She smiled at both the sight and sensation of the tiny electrical sparks that rose from his skin as she gently traced the iridescent blue surface with soft finger tips, nondescript patterns that had neither meaning nor any purposeā€¦just the gentle touch of a lover. He stirred quietly in his deep slumber; she had no doubt he had already seen this moment in his infinite sight of time and space. But it was no less meaningful, a tender moment amongst the chaos of life and existence.

A chance meeting of two such different yet similar people, one who had seen and experienced almost the entirety of this planets history and the other who had ventured out and seen the universe in a way no one else had ever conceived. As the near omnipotent being had returned to his place of birth and recreation after a 25 year absence he had encountered a would that had changed and involved in more than just technology and culture. His beautiful lover, an Alien to this planet but one who had lived upon its surface and among its people for more than 5000 years.

He slowly opened his unknowable blue eyes and looked into her own tricoloured orbs, an interplaying and ever moving trio of blue, green and gold. He swore that he could see the soul of the universe it's self in those eyes. He lifted a hand and gently moved the soft, shimmering red hair back from silky white, white skin. Skin that glowed as if it had swallowed up the light of the moon and shone forth from with in. She pressed her cheek into that gleaming blue palm and softly kissed each individual fingertip, placing her seal of ownership on each of the strong appendages.

He inhaled quickly at the feel of each delicate kiss; it astounded him that it took him twenty five years and billions of light years of travel to find the one true love that brought him back in touch with life. He knew that was he ever to loose this woman, he would never find another anywhere in this life or the next.

As he pulled her gently to him and held her with such infinite care she smiled up and traced the symbol on his forehead, her way of saying she would never leave his side. And as he watched her drift off into the sweet oblivion of sleep Dr Manhattan, Formerly John Osterman, now only known as Jon simply smiled a tender smile and whispered into her ear.

"I have loved you forever"