A/N: This is the first fic I have written in a loong time. I'm trying to re-edit my horrible first chapters so hopefully it's a bit better.

Antaeus System


It was called a Jupiter Brain, Ancient War Machines or simply Deep Anomalies. Nothing could reach these solid structures that were stuck in the atmospheric pressure of the planet. Tali and Adams couldn't figure out what the strange object that orbited the planet so they left it out there...floating.

It wasn't inert.

The object didn't want its function known.

The atmosphere covered the faint signatures that ran the colossal structures. It had been so long since it had surfaced. Finally the orbiting sensor had been activated unwittingly by a young Quarian and a Human male.

It waited for the ship to leave the system before it fired up the massive engines that were powerful enough to force the structures out of the planet's grip and out into space. The sensor flashed red a beam of light, rotating out seeking any obstructions that might hinder the emergence. Slowly the structures moved, their massive engines roaring with effort, the hulls shaking as they moved. Inside of the structures beings not seen by the current habitants of the galaxy and those before them awoke as they left the radiation and pressure of Ploba.

Previous scans of the structures had not shown what they looked like merely hinted at their shape. Now, in the vacuum of space the shapes were revealed. Like an Eleutherozoa that was cut in half and the segment stuck on top of the other like two Ys. The sensor disappeared and reappeared near the relay that the activating ship disappeared through. The relay activated and shot the sensor out of the system and into the network for parts unknown.

Inside of the structure, the ship, thousands of metal beings awoke from their self imposed slumber to find out what was different about the galaxy that they had left. What new beings had God let loose? Were they kind or were they cruel? One of the metal creations activated the second structure that was hidden and it's spinal, skeletal, architecture was slowly shown to the void.

The radiation of the planet over the hundreds of thousands of millennia had destroyed or corrupted most of the essential equipment of the new ship. The synthetics inside of it woke and started to fix what they could of the equipment. Time had no meaning to them, they did not sleep, did not eat they only worked to help their ship survive. Their scout was fulfilling its purpose beyond the fleet and soon they would call it back and go join the wide and wild galaxy.


It was a grim percentage and one that the synthetics counted as a loss of immense scrapped out what they could of the twenty five percent that they could in case of further repairs. The engines were maintainable and the hull was unharmed. Slowly they activated the systems unique to the vessel and pods and pools of embryonic fluid started to glow. The pods that were too damaged by time to function were shut down and the fluid was cleaned for the working pods.

Only once did they have to jump out of the system to keep their secret. None of their fighters were ready to defend against the ships that now traveled the space lanes. The Scouting Sensor was doing her job nicely, providing the ships with news and information about their new home. The same ship that activated their Sensor was famous in this time. A war was approaching, a war that would have been like their own had it not been for a species so like their creators. They needed to have someone to spy for them, in the thick of the populous.

Somewhere, in the depths of the skeletal ship there was a high pitched cry of pain and anger and loss. The few synthetics involved with the repairs of the pods moved into womb-like room and watched the fleshy limbs of their sibling tremble in the sticky thick fluid. She was the first to awaken, whole, unblemished.

Her gaze flicked fearfully from one single red eyed visor to another gasping for the pain to leave. "Am I alive?" she asked in trepidation.

The synthetics could only glance at each other; they could not vocalize as she could. One of them stepped forward and offered her a claw-like hand. It was at first menacing and then she started to remember what she was, what they were.

Cylons. Centurions.

With a deep breath she leaned forward and placed her hand into the Centurion's. The air was cold, her body shivered as the fluid that all Cylons of her kind were "born" in, slid off her body. Her last moments of last life caused her to slip a little as she got out of the pool. She felt the tears prick her eyes and she collapsed against the cold metal of her Centurion siblings. Sobs wracked her body and all the Centurion thought to do was hold her up as she fell apart. All those deaths, her brothers, her sisters, and they were unable to resurrect to learn from their mistakes.

Why had she been resurrected? She looked up at the Centurion holding and shook her head. "I'm sorry, thank you." She looked around at the other Centurions and gave them a shaky smile. "Thank you." Her eyes met the optical scanner of the Centurion holding her. "I need clothing."

The Centurion picked her up like a child and carried her out of the resurrection room.