Is it a bad thing that I entirely forgot about Round six of the YGO pairings contest and didn't remember until 2:03 of June 8 when Shining reminded me?


Yeah, uhm. Siblingshipping. That's MokubaxSerenity/Shizuka for the pairing illiterate. This is a.. uhm. Dragcave/YGO crossover. Those of you not familiar with dragcave, tack a .net to the end of that and check it out? And just so we're clear, it's YGO characters and the somewhat medieval time-setting of Dragcave.

also changed ages, so that they're closer in age and height.

Mokuba peered into the cave, motioning Serenity closer.

"See over there? Behind that pile of gold," he added quietly, pointing to where the hatchlings and adults slumbered. "That's where the big dragons are. And right there," another point. "Is the eggs. Think you're fast enough to snatch one?"

Serenity shrugged. "I can try," she whispered back. She eyed the pile of eggs then the adult dragons further back, sleeping as hatchlings skittered over them, playing. "As long as they don't wake up, I should be okay." Mokuba nodded, glancing around.

"Try and get one of the gold eggs. They're prettiest. Or silver, they grow up real pretty. Seto has a silver dragon and he's really pretty. But any color is good, I guess."

Serenity shushed him with a hand motion as one of the older dragons stirred and reached with a clawed foot to scratch behind it's head before it went still again. Once she was sure all the dragons were still sleeping, she dashed into the cave, and quickly snatched up the two eggs closest to her. Using her dress as a basket, she dashed back, trying not to drop the eggs or make any noise.

Mokuba cheered silently as she made it back, a split second before there was a roaring noise and an adult Red jolted to its feet, looking around wildly for the thieves.

The two children ran.


Later, lying together in a pile atop a grassy hill with the gold and silver eggs Serenity had stolen, they laughed and Serenity kissed Mokuba's cheek.

"Did you see that Red? She looked real mad!"

"She did. I was so sure she caught us too. But we got away, which is good. And I bet the dragons will hatch soon!"

"I hope so."

"What'll we name them?"

"Uhm." Mokuba hummed thoughtfully. "I don't know. Let's wait 'til they hatch."

"Good idea."


Seto found the two hours later, fast asleep and curled around each other and their dragon eggs. Smiling, he lifted them and their eggs atop his own silver dragon, and headed home.