Wild Blue

A La Blue Girl/ Ranma ½ crossover

Warning:: THE FIC THAT YOU'RE ABOUT TO READ IS NOT A LEMON! I REPEAT, THE FOLLOWING FIC IS NOT A LEMON! If it Lemons you looking for you won't find it here. (^_^)

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Chapter 1

10 years ago…

The forest was greener and bigger then anything little 6 year old, Miko Mido could have imagine it been. Little Miko was excited because this was her first time going to her grandmother temple. She looked around as they walked up the temple shrine steps. She had seen trees on television before but what she up close was way different from what she is use to. She smiled as she saw little squirrels running around gathering up nuts. She saw birds singing as they hop from tree branch to tree branch. She had to giggle at all the little creatures' antics, then she saw the temple as she reached the top of the stairway.

What she saw there as a little girl awed her. The temple was bigger then any house she had ever seen. She just stood still until her mother nudged her forward.

"Come on Miko-chan. You want to see Grandma right?" her mother asked her. Miko replied with a very enthusiastic nod of her head.

"Yeah Mom! I wanna see grandma," she said, unable to hide the excitement in her voice.

They reached over to the door and knocked politely. They waited for 3 seconds before a little guy in a small black ninja suit open the door. Miko was always eager to make friends so she bowed to him in respect first.

"Hiya! I'm Miko Mido, please to meet you," she said with a bowed.

The little guy in the ninja suit bowed back. "Please to meet you Miko-san. My name is Nin-Nin," then the little ninja turned to her mother. "Please to meet you my lady, she is waiting in the studies for you."

"Thank you Nin-Nin," Miko mother said. She then turned to Miko. "Miko-chan. Be a good girl and wait for mommy here ok? Mommy has some things to discuss with your grandma before you can meet her."

Miko nodded her head. "Ok mommy, I'll be a good girl and wait right here."

"That's my girl," her mother replied. She then walked away from Miko and into another room.

"Hello Miko. Let me show you around this place," Nin-Nin said to Miko. Miko replied with an excited nod.

"Can we go take a look at the trees?" she asked him politely. She batted her eyelashes at him that made her look incredibly adorable.

Nin-Nin never stood a chance.

So there they were walking in the forest with Nin-Nin trying to stop Miko from hurting herself and with Miko trying to see how far she could push her limits before she got into trouble.

She suddenly stopped when she saw a boy in a white Gi crawling on his hands and feet, sniffing around. She stood for a while to observe him until Nin-Nin caught up.

"Nin-Nin," she started. "Who's that over there?" she said as she pointed to the boy in the white Gi, she also noticed that his hair was in a pigtail style.

Nin-Nin looked to what Miko was pointing at and got in front of her immediately. "Miko! Get back to the house!" he told her loudly. Too bad that attracted the attention of the boy.

"Meow," Miko heard the boy say. He then crouched on all fours and looked ready to sprang. The boy started to hiss at Nin-Nin when he pulled out a knife.

Nin-Nin then picked up a rock and threw it at the boy. What happened next stunned Miko and Nin-Nin. Before the rock could even touch the boy, the boys hand blurred and where the rock was suppose to hit him it was destroyed into little pebbles.

"SKIMA!" Miko heard Nin-Nin said. He started to turn and run but before Miko could see what happened the boy hopped on Nin-Nin and beated the stuffing out of him.

The boy was done in 5 second, then he turned to Miko and said. "Meow."

Miko had never felt terror like this, all she could get out of her mouth was. "Nu-nu- nice kitty," Miko was totally frightened as the boy continued to glare at her. Not knowing what else to do but knowing that she will be hurt soon she started to cry. She just slumped down to her knees and bury her face into both her hand and cried her little heart out.

"Meow?" She heard the boy said but she didn't really care. Suddenly she felt a little nudge at her arm. She took her face out of her hand and turn to see the boy looking at her curiously. "Meow?" she heard him said again. She also saw a now puzzle expression on his face.

"Ki-kitty?" she said to the boy who was acting like a cat. "Nu-nice kitty," she said as she tentatively put her hand out so the boy can sniff it. She heard that if you let a cat sniff your hand it will become familiar with you, so that what she did.

The boy backed his head away a little at first, but then started to move his head forward to sniff her hand. Seeing that she was making progress she reached out to his ear, to which he answer by baring his teeth a little but then didn't move. She touched his ear and felt him tense a bit. Then she started to scratch it and she felt all the tension melt away from him, as a matter of fact he started to nuzzle his head to her hand.

Seeing that she was going to be ok, she stopped sniffing and started to pet his head to which he answered with affectionate lick and purrs. He was rolling on his belly when with her laughing at his antics when Nin-Nin woke up.

"Miko! Get away form him, he's dangerous," Nin-Nin said. Ranma turned around and hissed at him again until Miko stepped in.

"No kitty! Bad!" she told the boy. The appeared to calm the boy down. "Nin-Nin, he's my friend. I think I'll name him Neko," she then turned to Neko and started to rub under his chin to which he answered with content purrs. "Isn't that right Neko?" Neko was in bliss but just answered with a soft meow.

"Well let get back so the mistress can see him ok?" Nin-Nin said. Miko nodded in approval and started their way back to the shrine. The whole trip back Nin-Nin was afraid because every time he turned to check on Miko the boy-cat would hiss at him that sent a chill down his spine. Miko of course would be stern with him for a while until he licked her face, which caused her to giggle mostly. Finally they reached the shrine where an old lady and Miko mother was waiting. The old lady saw the boy and raised an eyebrow, while the mother just looks on disapprovingly. After trying to get the cat/boy away from Miko to no avail, they asked Nin-Nin to tell them what happened. By the time Nin-Nin was done, Miko and the boy/cat were cuddled up together, sleeping contently.

"Well I guess she is the next clan leader," the old lady said to Miko mother.

"I guess that beauty and the beast story wasn't too far fetch," Miko mother replied back. "I will have to leave her soon so she can study under you tutelage," Miko mother said sadly. "I just hope that some day she can forgive me."

"I think she will. She has a big heart, but what will we do about the boy with the Neko-ken?" asked the old lady.

"The Neko-ken should be almost through by the time he wakes up, but I will have a long talk with the idiot who trains the boy when they come to pick him up," Miko mother said with the old lady nodding in agreement.


Ranma opened his eyes to find himself curled up to somebody. He held very still as he saw that it was a girl he was next too. Trying to sneak away as quietly as possible he began to move only to have her grabbed onto him tighter. Ranma paused because he didn't know what to do. He never had a girl grabbed onto him before and didn't know how to react. "One thing for sure," he thought. "Pop was wrong when he said girl were weak."

"I see you are awake boy," he heard an old voice said behind him. He tried to do what his father taught him, jumping out of the bed to face his opponent, but too bad for Ranma that trying and doing was two different things. What ended up happening was Ranma jumping up but because of Miko's strong grip he fell onto her waking her up in the process. Ranma froze as he saw clear purple eyes looking up at him in confusion.

"What wrong kitty?" the girl asked him.

"He's not a kitty anymore Miko-chan," her grandmother said. "He's a boy now."

"What? But how?" she asked as she let go of the now blushing boy. "What happen to kitty?"

"I'll answer you in a minute. First I have to get some information from the boy." Her grandmother said. "Well boy, tell me your name and who trained you in the Neko-ken arts," she told him.

"C-cats!" the boy, exclaimed as he started to look around frantically as if trying to find something. After checking for something unknown he calmed down a bit. "My name is Ranma Saotome, heir to the Saotome School of anything goes martial arts," he said proudly. "And it was my father who taught me the Neko-ken."

"Your father?" the old woman exclaimed. "What kind of idiot would do that to his son?!" she asked incredulously.

"My father said I have to be the strongest martial artist in the world and to do that I needed to learn the Neko-Ken," he told the old lady in defense of his father.

"Well, where is he now?" the old lady asked. She really wanted to talk to Ranma's father about training him in the Neko-Ken.

"Umm…… I don't know," he replied truthfully. "But I do know he can find me so he'll come for me.

"Well boy since you don't know, how about you stay here and help me around the shrine until your father comes?" she asked him nicely. Ranma looked kind of indecisive until Miko spoke up.

"Please stay here, we can be really good friends!" she exclaimed Ranma thought about it. He would have his first friend if he stayed there, even if she was a girl.

"Ok," he said.

Over the course of the next couple of days Ranma and Miko became fast friends. One was never without the other as they followed each other around and did everything together. They ate together. They slept in the same bed, although it was Miko who usually sneaked in. Ranma didn't object after a while because he would wake up and find her sleeping contently next to him. He also captured the heart of the old lady and Miko mother after a while with his innocence. He stayed with them for a whole month until his father came to get him. His father was beaten badly by the old lady and Miko mother as they scolded him for his irresponsibility. In the end however, his father got him back.

"Bye bye Ranchan," Miko told Ranma with tears in her eyes.

"Bye bye Miko-chan," he told her back. He refused to cry though. Men don't cry.

"Promise you'll never forget me?" Miko asked. She was openly crying at this point. The sight tore at Ranma heart.

"I-I promise Miko-chan," he told her. He then turned to Miko mother and grandmother, who had tears in their eyes, and said good bye to them. He never knew that to them, he was the son they never had. "Thanks you for taking care of me," he said with a bow. The two women took turns hugging him. After the ordeal was over he turned to Nin-Nin. "You are my other bestest friend. I'll never forget you too," he said as he gave Nin-Nin a hug. Nin-Nin couldn't reply because he was hysterical at this point. Ranma patted him on the shoulder in comfort, which caused Nin-Nin to break down further.

"B-b……" Miko couldn't say anything because she was so sad over him leaving. She decided to give him something to remember her by. She took her favorite ribbon that she tied her hair with and gave it to him. "Take good care of it Ranchan," she told him, then gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran back in the house crying harder then before.

Ranma stood there stunned until his father told him to go. After Nin-nin and Miko mother and grandmother walked him a couple of ways he bid them farewell and turned around to have one last good look at the place he will forever hold dear in his heart.


10 years later and 3 months after the Saffron battle……

It was a typical day in the neighborhood.

"I can't believe this shit," Ranma said to no one in particular. Right behind him was an angry mob of people. "Man I thought this crap would have ended by now. ARRRRGGGGGHHHH! I HATE MY LIFE!!!!" He shouted for the whole world to hear. Too bad that the noises of the mob canceled out anything he was saying.

"Ranma you jerk! Come back here and try my cooking?!" A steaming Akane said.

"Ranma! You cad! You eat Akane's cooking like a man!" said a steaming Ryoga.

"Ranma! Come and pose in this bra for me!" Happosai said with a leer. Akane kicked him out of the mob on general principle.

"AIREN!" Shampoo said. She was just following the mob after Ranma on general principle also.

"SHAMPOO! MY LOVE!" The blind martial artist also followed Shampoo on general principle too.

"Ranma Darling!" Kodachi the black rose said. She always followed Ranma whenever he appeared too.

"Foul sorcerer!" Kuno, the blue blunder of Furinken High said. He attacked Ranma whenever he saw him too.

Too bad for Ranma this was one of his bad days as Akane manage to catch up with him and was promptly mallet via Air-Akane. "That'll teach you to insult my cooking the next time," she said as she heft her mallet over her shoulder and started her way back to the Dojo.

Ranma was in the air and was soon flying way passed his usual landing spot.

"Hmmm……. Akane must have been especially mad at me today to hit me this far out," Ranma pondered to himself as he landed in a lake in some forest 20 miles away from Nerima.

Too bad that Ranma didn't know there was two horny demons lurking in the forest.


"Did you hear that?" asked Demon number one to Demon number two.

"Yeah! Should we go investigate?" Demon number two asked. "I mean we are suppose to keep an eye on the bosses daughter and protect her from any harm."

"Well. Who knows, maybe what ever is splashing might be a threat," Demon number one said.

"Man the bosses daughter is hot hot hot for a sixteen year old," Demon number two said drooling.

The two demons went to investigate and what they found made them hornier then usual. There was a dripping wet girl who was very well stack and had red hair.

"The boss didn't say anything about not having fun," Demon number one said.

Demon number two just smiled a lecherous smile.


"Aww, dammit!" Ranma said. "I am gonna have to go and dry myself again," Ranma chan said, feeling very pissed right now.

"Why get dry?" a voice said. "When we like you just fine wet?"

"Who's there?" Ranma asked. Ranma wasn't in the mood to play games. When the two figure stepped out, they surprised Ranma-chan because they were ugly sons of bitches.

"Whoa! What ugly sons of bitches!" Ranma exclaimed to them.

"We may be ugly but you'll be begging for more of us when we're through with you," he said as he leered at her wet shirt. Ranma eyes just narrow as she when into a defensive stances.

"What are you? Some kind of martial artist?" the Demon asked as it laughed at her. "Unless you know the Sexcraft art you can't handle us," and with that laughed again as he reached out for Ranma.

Ranma jumped up and charged up her ki. "Let's see how you bastards stand up to this, MOKO TAKABISHA! DOUBLE BLAST!" Ranma chan said as he shot twin ki blast at the two demons. Usually Ranma doesn't kill at all but two were demons. Demons, in Ranma book, were free game and didn't really count as sentient life.

The two demons look down at the gaping holes in there chest in disbelief. "H-how?" was all they got out before they fell to the ground dead and then turned into ash.

"Sexcraft my ass!" Ranma snorted at their dead ashes. "Whatever the hell that is," she muttered afterward. With that, she started to make her way home.

In the Skima Realm…

"WHAT?!' the Skima king roared.

The servant that was delivering the news was shaking in fright. "I-I-it's true my lord. Two of your guard was just killed recently, we have no idea who could have done it."

"FIND OUT!" the Skima king roared again. Who could have killed to if his best guard with out him sensing it. Well who ever it was, there will be hell to pay.

To be determined…

Author Rants…

Well half of you who are reading this probably wondering. "Miko who?" All I can say is that, that is a secret you have to find out for yourself. I will tell you this. It is a Hentai series but heh heh amazingly enough no Hentai scenes (^_^). I did this on a whim to see if it is possible to combine a Hentai series with Ranma without actually using any Hentai scene. Well only you guys can be the judge of this , let me know your though on this.
Should I continue it? OR just plain oles dump it in the recycle bin? Oh and HAPPY FORUTH OF JULY PEOPLE! (O_o) bye bye. A proud fan of couple crossover. C+C always welcome.