Second installment for Twin Treasures. It was here that I realized I didn't want it to end. So don't be surprised if I post a sequel in the form of a full length story. That will, unfortunately, probably have to wait for a bit though. My FFVII S/Z/C story, Modern Warfare, needs some new chapters. And I have a problem with never finishing long stories. So I want to get that one off to a good start before I start with something new. Besides I don't even know if you all want a sequel. (Hint, hint. *cough*REVIEW*cough*)

(1) - Bakura's red... thing is more of a tunic than a cloak. I made the mistake of calling a a cloak last chapter and I was wrong. I actually researced the Ancient Egyptian clothing for this people.

(2) - Bakura's lower body clothing is actually a loincloth called a Shendjyt or Shendyt. (I have seen it with an 'I' too) Some people call it a 'sarong', but that is incorrect as a sarong is used in the Horn of Africa (Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia) and the Arabian Penisula. Close but no cigar. The sarong, from what I can see and trust me I am not an expert, has had no connections to Ancient Egypt. The Shendjyt is almost identical, but is indeed the traditional loincloth worn in Ancient Egypt.

As for these descriptions, unfortunately it is difficult for me to determine the actual time period in Egypt that Bakura lived in. His slippers put him in the Late Period of Ancient Egypt, as normally Egyptians wore sandals fashioned out of leather or simply went barefoot. Sadly I suppose that the actual time period wasn't planned because the palace guards are wearing Old Kingdom Shendjyts in the anime. The time period furthest from the one where slippers would be present.

Egyptology rant off. :D


Physical Treasure

I was panting as Bakura pulled away. He had wasted no time in kissing me senseless. I collapsed backward on the bed, taking a moment to calm down. Bakura waited patiently above me. It was weird to think of him as Bakura, knowing my yami and his cruelness, but I dealt with it. "So how about it, lovely one?" My blush quickly returned and I looked directly at Bakura.

"I can't marry you! We're both men!" Bakura shrugged slightly. Apparently none of this mattered to him.

"I don't care. I'll threaten my way into marrying you. No one refuses the King of Thieves." A shiver ran down my spine as I realized I probably counted towards that 'No one'. Bakura caught the shiver and smirked in my direction. I assumed a stiff glare while I thought the offer over. If I married him and then Bakura, my yami, showed up… Bad. If I married him and got sent back to the present, where my yami was waiting… Bad. If he got sent forward in time with me… Bad. If he turned out to be just like my yami… Bad. All of these factors riding against the whole thought of marrying him, and yet a strange pool of lust put up a strong defense. He certainly wasn't bad to look at. He could probably deal with my yami if he showed up. He was an excellent kisser. And maybe he wasn't quite as cruel as my yami yet. In fact, I might be able to stop him from getting sealed into the Millennium Ring!

"I don't know… How would you treat me?" Bakura smiled in full this time and leant back down towards me. His smile was oddly good-natured for the King of Thieves.

"I'd take care of you of course. I'd provide for you, and look after you. I'd make sure you were satisfied at all times. If you fell ill, I'd get you the best care possible. I'd make sure you were happy, beautiful Ryou." I turned my head away for a moment, caught up in his amazing scent. He lowered his lips back to my neck again, and I cried out quietly. He used so much tongue. Before I knew it, he had shed his red tunic(1) and the thing beneath it. That left him more than half-naked. I couldn't help but stare at his chest, perfectly formed and unbelievably strong. "Mmm, like what you see, sweet one?"

I blushed hotly and turned away again, not even bothering to fight as he came back down and latched onto my throat. I may be able to avoid marriage, but I doubt there is any way I could get out of here a virgin. He trailed kisses all over my throat, leaving the area glistening in the low light. The sheet that kept my lower half shielded was all but torn away. My chin was turned back to Bakura and I was kissed fiercely as his hands worked on removing his lower garments. I supposed he picked up on my lack of opposition. It took him a shockingly long time to get the knot undone for his shendyt(2). I was somewhat proud that I could make the King of Thieves struggle with a simple knot, but that was quickly forgotten as he ripped it open and thrust his hips against mine. My vision blurred and I all but screamed in pleasure. We were obviously both very aroused.

"Delicious, Ryou. Simply delicious." His tone was husky and filled with primal lust. As he suddenly materialized a small vial of presumably oil, I may be a virgin but I know how this works, it occurred to me that he wasn't into much foreplay. I made a mental note to teach him about it later if I got the chance. He smoothed oil over a few fingers and stroked his hardness, that until now I hadn't seen. My eyes nearly came out of my head when I took in the size. It wasn't monstrous, but it was much too big to be skipping the preparation.

"Uh do you think you could, um, stretch me a little first? I-uh, I've never done this before, so I think you're a little too big to go right in. You've, mm, done this before? Right?" Embarrassment colored my voice and my cheeks had to be as red as his tunic. He turned to me with a confused look on his face.

"Hmm? No I've never done this. I'm not married, remember? I'm no whore. And what do you mean 'stretch'? Certainly you would 'stretch' as I went in?" I put my head in my hands to hide my embarrassment and worry. A virgin King of Thieves? No wonder Bakura the yami was such a prick. He probably died a virgin.

"Uh no. That would hurt me, a lot. But if you used some oil to relax the muscles and loosen me up a little, it won't hurt so badly. And I didn't mean to call you a whore, where I'm from it's not rare to find unmarried people who have already had sex. If anything it's the norm." Bakura raised an eyebrow, but otherwise said nothing. He got close again and wet his fingers with the oil, which I just realized was beautifully perfumed. Luckily Bakura wasn't stupid, he understood what I meant. Still I wasn't expecting two fingers at once. I yelped slightly but held down the rest of the cry. It burned slightly, but nothing too bad. Having Bakura as a yami has prepared me for pain fairly well. I held up two fingers and made a scissoring motion and Bakura followed the example.

The rest of the preparation was just as hurried and sloppy. Somewhere around the middle of it he got distracted and suddenly started to leave open-mouthed kisses all over my stomach. I was torn between the pain and pleasure, but as he accidently nudged my prostate I let out a desperate moan of need. This apparently meant I was ready to Bakura who quickly withdrew and got into position. Before he entered, our eyes met for a moment and he paused. I'm sure the fear was written all over my face. Bakura frowned and leant down to kiss me softly. "Don't worry. I'll take things slow for you, lovely." I relaxed into him, and therefore I wasn't as tense when he entered. I wasn't expecting it since he hadn't pulled back, but I appreciated that he relaxed me first. It hurt, but not too much worse than the fingers. Much less than a knife to my arm, courtesy of the Yami Bakura.

The starting thrusts weren't too bad either, and the teasing touches to my prostate made it all worth it. "Mmm, Bakura…" I figured his ego deserved a bit of stroking for being so kind to me. Apparently I was right as he started to kiss my neck furiously to reward every sound I made. As his thrusts built momentum, the pleasure followed. The amazing power of his hips drove him deep into me, making every thrust slam into my overly sensitive bundle of nerves. "Ahhh! Ra Bakura harder!" The names of Egyptian gods flowed from my mouth like water. I arched into Bakura as he bit down on my neck with just the right about of force and pressure. His tongue ran over the small wound lapping up the light flow of blood, reminding me of my yami. I moaned needily and begged him to continue. He granted my wish and his hips moved so deliciously fast.

As we broke rhythm, I could sense our impending climax. My hips thrust backwards against his, forcing him as deep as possible. His hips rammed against mine, driven with almost demonic force. He propped himself up on his forearms and looked down at me through his bangs and lust-hazed eyes. I couldn't be much better as I stared at him with desperate need and desire. We kissed again, a wet and open exchange with so much burning passion. It was then that I realized we would be connected forever. We were giving our virginity to each other, he said himself that he was saving it for marriage. He honestly wanted me. To be with me. I had the King of Thieves in a way no one else would or ever could. That was the thought that pushed me over, orgasming with a violent scream of my lover's name. Bakura wasn't as loud, but I caught the sound of my name being growled.

We came down from our private Cloud 9 together. Bakura withdrew slowly, and I groaned as he slipped out. I was going to be sore for awhile. He rolled off me and drew me into a very deep and warm embrace. His tongue lapped at the wound on my neck very kitten-like. It tickled a little and I giggled softly. He nuzzled against my hair and I could tell he was purring contentedly. Feral cat indeed. "Reconsider my offer, love?" I relaxed slowly into his arms and sighed with a semi-dreamy smile on my face.

"I'll think about it, Bakura."