gasping in horror. After that it went dark.

I woke up for a few moments at one point. All I could see was sand and my body felt very heavy. I could hear a horse neighing somewhere nearby, but I couldn't place the sound before I drifted back out of consciousness. The next time I woke I was in some dimly lit room, lying on a very comfortable bed. The walls looked like clay or some primitive form of building material. I sat up, struggling with the pain in my head to focus my vision. It was then that I noticed I was naked and in someone else's bed. With a very undignified yelp, I grasped the sheets and pulled them around me. Blush flooded my cheeks as I clutched at the fine sheets. While still lost in my world of confusion and dismay, I missed the entry of another person.

"Good evening. I was wondering when you would awake." I yelped again as I spun to face the new person, dropping the sheets in the process. The man before me smirked and raised an eyebrow as once again shot my hands out to grab the sheets. "No need for that, I've already seen all that lies beneath those sheets. Relax." I narrowed my eyes at this unnamed person and shook my head violently.

"No! There is no way I'm going to loaf around naked in the presence of someone I don't know!" The man barked out a laugh, chillingly similar to Bakura's, and sat down at the edge of the bed. He grinned at me fiercely from where he sat and I found myself imagining him as some sort of feral cat. His hair was wild and a silvery shade of gray. His eyes were somewhat close to the same color, but had a soft blue cast to them. His skin was tanned and flawless, save for a wicked scar under his right eye. He was devilishly handsome to say the least, and I couldn't stop the crimson blush that colored my cheeks. Damn this pale skin of mine that left my blush completely exposed.

"W-who are you?" The man eyed me appraisingly. I suddenly felt self-conscious in his presence, given that he was a God-incarnate and I was just this plain, awkward, British teenager. His grin widened somehow and I pulled the sheets closer.

"I am the King of Thieves and you are in my home. In fact, you lie quite comfortably in my own bed. I feel that you should do me the honor of first giving me your name, before demanding mine." I felt the urge to smack myself for my rudeness and argue with the man at the same time. On one hand, it was a valid question since I have no idea where I am or how I got here. On the other, this man commands a Godly amount of respect just with his aura, maybe I should have introduced myself first and avoided this situation.

"My name is Ryou. Ryou Bakura, but most just call me Ryou." The man raised one of his silver eyebrows in response to my name and I felt irrationally self-conscious again. What could be wrong with my name?

"Strange. My name is Bakura as well. I am the Thief King Bakura, and you have permission to address me by my name rather than title. Welcome to my not-so-humble abode. I found you while on my way here. I stopped at a nearby oasis and spotted you lying in the pool. Your skin is far too pale for you to be from Egypt. Where are you from? I desire to know where my accidental treasure comes from. You must be very rich, as your skin is very soft and your hands are un-calloused. You are also exceptionally beautiful. I am very interested in you, Ryou." My already deep blush turned almost unbearable as this Bakura continued to talk. He had not only been touching me, but he found me beautiful.

"I…I'm from Japan. Or rather, I was born in England, but I live in Japan. I'm not rich, and most people from England are pale like me. I like to keep my skin soft, and I don't do much physical work. I'm only a teenager after all." Bakura watched me as I spoke, a curious look in his eyes. By the time I was finished, he had somehow ended up very close to me on the bed. I didn't even see him move.

"So then you are not married." I was startled by the question. Married? I haven't even started to date seriously yet!

"No! I'm too young for such things!" Bakura found this very strange and his gaze became very intense. He surveyed me quickly and assumed a crossed-arms pose with a look of doubt.

"You look plenty old enough to me. You're an adult and so you should be married. Certainly someone so beautiful has to have had many offers. In one of the nearby villages, you could find yourself a lovely woman for very cheap dowry. Or perhaps, one such as yourself would prefer to be the one bought. I'm sure you could find several men willing to pay great prices for you. You are certainly worth it from what I have seen. I am eighteen and am in the market for someone to warm my bed. And I am considered to be very late in marrying. You look to be at the perfect age."

"I'm only sixteen! Are you insane? I can't get married!" Bakura looked doubtful and he leaned in closer. I found myself nearly nose to nose with the persistent thief before he backed away and left the room. I relaxed slightly and collapsed back into the bed. It was then that the pieces clicked. Bakura, thief, Egypt. I sat up very quickly and let out a shocked gasp. This was Bakura when he was eighteen. In his own body! Which meant he was more than likely not opposed to killing me if I got in his way. I was still mulling these thoughts over in terror as he came back into the room carrying a huge bag. Not expecting the quick return I yelped slightly and blushed as he eyed me with amusement. He dropped the bag on the bed and hundreds of gold objects, both big and small, poured out of the bag and onto the bed. I gasped in awe of the treasure as it gleamed in the dim firelight of the room's torches.

"Like what you see?" I looked up at Bakura and nodded slowly. It was certainly impressive. No wonder Bakura back home was always bragging about his prowess as a thief. "It's all yours." My head shot back up to look at the smug thief. I wore a confused expression openly on my face as he sat back down on the bed, oddly close to me. His predatory leer reminded me of my lack of clothes, and I quickly pulled the slack sheets back around my torso. "You can have it all. On one condition that is." I unconsciously lean closer, as he did while dropping his voice to a whisper. Our noses brushed again as he grinned wildly. "Marry me."

I shot backwards off the bed, losing my sheets in the process. Bakura laughed at my clumsy escape, and he howled in amusement as I leapt back onto the bed and once again shrouded myself in the sheets. My blush, that had shockingly lasted this entire time, deepened to the point of leaving me slightly dizzy. "What?! How could you ask something like that of me?!" Bakura stopped laughing abruptly and crawled closer, forcing me back onto the bed with him above me. His eyes took on a lustful haze and my body suddenly felt very hot from the torches burning in the room.

"Have you ever seen yourself? I nearly claimed you as mine when I found your gorgeous body lying naked in the oasis pool. You could have been mistaken for a fallen God, my little Ryou. Now I want you, and I am willing to pay a hefty sum to get what I want. I am the King of Thieves and I require a lover. This home of mine is so empty without anyone to return to. I could have you layered with intricate gold pieces and have you clothed in pure silk. I could feed you with the finest of meat and have you sipping the Pharaoh's wine out of a golden chalice. You would want for nothing in this world, my love. Just because my wealth is ill-gotten, doesn't mean there is any lack of it's worth. A merchant will accept any gold, stolen or not. And for those righteous fools, I could simply kill them or rob them blind. Your lovely crimson cheeks tell me that you are not adverse to my looks, and I can assure you that I am not adverse to yours. We could be married in less than a week with my connections. Tell me, beautiful creature, what are your thoughts?"

During Bakura's speech, he had somehow ended up straddling my waist while being propped up on his forearms on each side of my head. His scent was spicy and intoxicating, just like his body heat. The thin red cloak that he wore did not keep his chest from meeting mine as he surreptitiously snuck the sheets out of my hands. I gasped and arched into him as our heated skin met. Before I could even recover, he is lips were all over my neck. I cried out as he fueled the rising heat in my abdomen. When he pulled back I was gasping quietly. His grin was almost too much for me to take as he took my chin in his hands and brought our lips crashing together.

The damned thief. He ended up stealing one of my most valuable treasures without breaking a sweat, my heart.