Code Shugo Geass Chara: Amulettia of the Revival
By Ame-Haru

Summary:A rebel once stood before the world to take down Britannia, but when saving the world from hatred, he had to sacrifice himself. But what if he got do it all over again, with different circumstances. Would the same outcome occur, or would the new chess piece change everything around.

Rating: T for Teens

Disclaimer: Names, characters, places, and incidents are the products of the author's, ame_haru, CLAMP and Peach-Pit, imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Move 01: The End of Time

It was the year 2010 on the imperial calendar. Japan was defeated by the superpower bound for world domination, the Holy Empire of Britannia, and was renamed to the colony, Area 11. Seven years later, on a day when the Japanese people had no hope to speak of, on rebel stood up. The masked man, Zero.

Zero, also known as Lelouch Lamperouge, who advocated the liberation of Japan, led the Black Knights and challenged the Britannian army to a decisive battle. By using the power of absolute obedience, Geass, given to him by the mysterious lady, C.C., Zero has the ability to rebel.

But with great power comes consequences. He had lost everything, Nunally, Rolo, Shirley, and even the Black Knights that he had created. He became the 99th emperor of Britannia, as his birth right, Lelouch vi Britannia. He had given up his life so that the world and his sister, Nunally, could live in happiness.

Would that be the end of his story? What if another person had rebelled at the same time as he and their fates collided, after they had been split apart before back in their home in Britannia.

Amu Li Britannia appears, with the looks of her sister Euphemia, the fighting spirit of Cornelia, the intelligence of Lelouch but the loving heart of Nunally. Would anyone expect to have anyone like her appear in the battlefield? Would anyone stand a chance against her and her special power, Geass, which is unlike any other and is unthinkable among those with its power?

And while rewriting history, this is her story.


Another peaceful day has come to bless Hinamori Amu. Spring break had begun and the sky was clear and the sun was shining bright. There was a slight breeze that blew strands of her cotton candy coloured hair in front of her face when she walked in the same direction. She didn't even mind the fact that her white sundress blew in between her legs almost making her trip occasionally.

Today was her third year anniversary in Osaka, and everything just made her smile. She had moved here near the end of Grade 4, her shy and cold attitude keeping her from making friends. It didn't stop her from becoming an idol at her school though; everyone thought she was "Cool 'N Spicy Hinamori Amu". The name still came up to this day, but with a few more days before she started middle school, she was more outgoing than she had used to be and had made many new friends as a result.


She turned around and noticed a blond haired boy across the street, yelling as he waved his hand in the air. There was a taller man standing beside him, his hands stuffed in his jean pockets, his ebony hair curling all to one side like he just woke up. Amu's smile just grew larger seeing these two boys standing peacefully nest to each other.

Not even three months ago they would have been seen at each other's throats. But then again, three months ago, the three of them, along with some of their friends and family, had stood up against this company known as Easter. This company had not only done inexplicable evil to the citizens of this small city, but it had also strained the relationship between these two boys and their families for almost a decade. Once they had defeated Easter, the boys had grown to understand each other and were beginning to become as close of friends as they were in their early childhood.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto, don't you dare!" the blond boy shouted.

"Try and stop Onii-tan, Tadase." The ebony boy, Ikuto, laughed.

Well, most days they seemed like they were becoming friends again.

With just a blink of her eyes, Ikuto appeared from one side of the street to at her side with his arms wrapped around her waist, his lips nibbling on the bottom part of her earlobe. Amu felt all her blood rush to her face, unable to move the rest of her body. This was Ikuto's typical greeting ever since he had become free of Easter's control. He even confessed that he would try to make her feel the same towards him as he did towards her. Even though she had made no declaration whatsoever about having the slightest interest in him, he still did things like teasing and touching her.

"I haven't seen you in forever…" Ikuto whispered into her ear. He knew she had sensitive ears, just like him.

"I saw you yesterday!" Amu yelled at him, now squirming from his grasp.

"And before that, I was away for three weeks." Ikuto said in his wispy voice, "I need to get my doctor recommended amount of Amu."

Suddenly a streak of gold flashed in between them, splitting the two of them apart. Ikuto jumped away and Tadase was standing in the middle of them now, his hands spread apart with golden rod in one hand. His blond hair was now adorned with a small golden crown. The crown appears on top of his head during his Character Change with Kiseki; the sceptre was optional and only brought out when he intended to fight someone, more than likely Ikuto.

"I'll send you to the vet right away then, Ikuto-ni-san." Tadase said.

"Mou… Cut it out you two…" Amu sighed, "We have to catch up with the others before they decide to leave us behind."

"It's your fault you're late…" Ikuto muttered.


Amu felt a sudden jolt of electricity pour into her body. Amu turned and looked down the alley to her side, catching a glimpse of a woman with long green hair turning to hide in the shadows. Amu stared at the spot where the woman vanished trying to figure out if the woman was real, or just a figure of her imagination.

"What's wrong, Amu-chan?" Tadase asked, waving his hand in front of her face. The movement startled Amu, making her jump back into a street light. Once she realized what was going on, she felt her face flush again from embarrassment.

"Sorry, Tadase-kun…" Amu muttered, "I thought I saw something…"

She expected some sort of response, but Tadase just looked blankly at her, his hand falling limp to his side. She had also noticed Ikuto's expression turn dark, his eyes narrowing. At first she thought they were staring at her, but then she noticed a shadow coming from behind her grow larger, large enough to block the sun from view. Amu spun around and noticed that the shadow was coming from a large aircraft.

That's when she heard a large bang. Before she could even look to see where it had come from or what had caused the explosion, Ikuto had grabbed both herself and Tadase by the arms and pulled them into the alley which Amu imagined the green haired woman. Another explosion had come, but this time a cloud of dust blew at them, bits of stone and brick hitting them.

The people in the area were beginning to realize what was happening. Many had begun running, screaming as they did. But sound of the explosions overpowered their voices. Even right beside her, Ikuto had shouted something at Tadase, but she couldn't hear what was said. Tadase had though and nodded in response before running off, deeper into the alley.

"Ikuto! Where's Tadase-kun going?!" Amu shouted. Ikuto didn't respond, just lifted her up in his arms and had begun running in the same direction as Tadase. But somehow they had lost sight of Tadase, even though Ikuto was significantly faster than him. Amu wanted to ask him where they were going, but she couldn't even hear her own thoughts over the explosions, not that she could comprehend them anyways.

Was this the end of the world? She had heard stories of terrorists in foreign countries on the news, but she never thought they would attack so close to home. Were they raging a war against Japan? As far as she knew, Japan had a fairly skilled military, but she also knew that it had also dwindled down in size since the Cold War ended more than a decade ago.

For some reason, whenever she tried learning world history or even current events, the information never stuck in her mind. Even for school exams, she would always blackout and when she woke up, answers were written on her test and were somehow correct. But she could never recall anything but very broad topics about feudal Japan. Anything after the fact she always drew a blank. And for some reason she never questioned it until now.

"Crap." Ikuto cursed out as he came to a halting stop. The loud explosions were becoming fainter and less frequent and the sun wasn't blocked out by large aircrafts anymore. Judging from the street and the buildings around them, Amu figured that they were at Seiyo Elementary, the school where she had gone for the past 3 years.

Except there was nothing but a pile of rubble on top of the hill now where her palace-like school once stood. Were the explosions actually destroying the school? Is this where Tadase went to ahead of them? Where was Tadase?

Instead of explosions this time, gun shots were fired. Ikuto swore again in a low voice and started running back through the alleys, taking every twist and turn her could possibly make. Amu felt herself move her arms around Ikuto's neck, her obliterated school flashing before her eyes. Even though it was spring break, there must have been some students in there, teachers for sure. What happened to them if the school was in pieces? Amu didn't want to think of anybody being dead. She had protected that school for years, and now…

"Amu, I need you to be strong if you want to live." Ikuto said to her.

That's when it hit her that they were running for their lives. The aircrafts were here to destroy anyone and anything. It was pure luck that they were still alive. They hadn't run into any other person in ages. Ikuto was trying to find a safe place for them, and she was barely even able to move her own two legs.

It seemed like years later, but Ikuto had run into the forest on the outskirts of town. It many of the trees had grown tall enough to block out any light from coming from above their canopies, leaving the vegetation scarce at the base of their trunks, minus the abundant amount of green moss and fungi. The dirt was moist, making Ikuto's footsteps virtually silent, but not too moist that he left imprints in the ground as he ran. His breath was becoming ragged, but he still kept a firm grip on her. Only now she realized that she was being a burden to him by making him carry her. She could have chara changed herself and run alongside him.

Amu noticed a cave through the thin spaces of trees and pointed Ikuto towards it. Without question, he ran towards it. Just before he entered it, his grip loosened on her, so she jumped down and caught him before he fainted from exhaustion. She lifted one of his arms over her head and placed it along her shoulder as she dragged him deeper into the cave. Whoever was attacking them had lost them and they had time to catch their breath.

Amu placed against the rock wall of the cave once she was satisfied that they were deep enough within the cave. She pulled out her handkerchief from her dress pocket and started dabbing Ikuto's forehead of the sweat. Even though he was tired, he lifted his hand and ran it along her jawline. Amu placed her free hand over top of his as she wiped his face.

"G-good job, my princess." Ikuto breathed out, "What would I do without you?"

"What are you saying?" Amu whispered, "I'd be dead if it weren't for you."

"It's my job to protect you. I'd do anything to keep you alive."

"Hold it!"

Amu dropped her handkerchief at the sound of another voice. Ikuto was already on his feet, his back to Amu, using himself like a shield. Amu stood up with shaking legs, placing her hands against Ikuto's back. In front of them, there was a small army of men in beige coloured uniforms, all of them holding large guns, all pointing towards them.

This was it. They were done for. She was going to die. She was never going to figure out what happened to Tadase, or her other friends. She didn't even see her parents or sister this morning. Did they survive this invasion? Did they die before they even knew what was happening?

"Well, well. You two are a smudge in my perfect track record." The commander of the small army said, stepping forwards. For some reason, this man looked familiar, but she was almost certain that she didn't know any foreigners.

"I must applaud you, though. Being able to stay alive this long when the Holy Britannian Empire wants nothing but bloody murder, I'll let you two say your last words before killing you."

Last words? He must be joking. They weren't going to die. She was starting middle school in a few days. Ikuto was going on a trip with his long-lost father the following week. There was no way they were supposed to die.

She barely even noticed Ikuto turn around and gingerly lift her head up with his fingertips. He mouthed something to her before pressing his lips to hers.

Don't worry, Amu. You have to live.

Ikuto removed his lips from hers and smiled gently at her. His bangs moved to one side of his face, his bedhead still sticking up in weird places. He didn't remove his hands from her chin, just stared at her golden eyes with his royal sapphire eyes. She loved how they sparkled whenever she looked at him like this. Did her eyes do the same? Was she making any weird faces?

"The girl has nothing to say? Fine, time's up anyways." the commander yelled. Amu noticed Ikuto's eyes grow wide before she heard the gunshot. She moved her hands to his chest to keep him vertical, but noticed that his shirt was wet. He's been shot in the heart.

Amu's knees gave out, the both of them falling to the ground. Ikuto's head landing in her lap, and she folded over him, big wet tears soaking his hair like the blood from his chest was soaking her dress. Not that it mattered now. Soon she was going to be soaking her dress with her own blood any moment now. She just needed time to stop and rewind. If she had a head start, she could've of found a better hiding spot or she could have even had left Osaka, even Japan before all this had happened.

"I can give you time, but it only runs forwards."

Who said that? Amu lifted her head up, her vision blurry from crying. It was a woman's voice. Surely, no one in that army was female. But before Amu could look around, she felt a burning ring of metal being pressed against her forehead. This must be the gun that fired the bullet into Ikuto's heart. To be killed by the same weapon must be a symbol of true love.

"Don't kill her!"

The woman's voice again. Amu turned her head and saw the same green haired woman she had seen before. The yukata she wore was the same shade of blue as Ikuto's irises, a connection she only made now. The woman ran in front of her, pushing the commander away from the both of them.

The army instantly began firing before their commander had hit the ground. The woman pushed Amu down on her back before having her body filled with bullets, her blood spraying all around before she toppled down on the ground like a rag-doll. The woman's eyes were still open, the same golden color that Amu's eyes were. Is that what she was going to look like when she died?

Amu broke into heavier tears as she watched the blood trickle down the woman's face. The army commander didn't even give her a second glance as he kicked her off to the side, pressing the gun barrel to her forehead once again.

"What a nuisance you Japanese are." The commander yelled, "Good thing you won't be around here anymore when we establish this as Area 11."

Amu closed her eyes waiting for the bullet to be fired, her grip on Ikuto tightened. This was the end.

"You don't want it to end, do you?"

Again, the woman's voice filled her head. But she was dead. How could she possibly-

Before she even had time to comprehend, the woman grabbed her hand with her own. Amu felt her body and soul separate from each other, transported to an unknown, unexplainable place.

"Your time doesn't end here. It appears you have a reason to live. Although forgotten, it is still there. But you think you are powerless. A burden? If you had power, could you live?

"I'll make a deal with you. In exchange for power, you must make my one wish come true. Accept this contract, and while you will live in the world of humans, you will live unlike any other human. A different providence, a different time, a different life. The power of kings will isolate you. If you are prepared for it…"

Suddenly, many images flashed before her eyes. Many landscapes of extravagantly build white castles, with fields of flowers with so many colours she couldn't even name them all. Then people started showing up. First a lady in a beautiful blue dress with her dark chocolate hair flowing down her back like a fountain, holding a small baby girl with golden ringlets of hair, swaddled in pink fabric. Beside her rather tall boy, with the same chocolate brown hair as the lady, but it was flat and cut off in a straight edge at his chin, and his furrowed brow removed any beauty the boy could have possibly gained from his mother.

The next pair of women she had instantly recognized. One had the same pink hair as herself, but longer and curled at the ends; the other with darker hair, more a violet shade to her hair than pink, that was cut just below the shoulder, but gathered to one side and curled in a similar manner as the smaller girl. They both smiled brightly at her as she played in one of the vast fields of flowers. Then she saw herself reflected in their eyes, smaller than she was now, perhaps the same age as her sister, Ami, wearing the a similarly extravagant dress as the woman in prior memory. But when she expected her pale golden eyes, a vibrant amethyst was reflected back.

Then everything had come flooding back into her mind like a tsunami. All her memories of before she moved to Osaka, before moving to Japan. The images she had seen were from the time she lived in the Holy Britannian Empire. The two women were her two older sisters, Cornelia and Euphemia li Britannia. And the dark brown haired woman, she was her step-mother, and the boy and the baby her older half-brother and younger half-sister.

And at the end of her memory reel, the image of a large, powerful man appeared before her, his dark amethyst eyes looking as though they could slice open her body and tear her soul into pieces. His hair was as white as pure snow, but Amu knew better; his hair was so white because it had died long ago with the rest of his humanity. Her father. Charles zi Britannia. The Emperor of the Grand Holy Britannian Empire.

Just seeing his face appear in her mind consumed her with inexplicit hatred.

"Very well! I accept your contract!" Amu shouted.

As though nothing had happened, Amu found herself back in the dark cave, with the gun still pressed firmly against her head. Ikuto still laid in her lap, the blood streaming out slower than it had before. Crazy thing was that the green haired woman was showed no puncture wounds anymore, only her own blood that soaked through her yukata showing any sign that she was even injured in the first place. And to make things any more hysterical, the woman was smiling at her.

"What's so funny?!" the commander yelled. Funny, she didn't even notice her own body rocking with laughter. Strolling down memory lane must do that to a person.

"Before you put a bullet through my skull, I do want one question answered." Amu laughed. The commander of the army must have been shocked by her new found confidence, because her stepped back away from her, almost tripping over his own feet.

Amu gentle moved Ikuto's head from her lap onto the rock floor and stood up with sturdy legs. Her dress dripped with blood, which dripped onto her legs as she stepped towards the army man. The man slammed himself against the cave wall as Amu slowly made her way over to him. The other soldiers had their guns raised and aimed towards her, ready to shoot her like they did the green haired woman.

By the time she reached the commander, he was quivering with fear. But what was he so scared of, she was just an ordinary Japanese girl. To him, anyways.

"My question is…" Amu said, grasping the man's gun, which lay listlessly at his side, and lifted it back in between her eyes, making sure the man's fingers were still holding the trigger.

"… how should a Britannian who hates Britannia live?" Amu said, pursing her lips together, widening her eyes and cocking her head to the side.

"B-B-B-Britannian?" the man stuttered.

"Yes. A Britannian can live wherever they chose." Amu said, "Didn't my father say anything about that? Claim what is rightfully yours and what not."

The man just kept opening and closing his mouth. If he was trying to scream, he needed to learn that it was his vocal cords that did the work, not his oral cavity.

"What's wrong? Why not just shoot? Your opponent is just a kid, after all." Amu said, "Or have you realized that the only people who can kill are those prepared to die themselves."

Her vision had turned blue at that moment, about the same time while the outer part of her hand glowed pink with a bird like symbol. Was this the power of kings the green haired woman had given her?

"I, Amulettia Li Britannia, order you to kill yourselves!" Amu shouted. The pink bird flew off her hand and onto the commander's hand. Blue birds also appeared in the irises of the other soldiers. In their next motions, they all raised their guns to the sides of their heads, all smiling a big, wide smile.

"Yes, your majesty!" they all yelled in perfect unison, their guns firing with the same timing. When the blood splattered in her face, Amu snapped back to her senses, but by then, everyone was laying on the ground, accumulating a pool of blood. She felt herself shiver as she spun around the cave, trying to grasp the situation.

"From now on, you're living a lie. The lie of living. Your name, too, a lie. Your personal history, a lie. Nothing but lies. Remember how mad you were at the world that wasn't able to be changed by mere kindness. But even in your lies, you could give up in despair. And yet, now you have it? Power. Time."

"Let's have some fun then!" Amu shouted.

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