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Narrator: Today we join Ash and Misty on one of the most important days of their lives. For today, is the day of holy matrimony, when Ash and Misty shall finally, after years of being best friends, tie the knot and become husband and wife.


Scene shifts to Delia Ketchum's room in Pallet Town, where Misty is sitting on the bed. Her long orange hair is straight, and hanging past her shoulders. She is dressed in an elegant white wedding gown, and there is a sparkly tiara on her head.

Lily, Violet and Daisy are also in the room, dressed in light blue bridesmaid dresses.

"Like, Misty! You look sensational!" Daisy says.

"Ash, is like, going to go totally crazy when he sees you…" Violet adds.

Misty blushes.

"I can't believe I'm finally marrying him… I'm marrying – Ash Ketchum." she says, her eyes sparkling anime-style.


Scene shifts away into blank background, and the following words appear across the screen, shouted in Ash's enthusiastic voice:

Till Death Do Us Part!


The scene now changes to Ash's room, where Ash, Brock and Tracey are sitting, instructing Ash's pokémon.

"Okay, Pikachu… you got the ring, right buddy?" Ash asks his ring boy.

"Pika!" Pikachu says happily, removing a small black box. Pikachu is wearing a black bowtie, and a black blazer.

"Great. Alright, Bulbasaur, Squirtle – you two know what you have to do, right?" Ash turns to his next pokémon.



Bulbasaur and Squirtle nod enthusiastically. Squirtle is wearing a tuxedo as well, and Bulbasaur has a top hat resting on his head.

"Okay then…" Ash then turns to Brock and Tracey, and his eyes suddenly go wide and watery.

"You guys – I'm – I'm - I'm finally marrying her!" Ash cries, and hugs Brock and Tracey to him, and then proceeds to run around the room, dragging them along.

"Aaash! Ash stop it!" Tracey moans, and Ash drops him, picking up Pikachu instead.

"I'm marrying Misty, Pikachu! Isn't that awesome!" he cries, hearts in his eyes, as he spins his pokémon around gleefully.

"Pika pikachu!"


Scene shifts to Professor Oak's large garden, which has been decorated with white and blue banners, drapes, and flowers.

Guests are milling around in the lawn, waiting for the wedding to start.

Charizard, Pidgeot, Noctowl, Totodile, Heracross, Staryu, Gyarados and Psyduck are all seen waiting, rather impatiently, tugging at their bowties.

They are joined by Bayleef, Cyndaquil, Starmie and Corsola, who are all wearing ribbons on their heads.


Behind a few bushes, some scuffling noises can be heard.

"Jessie, don't you think it would be a bit – rude to crash a wedding?" comes an all too familiar voice from behind the bushes.

The camera zooms in, and Team Rocket is seen, crouching there.

Jessie is dressed in a bride's gown, complete with a veil, and James in a groom's tuxedo.

"We're not crashing the wedding!" Jessie snaps. "We're only stealing Pikachu! The wedding can go on without it!"

"I ain't too sure 'bout dat!" pipes up Meowth. "I heard dat da twoips are usin' Pikachu as da ring boy."

"See, Jessie! We can't do this, it's too evil!" pleads James.

"Stop being such a wimp!" Jessie scolds, stomping on James's back. "We're getting that Pikachu today, whether you like it or not. And if we get a free ring with it – well, I guess the boss will be just extra happy…"

"Oh yeah!" Meowth says, as the background fades away into one of Team Rocket's 'Boss Fantasies.'

"I can just imagine… da boss gets da ring, and propses to a beautiful girl – and den dey get married, and da boss is grateful to us 'cause we're da ones who gave him da ring… and you two get a promotion, and I get to be top cat!"

Along with Meowth's narration comes a scene of Giovanni in a tuxedo, kneeling down in front of a mysterious woman in a red dress – which then changes to a picture of Giovanni on a chair, stroking Meowth who is on his lap, while Persian sulks in a corner.

The lame fantasy fades away into reality.

"Wow. That was beautiful!" James sniffs.

"Alright. Operation Steal Pikachu – begins!" Jessie growls.


The scene now shifts back to the wedding. Ash is standing in front, along with Lance of the Elite Four, who is marrying Ash and Misty. Next to him are Brock, Tracey and Gary, his best men.

"So Ashy-boy… you nervous?" asks Gary, winking.

"N-n-n-no, of c-course not!" Ash stutters nervously.

"Don't worry, Ash." Brock says calmly. "We all know Misty loves you, and has for the past, I don't know – how many years Tracey?"

"Hm…" says Tracey thoughtfully. "I'd say about ten or so."

There is then a flashback of some of Ash and Misty's adventures together : When Misty pulled him out of the river, their arguments, the time they danced at Maiden's Peak, the time Misty saved him at Shamouti Islands, the time they battled each other at the Whirl Cup, and of course, the time Ash proposed to Misty.

"Y-yeah…" Ash says, rubbing his head. "But still – this is making me more nervous than even a pokémon battle!"

"Ash!" comes a feminine voice, and Delia Ketchum comes running up the aisle, dressed in a elegant blue gown.

"Oh Ash!" she cries, hugging him. "My little boy is all grown up and marrying Misty, his best friend! It's so sweet!"

"Thanks Mom." Ash says, smiling and patting his mother on the back.

Delia's demeanour suddenly switches from gushy to stern.

"Ash." she demands. "You did change your you-know-whats before the wedding, right?"

Ash falls flat on his face at this, while Tracey and Brock sweat drop. Gary is snickering loudly.


Scene switches back to Misty and her sisters, who are now fussing over Misty's make-up.

"Misty, you like, need some more eyeliner…" Lily pouts.

"I don't want any of that gross stuff on my face!" Misty fumes. "I have enough!"

"But, like, Misty –" Lily begins, but Daisy cuts her off.

"Okay! Now, so – lets like, check the list." she begins excitedly. "Something, like, old?"

Misty points to the tiara. "Mrs. Ketchum lent that to me. It's been in their family for ages…"

"Okay! Like, cool!" exclaims Violet. "Something, like, new?"

Misty now points to a small silver bracelet with water-pokémon shaped charms dangling on her wrist. "Ash bought it for me yesterday…"

"Like, how cuuuute!" Lily gushes. "Something borrowed, then?"

Misty points to the tiara again.

"Okay!" announces Daisy. "Now finally – we need something, like, blue!"

"Well… I don't have anything blue…" Misty says, thoughtfully.

"I know!" Violet squeals. "Our badge! Our badge is blue! We can like, make Misty wear the Cascade Badge!"

Violet produces a blue Cascade badge from mid-air, and fastens it to the back of Misty's train.

"There – she's like, ready to be married."

"Like, awesome!"

"Our little sis, is like, tying the knot!"


The scene switches to Professor Oak's decorated garden, where music starts to play.

Bayleef, who is serving as the flower girl, walks down the isle first, using Petal Dance to scatter pink and red petals everywhere. She is followed by Corsola, who though cannot throw petals, squirts out bubbles into the air.

The music then changes to The Bridal Chorus, and Professor Oak and Misty appear at the end of the isle.

First the camera zooms on to Ash, who is gaping at Misty like a Magikarp, his cheeks tinged red.

The camera then zooms onto Misty, and the background fades away into sparkles and hearts and bubbles.

When everything comes back to normal, Misty and Professor Oak walk down the isle together, followed by Bulbasaur and Squirtle, who are serving as page boys, holding up Misty's train. (Bulbasaur with his vines)

Finally comes Pikachu, with a small black box containing the rings.


The ceremony proceeds normally, and Ash and Misty are both staring at each other with sparkling eyes and red cheeks. It is now time for the vows.

Ash goes first, clearing his throat.

"I, Ash Ketchum, take you Misty Waterflower, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish; to annoy, tease, battle with and encourage; I promise to look after you, protect you from bug pokémon, take care of you, battle legendary pokémon and save the world so you can live peacefully in it…"

Misty rolls her eyes slightly at this part, though she smiles warmly at Ash.

"I promise to be ever faithful to you, to love you, to honor you, to prioritize you before pokémon battling even; and I promise that one day, I will pay you back for your bike-"

Ash winks at his bride, who, he knows is probably glaring at him under her veil. Of course, she could never beat him up at their own wedding – even Misty wouldn't do that!

"I promise that we will always be together, like we have for the past so many years; I promise that you will be my best friend, my soul mate, my one and only love, from this day forward until death do us part."

Misty is now sniffing, and her eyes are watery.

"Oh Ash!" she whispers.

Ash then winks cheekily, and effectively ruins the moment by adding, "Of course you don't have to worry about death doing us part, because I've already died about three times, but I always pop back up, right?"

Tracey, Brock, Gary, Professor Oak, Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle all sweat drop at this.

It is now time for Misty's vows.

"I, Misty Waterflower –" she begins, in a shaky voice, and Ash smiles encouragingly at her.

"Take you, Ash Ketchum, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish; to annoy, and whack with my mallet if you get too arrogant; to insult and yell and beat up; to cheer in pokémon battles; to save you from drowning in rivers, lakes and oceans-"

Ash gulps at this part, blushing.

"I promise to love you, be there for you at all times, trust you, make you pay for my bike, follow you around on all your crazy adventures; I promise that you will always be my best friend, my soul mate, and the one who I have been madly in love with ever since I pulled you out of a river many years ago when you were an amateur pokémon trainer who sent out Caterpies to battle Pidgeotto's…"

There are a few snickers in the crowd at this particular statement, and Gary laughs out loud.

"You sent a worm – to fight a bird?!" he snorts.

Even Lance raisesd his eyebrows at this comment of Misty's, looking rather surprised at the illusion to the current Pokémon Master's first battle.

Ash grows redder. Of course Misty was just doing this to embarrass him – but as he sees her wink at him from under the veil, he shrugs and smiles; it's alright…

"And I promise I will always be at your side, and that we will always be together, from this day forward, until death do us part."

Pikachu then hands the box with the rings to Lance, who hands them to Ash and Misty.

Ash and Misty slip the rings onto each others fingers.

Lance smiles approvingly. "You may now kiss the bride."

The crowd of humans and pokémon cheer wildly, as Ash leans down towards Misty, a tender look in his brown eyes, and gently lifts up her veil. He then presses his lips against hers, and they kiss.


The screen now turns red and blue, and a dark silhouette appears on it. A collective shout is heard of:



The silhouette fades away to reveal a fairy-like egg pokémon.


Togetic squeaks. "To – tic!"


The scene now shifts to the lunch table, where Brock is standing up, holding a glass of wine, about to deliver his best man's speech.

Many familiar faces are seen at the table – the Kanto and Johto gym leaders, the Elite Four, Todd, Duplica, an over-excited Melody, a rather upset looking Rudy, a put-out Georgio, a weeping Macey, Ralph, Emily, Suzie, various Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys, Melanie, Giselle, Joe, Ritchie, Liza and many others.

However, Brock is unable to make his speech, for at that very moment comes –

"Prepare for trouble!"

A spotlight shines on the end of the isle which Misty recently walked down. Jessie is standing there, decked in a bride's outfit.

"And make it double!"

James is now seen in a tuxedo, carrying a rose, where Ash once stood.

"Not on our wedding…" Ash groans, and Misty buries her face in his chest.

"Since you never gave us an invitation-"

"We've come to crash you celebration-"

"Why would we invite you two?" Ash demands angrily.

"Shut up twerp, and don't interrupt the motto!" Jessie interrupts angrily. "You didn't let us do it properly last episode, and this time, we've made a special one just for you twerps' stupid wedding – congratulations, by the way, we are very happy for you and your everlasting romance."

She then restarts the motto as if nothing had happened.

"Since you never gave us an invitation-"

"We've come to crash you celebration-"

"To denounce the goodness of weddings and love-"

"And extend our hands and grab your Pikachu from above-"

At this point, a large mechanical hand shoots out from Team Rocket's balloon, which was hovering a few feet above, and grabs Pikachu.



"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Goodbye for now, and enjoy your honeymoon night!"

With that, Jessie and James jump onto a large rope which had been thrown down from the balloon, and hang onto it as the balloon takes off.

"Meeee-owth that's right!" comes a cry from above, as Meowth's head pops out of the basket.

"Enjoy your wedding, twoips, and congratulations!!!"

"I cannot believe them…" Misty growls.

"PIKACHU!" Ash shouts from the ground, at his pokémon who is suspended a few feet above him.

"Pikapi!!!" Pikachu cries back.

"Bulbasaur, Squirtle." Misty says sweetly, turning to her two 'page boys'. "Let go of my train for a while, and use razor leaf and water gun on those morons!"



Bulbasaur and Squirtle immediately do as Misty says, and the sharp leaves from Bulbasaur as well as the jet of water from Squirtle are enough to cause a hole in Team Rocket's balloon.

Bulbasaur then extends his vines, pulling Pikachu out of the mechanical hand, as Team Rocket and their balloon zoom away.

"We're blasting off agaiiiiinnn!" comes their diminishing cry, accompanied by a faint "Woobbaaa!" and they disappear, with a twinkle in the sky.

Pikachu leaps into Ash's arms, and Ash hugs him, followed by Misty.

The wedding progresses peacefully thereafter.


It is now time for Misty to throw the bouquet. She is holding it in her hand, and a large crowd of females is gathered around her.

Lily, Violet, Daisy, Melody, Duplica, Emily, Sabrina, Erika, Whitney, Jasmine, Claire, Prima, Bayleef and Corsola are some of those in the group.

"Alright!" shouts Misty. "Ready – here you go!"

She tosses the bouquet high into the air. Bayleef's vines shoot out towards it. However, before she can catch it, there is a sudden shimmering light in the sky, which grows brighter and brighter.

As it fades away, there is a small white pokémon, floating in the sky, holding the bouquet in it's tiny hands.

"To – tic!" it squeaks.

"TOGETIC!!!" Misty screams, her eyes filling with tears as she reaches out towards her darling baby pokémon, which she has not seen for so many years.

"To – tic!" Togetic squeaks again, and even it's beady black eyes are watery. It flies towards Misty, cuddling up to her as she gathers it in her arms and hugs it to her tightly.

"I missed you so much!" Misty sobs, holding her pokémon. Togetic is crying too.

"I can't believe you actually – you actually left to meet me!" she cries, her eyes sparkling.

Togetic smiles, and sweetly kisses her on the cheek.

"Oh, Togetic!"

"Pipipi!" comes Pikachu's excited cry, and Pikachu leaps into Misty's arms as well, to embrace Togetic.

Ash joins the hug not long after, wrapping his arms around his new bride from behind.


A few minutes later, Togetic has to leave for the Togepi paradise again. It says goodbye to Misty, who is still crying, and is now being comforted by Ash, her newlywed husband.

Ash is holding Misty in his arms, patting her on the back, and kissing her on the top of her head.

"Okay guys!" comes Brock's singsong voice. He is smiling to himself about something. "It's now time for Ash to ride his new bride off into the sunset!"

Ash and Misty look excited at this.

"You mean you bought us a car?" Ash asks enthusiastically.

Brock smirks. "You'll see…"

Brock then gestures to their new wedding vehicle, bright blue, with a large red bow on top.

"BROCK!" Misty screams, bringing out her mallet from the depths of her gown. "I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!"

Ash just laughs uncontrollably.

It's a bike.

"Come on, Misty! Looks like you got another bike for me to wreck! What're you waiting for!"

And with that, Ash lifts Misty up bridal style, and carries her onto the bike with him, laughing. Even Misty is laughing now.

They pedal away into the sunset, waving at their family, friends and pokémon.

"Congratulations, guys! Enjoy your honeymoon! Goodbye!"

"Bye guys! Thanks for everything!"

Narrator: And with that, Ash and Misty, now husband and wife, have fulfilled almost all their dreams. They now have a bright new future together to look forward to, and we wish them best of luck!

The scene zooms out on Ash and Misty pedalling away into the sunset…


The End.


Theme song.


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