Code Shugo Geass Chara: Amulettia of the Revival
By: Ame Haru

Summary:A rebel once stood before the world to take down Britannia, but when saving the world from hatred, he had to sacrifice himself. But what if he got do it all over again, with different circumstances. Would the same outcome occur, or would the new chess piece change everything around.

Rating: T for Teens

Disclaimer: Names, characters, places, and incidents are the products of the author's, ame_haru, CLAMP and Peach-Pit, imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1: Amu's New Beginning

It was the year 2010 on the imperial calendar. Japan was defeated by the superpower bound for world domination, the Holy Empire of Britannia, and was renamed to the colony, Area 11. Seven years later, on a day when the Japanese people had no hope to speak of, on rebel stood up. The masked man, Zero.

Zero, also known as Lelouch Lamperouge, who advocated the liberation of Japan, led the Black Knights and challenged the Britannian army to a decisive battle. By using the power of absolute obedience, Geass, given to him by the mysterious lady, C.C., Zero has the ability to rebel.

But with great power comes consequences. He had lost everything, Nunally, Rolo, Shirley, and even the Black Knights that he had created. He became the 99th emperor of Britannia, as his birth right, Lelouch vi Britannia. He had given up his life so that the world and his sister, Nunally, could live in happiness.

Would that be the end of his story? What if another person had rebelled at the same time as he and their fates collided, after they had been split apart before back in their home in Britannia.

Amu Li Britannia appears, with the looks of her sister Euphemia, the fighting spirit of Cornelia, the intelligence of Lelouch but the loving heart of Nunally. Would anyone expect to have anyone like her appear in the battlefield? Would anyone stand a chance against her and her special power, Geass, which is unlike any other and is unthinkable among those with its power?

And while rewriting history, this is her story.

~ コードしゅごギアスキャラ: あむれちあのリヴァイヴァル ~


I turned around and noticed Tadase-kun across the street, yelling as he waved his hand in the air. My sakura colored hair was whipping my face like crazy as I looked at the blond haired boy and the tall, indigo haired man that stood beside him.

"Tadase-kun! Ikuto!" I answered, waving back and trying to tie my hair into a ponytail with the other, "Konnichi wa!"

"Took you long enough…" Ikuto replied, his hands in his pocket. My heart started beating as Ikuto got off the wall he was leaning on and walked over to me.

"I thought you were back to your old self." I said, trying not to let him notice that I was flustered by him. Ikuto laughed and wrapped his arm around my waist. I felt myself blush as Tadase-kun giggled and took my hand on the other side, pulling me along the cement path. I dramatically sighed in defeat as I wrapped my free hand around Ikuto and enjoyed the fact that Tadase and Ikuto had become friends again.

It has been a full month since we've defeated the company known as Easter, and had freed Ikuto from their control. I guess that when we've become actual "friends" instead of "supposed-to-be-enemies." Ikuto still teases me whenever were in public, especially in front of Tadase-kun, but I think Tadase-kun actually wants Ikuto and I to get together now. What's the world becoming? At least their not fighting everytime they see each other now and repairing their brother-like relationship from many years ago.

Tadase and I are still getting ready to graduate from elementary, along with our other friends, Rima, Nagihiko and Yaya. Ikuto has already graduated from high school and was currently looking for a college to enter plus some work to do on the side. For an adult, Ikuto sure didn't act like one, but that's one of his cutest features. Uh, not that I care or anything.

Suddenly, I felt a jolt within my body and turned around abruptly. I caught a glimpse of a woman in a blue yukata with sunflowers on the fabric run into the shadows before I realized what was happening. I stared at the spot for a few more moments, completely forgetting that I was holding up Ikuto and Tadase-kun.

"What's wrong, Amu-chan?" Tadase asked. I turned back to face the two boys trying to look sympathetic.

"Sorry, it's nothing. I thought I felt somebody watching us." Amu replied, "Must have been my imagination…"

"Amu-chan…" My pink heart shugo chara, Ran complained, "I'm hungry…"

"Amu-chan…" My blue spade chara, Miki, said, "I'm thirsty…"

"Amu-chan…" My green clover chara, Suu, said, "I'm tired…"

"Amu-chan! ~" My yellow diamond chara, Dia, exclaimed, "I'm hungry, thirst AND tired…"

"OI! BE QUIET!" I yelled at my complaining chara, "We'll eat in a moment!"

"Amu-chan…" all four charas complained at the same time. Tadase-kun and Ikuto both sighed as I got a feeling that something bad was going to happen. I knew this because my stomach was twisting into hard knots.

Everyone must of heard the bang. It wasn't really loud, but everything that came from the bang was suddenly flying towards us. Ikuto pulled me and Tadase into an alley to avoid the debris. I quickly snuck a peak at where the bang came from and saw multiple air crafts flying in the air. Not just seven or eight, I mean the whole sky was filled with them!

This is where the choas started, I suppose. People started screaming and grabbing hold of their children. About everyone else started running in the opposite direction as the aircrafts. Ikuto picked me up in his arms as he Chara Nari with his chara, Yoru. Tadase character changed with Kiseki, his guardian character, just in case of the worse possible case scenario. In all the comotion, I noticed on one of the spacecrafts a word that seems vaguely familiar.

"Britannia…" I muttered, as another bomb exploded. I cringed and held of to the fabric of Ikuto's shirt.

We ran all the way to Seiyo Elementary, where many people had evacuated as well. Tadase-kun ran up ahead of Ikuto, hoping to protect the people at the school. It was all in a wasted effort, though.

It seemed to pass in slow motion. The air crafts dropped many bombs over top of the school. I saw everyone running towards each other, huddling together. I noticed Tadase rushing Rima, Nagihiko and Yaya towards the building. I watched the spheres of destruction float to the ground, so slowly that I could have stopped them myself. But instead I started crying as Ikuto fell against a wall and tried to protect me from the explosion.

"MINNA!" I yelled at the top of my lungs as everything speed back up. The school exploded and pieces of debris flew all over the place. I felt Ikuto shake as I stared at the school, or what's left of it. A big gapping hole, the edge just about 10 meters away from us.

I felt Ikuto look up and I knew that he saw the same air crafts as before in the air. I reluntantly turned and I saw the air crafts dropping some type of robots onto the ground. I didn't realize it at first but somehow I had chara nari with Ran and stared flying through the air with Ikuto jumping from roof top to roof top, trying to escape the murdering robots.

"The Britannian Empire is attacking! Please find refuge as quick as possible!" The newscaster on the television announced before being cut off. My eye's started watering as I found a dark forest. I flew down into it, with Ikuto close behind and the robots not to far away. I discovered a cave turned to go into it, cutting the trail of the Britannian robots.

I landed on my feet, with the Chara Nari undone, and took many deep breathes as Ikuto wrapped his arms around my shaking body. I remembered the few moments ago that I stood beside my best friend, happily discussing our plans for the day. Certainly, running away for our lives had not been one of them.

"Tadase…" I choked out before breaking out into tears, hugging Ikuto with all my strength. "Rima, Nagihiko, Yaya…"

"Nikaidou-san, Sanjou-san and Utau…" Ikuto added on, his own tears building up.

"Why them…" I muttered, "They haven't done anything to harm anyone. Even if they did, they atoned for it… Why…"

"Hold it!" a man yelled. Ikuto immediately let go of me, putting himself in front of me to act as a shield. There was an army of about ten people, possible even more, holding out guns, ready to shoot us.

"Since you are able to run away, we have to kill you." the man said, smiling at the thought.

"No way…" I whispered, "We can't die this easily…"

"Don't worry, Amu…" Ikuto whispered back, turning around to look me in the eyes, "You have to live…"

"Ikuto!" I shouted as he finished up his sentance, instantly shot downby the army. He fell towards me and kissed me on the lips gently before falling on to the ground on his stomach. I trembled as I saw the pained expression on his face. I looked up at the men, who were laughing; ready to pull the trigger on me. I fell to the floor, unable to hold myself up anymore. I lifted up Ikuto's body and held him close to my body, whispering to him that I was sorry and that I was going to find a way to get revenge. As I was mumbling, I felt hot burning metal against my forehead. I looked up and saw the guy laughing at me.

"Such a pathetic girl." the soldier said, laughing, "To bad you aren't Britannia, at least then you'd have a proper funeral."

"What's the point of this war..." I heard myself say, even though it felt like they weren't my words.

"Sakuradite!" the man yelled, "In the world of politics, little girls like you won't sand a chance! So, sayonara, little eleven girl."

"E-Eleven..." I muttered, feeling angered that they thought they already won. I clenched my teeth waiting for my death, even though I felt like I knew it would never overcome me.

"Don't kill her!" a woman said. I opened my eyes and was shocked at what I was seeing.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" the man yelled as he shot his gun at whoever was there. I looked up and saw the woman whom I though I had imagined from before fall down to the ground, merely inches away from me. I broke into heavier tears and as I stared at the blood fall down the woman's face where she was shot, her honey pain filled eyes still opened. The man kicked the woman in the side, making her roll against my feet, holding the gun right to my forehead once more.

"Hmpf! What a nuscience you are." the man said. I cringed waiting for the blow.

"Ikuto, Tadase, Mama, Papa… Gomenasai…" I whispered to myself. Suddenly the woman that had been shot grabbed my arm. I gasped as many images filled my mind.

"You don't want it to end here, do you?" The woman said as I felt my spirit leaving my body.

"What the…" I said as I felt my spirit going high and higher.

"You appear to have a reason for living." the woman said again.

"That woman…" I said to myself, "There's not way!"

"If you had power, could you live? I'll make a deal with you.
In exchange for power, you must make my one wish come true.
Accept this contract, and while you will live in the world of humans,
You will live unlike any other human.
A different providence, a different time, a different life.
The power of the king will isolate you.
If you are prepared for it…"

An image of the emperor of Britannia appeared in my mind. Suddenly all my long forgotten memories of living in Britannia with the Royal Imperial Family resurfaced from the back of my mind. I saw the emperor's face and was instantly filled with unexplainable hatred.

"Very well! I accept your contract!"

The woman smiled and I felt myself being transported back into my body, back at the exact moment when the mysterious woman grabbed my hand.

"So, answer one question for me first." I said, setting Ikuto's body on the ground. I stood up, grabbing the gun by the barrel, not moving it from my head, "How should a Britannian who hates Britannia live?"

"Britannian?" the man said, shocked.

"What's wrong? Why not shoot? Your opponent is just a kid, after all." I said, as my charas came floating from behind me, unknowing to the man.

"Or have you realized that the only people who can kill are those prepared to die themselves." I confidently said as I character changed with Ran. "What the!?" the man said as the rest of the army stepped back in confusion.

"Amulettia Li Britannia orders you!" I yelled, "To kill your army as well as yourself."

A pink bird like symbol appeared on the man's hand, as he obeyed my command.

"Yes, your majesty!" he yelled as he pointed his gun to his army, shooting every single one of them, then finally, himself. When I had realized what I had done, they all laid on the ground, bleeding. I had felt myself shiver.

"From now on, you're living a lie. The lie of living. Your name, too, a lie. Your personal history, a lie. Nothing but lies. Remember how mad you were at the world that wasn't able to be changed by mere kindness. But even in your lies, you could give up in despair. And yet, now you have it? Power?"

"Let's have some fun then!" I said in a loud voice, enchanted by my new power.

A/N - Hello everyone! Surprised? I created a new story! It's a crossover of Code Geass and Shugo Chara, as you can probably tell by the title. Anyways, comment and tell me what you think so far!
Just in case your wondering,
コードしゅごギアスキャラ: あむれちあのリヴァイヴァル means Code Shugo Geass Chara: Amulettia of the Revival.
Also Amulettia is pronouned, Ah-moo-leh-tah. or Amulet-ta.