Code Shugo Geass Chara: Amulettia of the Revival
By: Ame Haru

Move 25: Rikuto Alister

Amu listened as footsteps ran past the room she was in. Two pairs of feet, though both were completely in sync with each other. In a normal cloned body, she'd be able to tell who the person was just by listening to two footsteps of each person.

'Does that mean I've returned to my real body?' Amu couldn't help by think. If this was her original body, she was surprised that it had aged along with her other bodies. But then again, she made sure her body, and the clone who was taking care of it, were exactly half way across the world from her, to avoid an unwanted transfer. Her body should be somewhere in the Western part of the Americas; how did it end up in Japan?

The only logical explanation was that Mao had brought her with him when he left Australia. But if Mao had somehow located her body, Dia, or rather Suu, would've sensed another clone in Japan.

In any case, the smell of the refrain was starting to get stronger around her, making her dizzy. She began drifting in and out of consciousness, until she could see a different scene unfold in front of her eyes.

Fields of pure green grass as far as the eye could see. Different colored flowers of all shapes and sizes were scattered in between the blades of grass. A beautifully crafted fountain the center of the fields, with streams of water that came to and from it. Many small buildings, consisting of different designs with a main base of four pure white pillars, were selectively placed around the fields.

Beside one of the four-pillared structures, two people were sitting in the grass. One with short, plum-colored hair, wearing a maroon one piece uniform with gold and while accents. The other was in a white dress, with a coral -colored corset that lay fashionably between her shoulder blades and her hips. Her hair was much different from her sister, as it was tied in a high ponytail with the ringlets of her nedeshiko pink hair falling right above her waist. The two didn't seem to have much in common, except for the shade of amethyst their eyes held.

As Amulettia walked closer to the two, the fields began to resemble something in from her past, though she couldn't put her finger on it. It was probably just a figment of one of her clone's imaginations again.

"It's been so long since we've been able to spend time together like this." the woman with the purple hair sighed.

Strangely, to Amulettia, she was able to recognize the woman's voice. Even without the other girl speaking, she had already identified them with her mind. Her two elder sisters, Cornelia and Euphemia li Britannia, the second and third princesses of the Holy Britannian Empire, respectfully. And the fields were none other than a replica of Lady Marianne's, Lelouch's mother's, villa. But why was she looking at this scene now?

"There have been too many unexpected things that have happened since we've come to Area 11." Cornelia said. Lifting her arms over her head, she pinched both sides of Euphemia's stomach, making her squeal.

"All that desk work's making you fat." Cornelia laughed.

"Oh, Sister, stop it." Euphemia scolded, but ended up laughing as well.

Amulettia continued watching as her two sisters laughed with each other. Cornelia had rolled onto her stomach while Euphemia continued to hold her composure. This scene had somehow made her feel nostalgic about the past. Though she spent the majority of her life living in Japan, she felt so insignificant to their joyful little lives.

"Sister, don't you think this garden looks familiar? Like the one at Lady Marianne's villa?" Euphemia said once their laughter died down.

"Now that you mention it." Cornelia said, turning to her side, lifting her head up with one arm.

"They say Clovis directed that it be built like this." Euphemia explained.

"I'm surprised he liked it so much." Cornelia replied, "Even though he'd always be fighting with Lelouch there."

"He must have surely seen Lelouch as his rival."

"Even though Lelouch was younger than him?"

"Even so, Lelouch and the others show up in the painting he left behind." Euphemia said, "Even Amulettia, whom he didn't get to know properly. He has many painting of the three of us together."

"Amulettia, huh?" Cornelia said. Compared to the stone hard face she usually wears, and even the happy face she had only seen on a few occasions, Amulettia was surprised to see the darkening sorrow appear on Cornelia's face.

"We need to stabilize this area and arrest Zero as soon as possible." Cornelia said, her eyes hidden in the shadow of her hair.

"We've lost too many siblings and comrades in this land alone." Cornelia added, "First we've lost our mother and her most precious allies, the Alister family. Then we've lost our precious Amu..."

She wanted to walk closer to them. She wanted to yell to her eldest sister "I'm here!". But she stayed in the same position, watching her sister cry big, wet tears like she was a baby again. Euphemia quickly took Cornelia into her arms, stroking circles in her back, trying to calm her down.

"I swear I'll change Area 11..." Cornelia muttered into Euphemia's chest, "For Amulettia... For Clovis... and as an apology for Lelouch and Nunally, as well as the Alister family."

"Amulettia!" Someone suddenly called her name. Amulettia turned around and she was suddenly back in the Water Circulation Room underneath Ashford Academy, tied up and dangling from the ceiling. The air pressure had gotten heavy, so heavy that fog had actually formed and she couldn't see anything except for two tall figures, clad in the Ashford Academy Boy's uniform.

"Suzaku there's evaporated refrain here." one of the figures said, grabbing his handkerchief and covered with nose and mouth with it. For an instant, she was able to clear her mind and identify the two people as Lelouch and Suzaku. But even keeping that fact in her head was more work than it was worth.

"It's okay. The army made sure I was immune to this when I enrolled." Suzaku stated.

"You two..." Amu muttered, but ended up coughing due to the awful mixture of evaporated water and refrain. As a result, the rope which held Amulettia suspended in midair began swinging in a parabolic motion, shortening the distance between Amu and the pool of electrified water.

"It appears that the electricity in the water had somehow managed to heat up the refrain enough to make it evaporate." Lelouch stated.

"If she gets any closer to that water though, she'd definitely get fried." Suzaku added.

"If you follow the wire that Amulettia is attached to, it matches the wire that is used to defuse the bomb above Nunally." Lelouch continued.

"That means that if that's cut, Amulettia would drop down into the pool." Suzaku pointed out.

"You also have to assume that it has to be defused in a certain spot." Lelouch said, "If you just cut it here, there's a chance that the bomb would actually explode."

"The time limit is still in place." Amu coughed out.

"Then there's no time to waste then." Suzaku said, "Omakase."

"Wait!" Lelouch said, "There's still not enough information. For a certain spot to be cut, that means that-"

"Lelouch, Amulettia just told you, we're fighting a time limit." Suzaku said, "It's fine to play it safe, but we don't have the time right now.

"All you need to know is right here in front of you. I'm also a soldier. Can't you use what I know, too?" Suzaku said, point towards himself with his thumb.

~ コードしゅごギアスキャラ:あむれちあのリヴァイヴァル ~

From the water circulation system, Lelouch began to walk towards the farthest building on Ashford Academy grounds, the old church chapel. He figured that Mao wanted to isolate himself from all the thoughts and feelings of the students at his school, though still close enough to catch a glimpse into his mind once he came 500 meters.

Even if Mao wasn't in the chapel, he had no way of reaching him, as he gave Suzaku his phone with a final message to Nunally, which he had stored on his phone ever since he first received his Geass. Though Suzaku had no idea of his that his last words were on that phone. He just hoped that it was him that died and not Nunally. He even wished Amulettia to be saved, since she would take over the Black Knights in his stead.

Thinking of Suzaku, Lelouch began to wonder if telling Suzaku and Mr. Stadtfeld, or rather Tsukiyomi Ikuto, to do absolutely nothing until he comes back was a good idea. However, it left him with one option, assuming that Tsukiyomi is as reliable as Amulettia.

"Welcome, my dear little thief!" Mao greeted once Lelouch had entered the chapel, verifying Lelouch predictions.

"No weapons, no plans and you left that bomb alone." Mao said, "And you didn't use the Black Knights or your two helpers from before. What's wrong, Lulu?"

"I have no intention of discussing the obvious with you." Lelouch stated, "Do you have things ready for our last game?"

"Yes, so let's put an end to this game. Using your specialty, of course." Mao said, removing a white table cloth from a small table behind him. As he suspected, a small chess board had been set up with black and white pieces on both sides. Behind the table was a large scale; the two plates matching the color of the chess pieces.

"The scale is connected to the bomb's detonator and to a cancellation switch." Mao said as Lelouch went to his side of the chess board. Naturally, he was using the black pieces.

"On it, we will place the chess pieces that we each capture." Mao continued, "If the needle tips all the way towards me, the bomb explodes. But if it tips towards you, the bomb is disarmed. In short, if you win, your little sisters' lives would be saved."

"Your taste is repellant." Lelouch basically spat at him, "No wonder C.C. left you."

"Provoking me won't work." Mao said, "I can read your mind completely."

~ コードしゅごギアスキャラ:あむれちあのリヴァイヴァル ~

"Alright." Suzaku said once the timer on his watch began beeping. He dug out Lelouch's phone from his pocket and attached it to his ear. Amu helplessly watched as Suzaku began climbing up on of the pillars, speaking to Ikuto as he did.

As part of Lelouch's plan, Suzaku was to wait ten minutes before contacting Ikuto about the plan. However, Ikuto had already figured out what Lelouch had planned in relation to Nunally. Or that's what it sounded like as Suzaku's explanation was cut short.

While he was speaking to her fiancé, Suzaku began looking around for what Lelouch described as "card suited eggs" that "help remove the effect of refrain." The latter was false, though she could tell that Lelouch's intention was to have her chara close at hand so that she'd be able to Chara Change or use her Geass at will. Even though Lelouch didn't know about Ikuto being able to copy Geass powers, he'd be able to use her Geass to somehow save Nunally, even the both of them if he was capable.

Despite Suzaku's sharp eyes, her Chara were nowhere to be seen. The only reasonable explanation was that Mao had them with him at this very moment, and looking in every nook and cranny seemed like a lost attempt at satisfaction.

"Suzaku, just give up on the eggs." Amu said, "Once this rope is off me, I'd be able to find them in a millisecond. So, we'd just have to move to phase two!"

She knew that Suzaku wanted to argue, but one of the treads of the wire snapped at that moment. Her feet hit the water this time, splashing her with the scary solution of water, refrain and electricity. She quickly drew her feet up to her chest, hoping to give herself about three more feet of comfort.

"We'll be moving into Phase Two now, Mr. Sta- I mean, I-Ikuto." Suzaku stuttered. Amu sighed at her fiancé's priorities. She thought that saving Nunally was one of his top priorities, since it would result in her being saved. Instead, his pet peeve about being called by his last name seemed to overpower everything else.

"Right. I'll make my move then." Suzaku said, jumping down in front of Amu. For a moment, she could see the Suzaku whom she had met when she first arrived in Japan. Smaller than he was now, in a traditional black samurai uniform, carrying a wooden katana on his back. Back then, he didn't even know the difference between Britannia and Japan. To him, they were just two countries on the same earth. But according to Lelouch and his first encounter with Suzaku, that perspective had changed the time she had left the Kururugi household.

"Who'd like a stupid, ugly man-lady like you anyways." the younger Suzaku said to her, sticking his tongue out.

Before she was able to reply to him, the younger Suzaku shattered like glass right before her eyes, returning to the current Kururugi Suzaku. She blinked at what she had just witnessed, convinced that it was the refrain that was messing with her mind.

"Ready, Amu?" Suzaku said. Shaking the experience away from her mind, Amu replayed Lelouch's plan out loud.

"Remember, once you catch me, you are to put me on the ground and run to Lelouch's aid." Amu said, "There are two possible locations that the kidnapper could be at right now. One is the church chapel on the west side of the school grounds; the other is the building where Lelouch and Nunally live.

"Ikuto is to go to the chapel while you go to their residence. I suspect that he's sitting in Lelouch's dining room at this very moment, but if he isn't you are to go to the chapel. I hope you told Ikuto the same if he isn't at that church."

"I made sure I emphasized it." Suzaku said.

"And do not enter either of the buildings unless it seems that Lelouch is in trouble." Amulettia continued, "And for whatever reason, do not come back for neither Nunally or I. Sayoko-san is on her way and make sure we are out of harms' way once you to go. Lelouch's safety comes next after us and your own safety as well."

"So he's the second priority then." Suzaku said, ignoring her order to put himself before someone else.

"Baaaaka." Amu said, "First, it's Nunally, then Ikuto, then you, then Lelouch and then me."

"Shouldn't it be Nunally, you, Lelouch, Ikuto, me?" Suzaku said.

"Ignored!" Amulettia said, "It's ordered by importance, not by convenience!"

Instead of arguing back, Suzaku burst out laughing, hunching over and holding his stomach with both his arms. The sound of his laughter echoes back on the walls, coming back and scaring him. This time Amu laughed at this reaction as Suzaku tried to shake it off. His face went from embarrassed to serious in three seconds flat, as Lelouch's cell phone lit up again.

Bending down into a crouching position before jumping up into the air, bouncing off the four walls so quickly that even the sounds from his feet had disappeared. The only thing that could be heard was the quickly decreasing countdown that Suzaku was yelling out.

Eight. She hoped he didn't start too late.

Seven. If only her prayers had somehow reached heaven.

Six. Even being confined in this room of stone bricks...

Five. This is no time to rhyme!

Four. But waiting to be rescued was such a bore.

Three. And there was no time to see...

Two. What it's like to truly bid everyone adieu.


~ コードしゅごギアスキャラ:あむれちあのリヴァイヴァル ~

"You aren't the type who can keep his mind clear."Mao stated as Lelouch tried his hardest to focus on the chess game.

"There's the part of you that's the critic, constantly watching your own moves and the part of you who coolly observes the critic. That's the sort of person you are, therefore hopeless to think that you could win against me." Mao said, tossing another one of Lelouch's pieces onto his side of the scale. The needle at this point was already closer to Mao's side. About two more of his royal pieces or the rest of his pawns together with the pieces he had lost, Lelouch figured, and Nunally would surely...

"Bravo!" Mao said, as he even began his obnoxious clapping, "Your plan is to think of seven things at once in order to confuse me.

"Thing is, if I confine my Geass to just you, it's simple to read your real thoughts."

As Mao, took yet another one of his pawn pieces, Lelouch glared at Mao, angry that he didn't just keep his filthy mouth shut. If he could knock off his glasses, then he'd be able to use his Geass to...

"I'm afraid that plan won't work either." Mao said, "Since you think so little of me, your sister is going to die."

Capturing his last knight, the scale's needle shot down to Mao's side. Scarily enough, even a piece of dust would be enough to send the needle over the red marker, thus...

"What will you do now?" Mao sneered, "You're out of strategies. Even though you can use others, as long as Nunally is held hostage, then..."

The sudden sound of a coin dropping made Lelouch jump and lose his already fading concentration. Lelouch unwillingly watched as Mao bent down and picked up the coin, the words coming out of his mouth sounding like a language Lelouch had never studied before. With a single clap, all of Lelouch's thoughts were focused on Mao.

"It's your turn." Mao said with a creepy smile, "Better hurry, your sisters are going to die."

Just as Lelouch picked up another piece, Mao continued bantering him.

"Oh please! Make that move." Mao muttered, "Oh, are you sure you want to make the move?"

"Isn't this enough? Please stop this, Mao." Lelouch sighed, his entire body beginning to bend over in defeat.

"Eh? I can't hear you that well." Mao coaxed.

"You've gotten what you wanted!" Lelouch shouted, "Let Nunally go!"

Mao raised an eyebrow at his loss of composure. But ever inch of Lelouch was screaming defeat. Even his always filled mind, was all but empty expect for the one emotion that he had only experienced once in his life.

"I've- I've lost to you." Lelouch muttered.

"Well said!" Mao cheered, "You've finally spoken from the bottom of your heart!"

Lelouch ground his teeth together as Mao laughed at his achievement. He'd just have to bare through it since Nunally was safe and out of harm's way.

"But it's useless, Lulu." Mao said, his laughter suddenly gone, "With this move, Check mate."

"NUNALLY!" Lelouch yelled, trying to reach out for the chess piece Mao threw into the plate. The needle hit the back of the scale, bouncing forward back to the center before settling back in the red area. Lelouch's knees caved in from his own body weight, the sparkle in his eyes disappearing as his sister's name echoed through out the room.

His world seemed to have stopped as Mao's world still moved forward, as if dancing in circles around him. It was absolutely silent, except for Mao's movements, as anyone with a 50 meter radius of Nunally had their world's stopped too. Soon there will be a mass panic from the people who weren't hit by the explosion. Police, many be even the Britannian army, will show up, arresting anyone who looks suspicious, preferably an Eleven. No one will even care about Nunally when hundreds of other students and facility members have died. Would there even be anyone left who knows of Nunally's existence?

"So..." Mao laughed as he pulled out a live-feed camera from his pocket, "How does it feel to have your dear sisters blown to pieces?"

Lelouch barely heard this as he was still in a daze. His sister was dead and there was nothing to keep him moving forward.

"Why isn't she dead?" Mao shouted. Lelouch began listening to Mao's words.

Isn't dead? That would be Amulettia, right? She has the power of immortality. Amulettia is of no concern because she has that power, and Mao must of known that too, so why is he freaking out?

Suddenly, glass shards flew into his line of vision, the sound of the window breaking coming afterwards. Lelouch moved his eyes towards the window and noticed a black blur coming in through the window. A loud thump on the ground came moment after, only to be Mao lying on the floor, crippled in pain.

At last, Lelouch had become to his senses and was able to differentiate that the black blur was Professor Stadtfeld, Amulettia's fiancé. Had he come busting in because Amulettia had died? Lelouch didn't think this was the case, as he was certain that his Professor was attuned to Amulettia's every choice and action, and would've saved her already.

"I am the Peace Officer of Ashford Academy." Ikuto said dutifully, "You're under arrest for disturbing that peace!"

"Tsukiyomi-san..." Lelouch muttered out, forgetting that only Zero knew of that name.

"You disarmed the bomb?" Mao yelled, "That's impossible... How could you match the speed of the pendulum?"

"It is only because Mr. Lamperouge here showed me which line to cut." Ikuto explained, clearly bored of the situation already.

"Even so, Amu would be fried to a crisp right now!" Mao shouted.

"Kururugi was the one who saved Amulettia as he was more suited, as Lelouch stated." Ikuto yawned out.

"I said that?" Lelouch asked him.

"Does this run in the family?" Ikuto sighed, "These were your direct orders, including the part where I bust in like a cannon ball if I heard you screaming."

"I did?" Lelouch said, but then gasped at his own stupidity. He quickly took his phone from his blazer pocket and held it up to his eye. His Geass marking suddenly over took the color of his iris, his plan suddenly coming back to him.

"Mao, this makes it a checkmate for me." Lelouch said out loud, now standing tall and confident as if nothing had happened at all.

"Lelouch, don't tell me that..." Mao muttered.

"It appears so." Lelouch thought, delivering his message through Mao's Geass, "After I gave Tsukiyomi and Suzaku their instructions, I used my Geass on myself to make me forget. Your belief that the mind's voice is the ultimate source of information led to your loss. Not only that, but confining the range on your power to only my mind was your downfall."

"Impossible!" Mao shouted, "What would you have done if they had failed."

"Good point." Lelouch said, "This plan wouldn't have worked if I didn't trust either of them."

"In any case, Kururugi should be here momentarily to confirm your arrest." Ikuto said as he firmly held Mao's left arm, trying to get a hold of the other.

"If I should be arrested, shouldn't you be executed for the death of the fourth princess?" Mao yelled, yanking his arm away from him. Ikuto froze in place as Mao stepped a couple feet away from him. Ikuto's body started violently shaking as all the color in his skin disappeared.

"No... I didn't..." Ikuto muttered out.

"Of course you didn't succeed as she's still alive." Mao went on, "But you tried again when Britannia invaded Osaka five years ago."

"No! I would never harm-!"

"You even rearranged her memories so she believed that you had died instead of her..." Mao said with a smirk, "You made her believe that she hated the Britannian Empire for killing you, for removing her from the royal line while she was just a toddler. In reality, you actually hate Britannia for stealing your family's noble status. Because of that, you had no chance of become emperor."

"STOP MESSING AROUND WITH MY THOUGHTS! THOSE AREN'T TRUE!" Ikuto yelled, trying to take down Mao with his fists. Easily, Mao was able to read his mind and dodge the blows as they came to him.

"Enraged, you tired killing Amulettia li Britannia, the princess you were to protect with your life." Mao laughed, "The Alister's were already supposed to be gone off the face of the planet, so why shouldn't the princess they were protecting disappear too?"

"It was to keep her safe from the terrorists who killed her mother!" Ikuto yelled, who now had his gun drawn and was shooting wherever he felt like. Even Lelouch had to duck behind one of the pews to avoid getting shot in the head.

So that's why Tsukiyomi seemed familiar to him when he first saw him. Tsukiyomi Ikuto was actually Rikuto Alister, the knight in training to be assigned to Amulettia. Normally, a knight would be assigned when the princess was of age, but because of Amulettia's abnormal ability to learn physical and mental skills, the emperor thought it would be best to get her out into the battlefield as soon as possible, despite Cornelia's arguments. And the only knight that would be suited for a five-year old princess was a ten-year old knight who had the same amount of abnormal skill levels.

Lelouch had only caught a glimpse of him as a child, but heard a lot from him from Nunally, who spent her days picking flowers around the area where he had trained. But by the time Lelouch had decided to investigate this guy that was stealing his sister away from him, Amulettia had already been removed from the kingdom and the Alister name was to never be spoken of within the Holy Britannian Empire.

If what Mao said was true, Ikuto was never introduced to Amulettia, that Lelouch was sure, as he was the one to train her mental capacity and Cornelia was to train her physical capacity. Any free time was spent playing with Euphemia and Nunally with him and Cornelia in arms reach. In addition, Ikuto wasn't violent unless his aggressor made the first attack, even back then, from what he had heard from Nunally.

Mao was trying to confuse Ikuto's thoughts, like what he had done with Shirley back in Narita. That meant that Lelouch had to figure out a plan before the school's personal squat team was to come in an arrest both Mao and Ikuto.

In a blink of an eyes, Ikuto's gun fire suddenly ceased, his gun hitting the opposite wall of the church. Mao yelped in pain as his face crashed into that same wall, Suzaku pinning his arms behind his back.

"Ikuto, stop!" Lelouch heard Amulettia scream. Ikuto had pulled a knife out and let it hang over Amu's head. Noticing that his fiancée was his opponent, his eyes grew wide and he let the knife drop, barely making a sound compared to Mao's cries of pain.

Ikuto fell to the ground, holding his head in his hands, still shaking as uncontrollable as before. Amu was crouched down in front of him, trying to get him to look her in the eye, but his arms were wrapped around her, squeezing her body against his, before any eye contact was established. If they were speaking through the blue Geass, or if they were usually silent when together, Lelouch didn't want to know, as he had to stop Mao, no matter the cost.

"So you think you've beaten me Lelouch?" Mao yelled as Suzaku bound his hands together with rope. He began making his movements more violent, making it harder to contain him.

"Stop moving!" Suzaku commanded. Lelouch had already activated his Geass, the command that would forever silence Mao clear in his mind.

"Let me go, you father killer!" Mao shouted. Suzaku dropped the grasp he had on Mao and let the rope fall to the ground. This shocked Lelouch too, as his Geass suddenly turned itself off

"You killed your own father seven years ago!" Mao explained, "You thought stopping your father, who called for total resistance, would end the war? What a childish way of thinking! That fact is: you're nothing but a murderer!"

"That's not true! I... I just-!"

"It's a good thing no one ever found out," Mao interrupted, "thanks to all the adults around you who lied for your sake."

"So that story of Prime Minister Kururugi committing suicide was..." Lelouch muttered.

"A big, gigantic lie. All of it." Mao finished.

"I had to choice!" Suzaku said, switching his gaze back and forth between him and Mao.

"Is that how you rationalize it, Mr. Death Wish?" Mao said, "You want to save people? It's your own soul that you want to save. You want to sacrifice your life, don't you? That's why you keep risking yourself!"

Suzaku fell to the ground screaming. He tried covering his ears with his two hands, but Mao only kept speaking louder. Lelouch activated his Geass once again, unable to hold out any longer. His previous command was abandoned as he just needed Mao to be quiet.

"Good intentions are just for your own self-satisfaction! You're just a naive boy who wants to be punished!"

"MAO!" Lelouch growled, "Never speak again!"

"Shit!" Mao shouted as he tried covering his eyes, but Lelouch's power had already penetrated his mind. In that instant, all sound from Mao's mouth stopped. He tried regaining his voice by trying to cough, but even his cough was silent. In a pathetic attempt to stop him though, Lelouch tried punching him, which was easily dodged.

Mao quickly ran out the church door, only to be greeted with the love of his life. C.C.'s green hair stayed perfectly in place even though the wind was blowing around her. Mao had run up to her, his arms stretched in preparation to hug her.

"I did love you, Mao." C.C. whispered quietly, so not even Amulettia could hear.

"Please, go wait for me in C's world." C.C. said even quieter, before pushing a long riffle to Mao's throat and pulling the trigger. The Geass symbol instantly disappeared from Mao's eyes and his original silver eyes came back before he closed his eyes for the last time. He swiftly fell face first into the dirt, the church doors closing before Lelouch could see the impact.

As Lelouch turned back around, Suzaku was on his hands and knees, fighting his own personal demons, pounding the ground as he did. Ikuto was still tightly gripping Amulettia, but she had managed to turn her head to meet Lelouch's gaze. Knowing her, she probably wanted a full-detailed report on why the two strongest men she has ever known are now on the verge of tears.

Unfortunately, even Lelouch wasn't able to comprehend the situation.


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