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A/N : Okay, now this is my version of a few pokemon episodes I thought up of… when Ash and Misty are older and stuff =)

Let's just assume that they never split up and Dawn/May (=S) never joined Ash…

I know the plot isn't that original, and it's been done before (probably in similar ways by others) but I still wanted to give it a shot.

So anyways, I've tried to make this as 'episode-like' as possible..

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Ages  Ash and Misty are 21, and Brock is 26.

Also assume that Ash is tall and muscular (which he probably would be by now) and Misty is – um – better developed and has much longer hair. Though she was always pretty to begin with – I mean, aren't all anime girls just naturally (or unnaturally) pretty…. except Bagatha and Hagatha of course! Okay, now enough with all that, on to the story – er, I mean, show!


Narrator: Today we join our hero Ash Ketchum, who finally achieved his dream of becoming a Pokémon Master just a few weeks ago! However today, Ash is confronted by another task – as important and as anticipated as his Pokémon Battle against Champion Lance had been… (Narration stops – yay)

Ash is sitting on his couch, fidgeting nervously with a pink pokéball – a love ball, to be precise. Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Totodile, Cyndaquil and Bayleef are all crowded around him as he mutters to himself anxiously.

"Okay Ash, you can do this… calm… take a deep breath… it's not like she'll kill me, she may use her mallet but she won't kill me, right Pikachu?! Right?! Misty's not going to kill me for this is she?!!!" Ash shouts hysterically, looking at his pokémon with terrified eyes.

Pikachu sweatdrops and sighs. "Pikachu…."


The scene is replaced with a blank background, with the title of the episode written across it, and Ash's enthusiastic shout of:

Misty, Will You Marry Me?


Delia Ketchum enters the room, her eyes sparkling as she sees her son poring over the pink love ball.

"Oh, my little Ashy is all grown up, and getting married!!!" she shrieks happily, her eyes growing wide and watery.

"Mo-om," Ash groans, slumping against the sofa. "I haven't even asked her yet… what if she says no? Oh Mew, what if she says no?!!!" Ash suddenly freezes, dropping the love ball on the couch, and looks sick, as his face turns blue at the prospect of Misty rejecting him. (A/N : Imagine Brock's expression when asked about Ivy)

The pokémon roll their eyes and proceed to give Ash some encouragement.

"Pikachupi chu Pikapi!"

"Bulba bulba saur!"

"Squirtle squirtle!"


"Toto toto toto dile!"

"Bay bay leeeeeeef!"

Ash suddenly looks at them, getting a gleam in his eyes, as he turns his hat backwards.

"You're right guys! I'm the pokémon master! I can do this, and I can win!" he says with a renewed enthusiasm at his pokémon's trust in him.

He leaps off the couch, and starts to strut out of the door, when Delia pulls him back by the collar.

"Ash you can't go like that, you aren't even dressed properly! Brock's coming over in a few minutes, to dress you up and give you some advice!" Delia says.

Ash narrows his eyes (that is, and they got all weird and triangular with a tiny little dot in the middle for a pupil, like how Anime characters eyes get when they're annoyed).

"Why would I need Brock's advice for this! I can do it myself!" he proclaims haughtily.

"Right guys?!" he asks his pokémon, who all nod and cry out enthusiastically.

"Really, Ash. So I'm assuming you're going to propose to Misty without a ring?" Delia asks teasingly, holding up the pink love ball.

The pokémon all face fault.

"Uh… heh heh… thank mom…" Ash says sheepishly, placing a hand at the back of his head.


Scene switches to Ash's room, with Ash and Brock.

Ash is wearing jeans and a black shirt, while Brock (dressed in that horrendous pink, frilly apron) is vainly attempting to comb Ash's hair.

"Ouch! Brock, you're pulling my hair!" Ash whines, as Brock continues, exuding an air of calm patience. "Why do I even need to comb my hair! I'd rather just wear my hat!"

"You certainly cannot wear that hat, Ash!" Brock scolds in a motherly fashion.

"Why not?! It's my lucky hat! I won all my badges and battles with this thing!" Ash pouts, making himself look much younger than he really is.

"Do you want to make a good first impression on Misty or not?" Brock asks sternly.

"I already screwed up the first impression thing by wrecking her bike, what difference?" Ash grumbles.

"Anyways, girls care too much about appearances… that's stupid." Ash continues.

Brock suddenly goes rigid, and the background around him erupts into flames. He towers over Ash, and screams at him (with cool Anime fangs in his mouth)


Ash cowers back, sweatdropping. "Alright, alright! I wasn't insulting girls anyways!"

"Good because you should never insult a female in the presence of me." Brock snarls, shrinking back to normal size. The scary background fades away too.

Ash rolls his eyes. "Can I go now?" he asks impatiently, but suddenly jumps, as the doorbell rings, and then hides behind Brock, clutching Pikachu very tightly to him.

"Misty's come! Oh no, what do I do?!!!" he whispers anxiously to Pikachu, squeezing him a bit too hard.

Pikachu sparks his cheeks in warning, but Ash is too nervous to realize.

"PIKACHU!" Pikachu cries, letting out a thundershock, which fries Ash.

"Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrggghhhh!!!" Ash shouts, as he is shocked. He finally collapses on the ground, smoking slightly.

"Pika…" Pikachu looks apologetic and guilty.

"Well, you've ruined his hair for sure." Brock sighs.

At that moment, Misty enters the room.

Ash looks up at her and gapes like a dumb Magikarp, as the background dissolves into a pastel colored haze with sparkles and hearts.

Misty's bright orange hair cascades past her shoulders, and she is wearing a blue, knee-length summer dress. There is a hair clip in the shape of a Staryu in her hair. She is also wearing blue sandals.

Misty blushes as she notices Ash staring at her. Ash's face is also bright red (not to mentions slightly fried by that thunderbolt).

"Um… hey Ash!" Misty says, smiling slightly.

"Uhhhhh…" is all Ash manages to articulate as he continues to stare at his beautiful girlfriend.

Luckily Pikachu saves the situation by jumping into Misty's arms with a happy "Pikachup!" As Misty cuddles Pikachu, Ash recovers his senses. (And the weird romantic background dissolves back into normal)

"Hi - hi Misty… y – you look really pretty!" Ash stutters, his voice unusually high pitched.

Misty's sparkling cerulean eyes now meet Ash's, and she blushes even more.

"Thanks Ash… is there a reason you called me here today?" she asks.

Ash just blushes stupidly, saying nothing, and Brock shovers him forward.

"Oh, yeah! Y-yeah, Mist, I wanted to – uh – go for a walk!" Ash says, shyly extending a hand towards Misty.

"Sure, Ash!" Misty says, seeming surprised, but pleased.

Misty takes his hand in hers (and the camera zooms up to their entwined hands like it always does in these little scenes, teehee) and they walk out the door.

The camera then shifts to Delia and Brock who are watching the scene with a waterfall of tears running down both their faces.

"Oh, they are just so perfect together! I'm so glad they're finally doing this!" Delia whispers happily, clasping her hands together.

"Ash is getting married before me!!! Ash is holding hands with a girl, but I'm alone!" Brock moaned piteously.

Pikachu however, has walked towards Ash's pokéball belt which is lying on the couch, and taps on of the pokéballs. Soon, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Totodile, Cyndaquil and Bayleef all pop out.

Bulbasaur sneakily extends his vines, and grabs a camcorder which was resting on the table (don't ask my how or why it was there, it's anime) and the pokémon sneak outside the door, past the humans who are too busy crying out of joy/sadness.


The scene shifts to Ash and Misty who are sitting on a rock, by a very familiar lake in Viridian forest. The moon is illuminating the scene, and the water is sparkling. Misty is leaning on Ash's shoulder, and their hands are entwined.

"Ash, this place is so romantic…" Misty gushes, her eyes large and sparkly.

"I thought you'd like it, Mist." Ash murmurs, smiling down at her (A/N : Even though the anime-makers don't let the poor midget grow taller, in this fic he is tall!)

"I do… I can't believe this is the place where I first met you though! That was 11 whole years ago… when I fished you out of this very lake…" Misty continued dreamily, and Ash suddenly grows a bit tense, as if he knows what's going to come next.

(There is a flashback of the time when Ash and Misty met, starting from where she fished him out of the lake to where he 'borrows' her bike and rides off)

"That was the first time I met you…" Misty says, and then suddenly her pretty eyes narrow.

"…And that was when – you stole my bike Ash Ketchum!!! Right here, this very spot! You nearly killed poor Pikachu and you stole my bike!!! And you never paid me back either!!" Misty suddenly shrieks, jumping up and looking menacingly at Ash.

Ash gets up as well, completely forgetting why he'd bought Misty here in the first place for, and gets into his fighting stance, the one he's been using with Misty for the past 11 years… somehow the thrill of fighting still hasn't died down between those two.

"I didn't steal it, I borrowed it!" he yells immediately.

"But you never paid me back!" Misty yells back.

"You got your bike back in the end!" Ash retorts.

"But you never paid me back!" Misty retorts.

"I thought you didn't care about the bike!" Ash said suddenly, crossing his arms. "I thought you said you just liked travelling with me, and the bike didn't really matter…"

"I – I – I never said that!!!" Misty splutters, knowing that she did.

"Yes you did."

"I did not!"

"You did too!"

"I did not!"

"You did too!"



Hidden behind the bushes, Bulbasaur rolls his eyes, the camcorder slightly raised, recording the whole scene. The rest of the pokémon look rather exasperated.







By that time however, Ash recovers his senses, and puts his hands on a rather flustered Misty's shoulders.

"Misty…" he says suddenly, his voice low. Misty blushes, and is a bit shocked at this sudden intimacy, especially considering they were in the middle of an extremely immature, but very interesting old fight.

"What?!" she asks Ash, a bit impatiently. "Couldn't you have let me finished arguing with you, bike-wrecker?"

Ash smiles. "No – because – I – I still haven't told you why I bought you here in the first place… trust me, Mist, it was not to remind you about our little – um – bike incident."

Misty suddenly looks a bit nervous. "Then what was it?" she asks Ash softly, looking deep into his eyes.

Ash gulps, and takes one of her hands in his own. They both blush at this.

"Well, the reason I bought you here is because this place is really important to us. It's the place where we first met – and – I – I… well you've been my rival, my best friend, my girl friend – pretty much everything to me after the day we met – and I love you a lot Misty…" Ash trails off shyly.

Misty's large watery eyes turn to hearts as she squeals "Awwww, Ash! That's so sweet, I love you too!!!"

This gives Ash the confidence he needs.

"I love you so much Misty, and that's why – that's why I want to ask you something…" he looks at her with shining brown eyes, and a slight smile on his face.

Misty stares back (her eyes back to the normal, though still wide and sparkly) and says in a trembling voice, "Y-yeah Ash? What is it you want to ask me?"

Ash takes a deep breath, and pulls the pink love ball out of his pocket. He places it in Misty's hand, and presses the button on it. The ball opens to reveal a sparkling silver ring, topped by a shining blue stone.

Misty gasps, as Ash gets down on one knee, still clasping one of her hands in his own.

"Misty…" he says softly, his eyes sparkling. "Will you marry me?"


The beautiful and romantic moment is shattered as suddenly, the screen turns bright red and blue, with a dark silhouette on it, and annoyingly loud music starts to play, along with the shout of



And then come the incessant ads…


A/N – tee hee, sorry for that sad little ending… but honestly, that's what happens in pokémon episodes – you get to a nice, interesting, exciting or even sweet part and then that stupid 'Who's that pokemon' interrupts it… sigh… I had to incorporate that bit… just for kicks…

But still, I love anime and pokémon and it rocks! I just wish it'd have more AAML in it!

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