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Plot: Bella and Emmett were a couple, as happy as could be. Devastating news struck when Emmett had to leave Chicago to Forks with his parents. They gave eachother a night to remember, not knowing it would last a lifetime. As Emmett tries to make his way into Bella's life three years later, he notices two big changes which have him questioning their past.

Swan Family:

Jasper and Edward Swan (Twins) 20

Isabella Swan (17)

(Charlie and Renee Swan died previously 3 years previously.)

Cullen Family:

Emmett Cullen (19)

Mary Alice Cullen (17)

Dr. Esme Cullen (39)

Dr. Carlisle Cullen (42)

I couldn't comprehend those words. I'm leaving tomorrow.

Alice had told me before, but I never thought she meant it. The fact that it was happening scared me. It scared me more than anything in the world.

"Bella?" He whispered as his strong arms gripped onto my upper arms and shook me slightly. I didn't realize I was crying until his thumb wiped a tear form my eyes. He pulled me to his strong chest. I sobbed as he calmed me down and began to softly caress my hair with soft angel kisses.

As my vision cleared I looked up to his face. My right hand cupping his cheek. He leaned into my touch and the feeling of his rugged five-o-clock shadow brought a soft smile to my face. A soft chuckle rolled through his chest at the sight of my smile. My converse clad toes held me as close to his face as my lips touched his.

Our kisses grew more passionate. My skinny jean clad legs wrapped around his torso and his hand on the small of my back carried me to his bedroom. He laid me down and whispered in my ear. "I love you Isabella Swan." A blush crawled upon my cheeks and I leaned to his hear. My warm cheek against his.

"I love you too Emmett Cullen."

He took my words as permission to move forward.

Sure, we've had sex a couple times before just like any other teen couple. But never had we made love. Tonight we did and it was the most emotional experience of my life.

I woke up in my bed the next morning. No words were said as he kissed my forehead and left a letter on my desk. Slowly, as tears poured down my face, I walked towards him and kissed his cheek.

"You will always be my girl Bella, and I will always love you."

"I'll always love you too..." I whispered.

I didn't see him after wards. He and his father left waiting for his sister and mom. The last time I saw Alice, his sister and my best friend, we cried like there was no tomorrow. For a little tiny girl her you would underestimate the strength she had. I gave her a letter I wrote back to Emmett, without reading his yet. Before they left, I gave Esme, my stand-in mother figure for the past five years a hug and she pushed my hair behind my ear like a mother would. Oh, how I would miss my fill in family.

Jasper, my older brother, kissed Alice goodbye and promised to call her everyday while I stood in my other brother Edward's arms crying...again.

For the rest of that Christmas break, I sat in my room crying. Of course, Edward and Jasper would make sure that I ate and finished my homeschooling, but it wasn't the same. For days, I cried. Both of my brothers were scared when sudden convulsions would take over my body from my sobs. In my sleep I screamed for him and my chest was ripped apart by the fact that he was forever missing.

My body felt so weird and awful. I guess from all my crying, sobbing, sleeping and lack of exercise my small body couldn't handle it. Though, all I could think about was attempting to mend my heart from all the pain and sudden loss of love.

Physically, my breasts hurt. I've always been in the middle like a normal teenager, until now. Was this an effect of feeling miserable for yourself and constantly holding your chest to keep your heart from ripping out? And my stomach seemed a little bloated from my small portioned meals I guess.

Most of the time, when I was home alone, I would hold his letter in my hand and contemplate on opening it. Sometimes I imagined what it could be.

Dear Bella,

I'm leaving because I need to be away from you and all your needieness. Never am I alone because you are always around. Sorry if this feels like I'm ripping your heart out.



Then again, why would he write that then make love to me and tell me he loves me?

Dear Bella,

I love you, but it's complicated. Though we may be in love together, I think I may need to start looking around for someone my own age. I'll always love you like a little sister. Please forgive me if I lead you on the wrong way. Everything intimate was just weird, so lets leave it behind.

Your Big Brother,


I shook my head at the thought. That wasn't like him at all.

Sometimes a goofy smile would cross my face too as I thought of how loved and happy he made me feel. Especially the day he asked me to be his girlfriend.

It was the first week of spring, freshman year. Lately I had been pretty depressed over my parent's deaths in the past seven months. Of course, no more tears or sobbing, but I hadn't found anything to make me really smile, and I needed to smile or a good laugh.

Alice Cullen, my pixie of a best friend, pulled me by the wrist to her brother Emmett's car. He was a pretty chill guy who I had a major crush on. Never did I tell Alice because if she found out, well he would find out and that would be really embarrassing.

I started to sit in the back seat, when Alice ran to Emmett's window.

"Em, I just realized that I have to go to a student council meeting, can you drop Bella off at home please?" She looked at him with her wide eyes and pouted her perfectly painted lips. He just shook his head and ran his fingers through his gorgeous short hair.

"Sure Ali, just call me when you get out if you need a ride."

"Thanks Em, I love ya'" Alice burst out as she kissed him on the cheek. When she ran off, Emmett looked at me in the backseat then tapped the front seat telling me to take front.

With me being Bella a giant blush crawled upon my face, especially when he reached his hand signaling for me to crawl through the small aisle. And again, with me being Bella, my total clumsiness took over and I slipped off the center section and landed head first into the passenger seat floor.

"Ow!" I exclaimed in an embarrassed tone. By surprise, I felt two large hands pull my small waist back and helped maneuver my head and body until I was sitting upright. I heard his wonderful chuckle as he asked me if I was alright. Slowly I nodded my head and put on my seatbelt while keeping my eyes focused out the passenger window. We weren't even two blocks away when I felt his hand take mine from my lap and held it with his near the gear shift.

At a red light he squeezed my hand gently and I looked at him.

"That was a nasty spill Bella, but not as bad as the time you sprained your ankle in Alice's heels. Now that was hilarious!" He laughed. I just shook my head out of embarrassment, and suddenly my face became redder.

Emmett's hand shook mine slightly, but I just looked away until we parked in front of mine, Jasper's and Edward's old firehouse home.

"Bella," He sounded sincere "Please look at me." and of course I did. "Just tell me where it hurts, point to it."

I pointed to the red spot on my forehead, right above my left eyebrow. As he lifted his other hand, I closed my eyes out of fear and embarrassment. Though, what I felt was not on my forehead, but on my lips and...I was moving along with it. Emmett was kissing me!

In a slow movement, I opened my eyes slightly and when I saw it really happening, my arms wound around his neck and I completely melted into the kiss. As time passed and the kisses went from all different levels of passion, I forgot what even happened to my forehead. He pulled back for a second.

"How's your head?" He asked as his thumb lightly brushed against my forehead. I simply smiled and blushed.

"It's better, you know me, clumsy Bella!" I giggled and he chuckled his extra ordinary laugh.

"How about, you be my clumsy Bella?" My instinct took over, and all I did was kiss him immediately. Emmett pulled back for a second. "I take that as a very big yes."

As I snapped out of my day dream, a sudden urge to throw up took over and I made my way for the toilet. This is definitely not good.