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Set: Taking from the scene in season-3 when Ruby came to Dean and tells him that she remembers about being human. I know I skipped lots of details, the reason I'm doing it's because I just want to focus on Dean/Ruby. ^_^

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Chapter 1:

Dean hates demon, he always did. The fact his parents killed by demon, and what they did to Sam builds loathing into his vein. He will never take an exception with it. But then, Ruby showed up, then everything kind a flipped out, she helps him and mostly she helped Sam. She showed him that she's not like other demon. She makes Dean changes his mind. When he's in the pit, she takes care of Sam. Make sure that he wasn't doing something stupid, make sure that he's whole and safe...for Dean.

And it all starts when she makes a confession.

"I remember what it's like…" said Ruby while she walking circle around Dean.

"What what's like?" Dean raised his eyebrow. His face looked 'not in the mood of conversation'.

"Become human…" her voice sounds a little sad.

"…you mean…you were human…before you becoming demon?" his face changed.

"Yes…" she nods without looking at Dean.

"So…all demons are human before?"

"Yeah…some of…" then she stares at Dean, looking at his green eyes, her eyes meets his. And for the first time Dean thinks that Ruby was not that demonic. She had beautiful eyes. Bright, clear and blue…for a moment he forgot that she were a demon. Cause she does look different tonight.

It was a beautiful day, ordinary day. The boys are hunting demons; they were in somewhere at Wisconsin at their cheap motel room. And today is their fifth day in town. There was homicide that all the victims' blood drains out. Sam investigates it and found some matches; all of them are former part-time workers at some diner. It had five bodies already in one year. This case had some connection with witchcraft, for Sam. But not with Dean, he thinks he's done enough with something like that. It gave him bad memory when he had to drink awful stuff that Ruby gave to him and that demon Tammi. Sam's idea makes him remember Ruby, the night when they're having a conversation, the night when he sees her beautiful eyes. And…

"Dean…?", but Dean was still busy in his mind. "DEAN!!! Do you hear me?!" Sam calls him louder.

"What…?" Dean awakes from his thoughts.

With a little confusion on his face, "So…you agree with me?" ask Sam.

"Yeah, I got you". Denying that he wasn't pay attention to Sam.

"You're not listening to me aren't you?!!" Sam's face looked angry.

"Of course…I hear you. I know..." Dean nods trying to convince Sam.

"Okay…you agree with my plan..?" Sam asks him again.

When Dean was about to answer that, a voice snapped. "Not all of it."

Sam and Dean turn their head, and there she was. Ruby. Standing at the door, the boys did not hear it when the door was open. She looks different, like more human, normal. She's wearing blue jeans and fitted pink shirt and a pair of flat shoes. She's not wearing boots and her jacket. Her outfit makes her look like some college girl. She pulled her hair back in made ponytail. Wait, what was that? She's chewing bubblegum?

Dean raised his eyebrow and chuckles, "Whoa...who are you?"

Sam smiled "Ruby, is that you?" closing his laptop. He stands up towards her. Ruby smiles at him.

"Hi, Sam. How are you?"

"Fine thanks." He smiled back at her.

Dean got jealous, seeing both of them so compatible. "What do you want?" snapped Dean.

"I'm fine thank you. Thanks for asking." She talked with cynical tone. Scowl at him.

"That's not what I'm asking." He scowls her back. Silence fills the room.

"Okay" Sam coughed up. What an awkward situation. He knew that his brother would not like her. "Dean" Sam called his brother. "I'm sure she got something for us. Is that true?" Sam stared into her eyes.

"Yes" Ruby is folding her hands on her chest.

Raised his eyebrow, pouting. Dean drops his body to bed. His big brother really makes him got the pip. He doesn't mean to be like this. Apparently, Dean does look like he's mad at her. But honestly, he was glad to see her. He likes her style today. She looks pretty, not in that dark color outfit she used to wear.

"Dean. I think you got to listen it too."

"Yeah..yeah.. I'll take it from here." Dean closed his eyes, put his hands behind his head.

"Immature" murmured Ruby. "Okay, what you got?"

Sam opens his folder full of papers, "All I we got is all of them are young. Their blood drains out, no bite marks. Just a scratch on their wrist, seems like it was to take all their bloods, and the bodies found separately to make it looked like nothing happen, some of them was like missing or leave the town. There are five in a year, three girls and two boys. Age 16 to 18. I already check their backgrounds, their house, parents and relatives, schools, place of birth, all random. They only got one common, a scratch on their wrist, and they were part time workers at Joe's Diner, that's all."

"Do you ever check their personal life? Or their personal experience? "

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

"She means their sexual experience." Dean snapped.

"How d'you know that? Why?" Sam asked his brother. Ruby stare Dean with amaze.

"I don't know. Lucky guess" Dean replied.

"It's true. They're all virgins. Yes, you're right Sam. It had connection with witchcraft. There's a spell using virgin's blood. Kind a conventional in witchcraft."

Dean wakes up "That's why I hate witchcraft. Creeps. And this thing is attacking the nerds. Well, Sammy's right then."

"But why using blood? How to break it?" Sam asked again.

"There's a spell, and I know which one is using virgin's blood. To keep its beauty, stay young or immortal. And definitely we are dealing with human, only human who can use that spell. How to break it… I'm still working on it." she stroked her hair behind her ear.

"Wow, impressing. Thanks for detail information. Sam, browse for info while I call Bobby." Dean took his cell phone, he dialed Bobby, and he waited but no one answer maybe he tried it again later. While he's trying to call Bobby, he takes a look at her from head to toe. "And why you're dressing like that?"

"Isn't that obvious? I'm on undercover!!" She waves her hands to sides of her body.

"No offense, baby. But we don't need your help." Dean takes out some old books from his bag.

"What?" she asks. "I want to help you, guys. I can help!"

"Why? You're a demon. You don't help people." Dean reads the book, ignores her.

"That's okay, Ruby. I'm applying tomorrow." Sam sits again, he convinces her.

"But I want to help! Look, I.."

"Ruby, we can handle it." Dean cuts her but still read the book.

Sam looking at her and his brother, thinking, "Dean, maybe she could help us." Sam is trying to convince his brother.

"Look, Dean. I'm asking you." She comes near to Dean.

"We are not hunting with demon. Wait a minute, we are hunting demons!" He's still ignores her.

A slap came to Dean's cheek. He loses his balance for a moment.

"BITCH!!!" he touched his cheek and ready to strike back but Sam prevents him.

"Dean. Calm down."

"WHAT?!! She hit me first!" but Sam gave him the 'calm down and shut your mouth for moment' look.

"Could you listen to me for just one sec?" She's eyeing him. "I'm not finished! Both of you are not virgins! And both of you look too mature, knowing the victims were usually young. If someone knows this spell, they would know 'cause the spell can detect their victims. It will know who's virgin or not." her voice sounds angry.

The boys make a twitch and look each other. "Ouch." says Sam.

"Oh yeah. And you're not too!" Dean revenged her.

"This body does." She rolled her eyes.

"Who?" The boys shout.

"Her. The one I'm riding" she's pointing her own body.

Dean laughed. "Well what we've got here, Sammy. We have a virgin demon. You know what..? I don't buy this! Geez,.." Dean frowned.

"Not funny" She puts a grimace.

"We're sorry. We didn't mean to." Sam told her. She stands still without a move. Gazing at the boys, both of them are smiling.

She turns and walks to the open door. The boys are making fun of her. "It's useless. I'm leaving. Both of you know nothing. I'm trying to save people here!" But suddenly she feels someone grab her wrist.

"Where are you going?" A deep voice asked her. She looks back, it's Sam. "I thought you want to save people."

She smile not grinned like she always does, much like relieve. "I'm in?"

"Great" Dean throws his hands to the air.

"Yeah... You're in." Sam smiles at her.

"Thanks. I'll call you" And she jumped happily then she finally leaves. Dean is looking at the door, with his mouth hanging opens and raises his eyebrow. He turns his head to Sam.

"What the fuck is that?" Dean yelled at his brother.


"You let her in? Why?"

"Dean, she said she wants to save people. So why not?" He sits again and opens his laptop continues typing.

"Why you always trust her, Sam? She's a demon for God sake!" His voice turns louder.

Sam stops typing, "You remembered when she helped you? Or the colt? She helped us more than once, Dean!"

"THAT'S NOT ENOUGH! Demon lied! You know what happen if you're getting involved with demon? What happen to Mom and DAD?"

"And you?' Sam strikes back his brother.

"Don't start it, Sam."

"D'you thinks you're the only one who scared?!!" Sam stands up facing Dean.

"I'm not scared."

"YES YOU ARE! I'm your brother Dean! I know. The deal's getting closer and we can use Ruby to find Lilith. I'll find a way. Please just trust me and let me help you."

Dean sighs, "Fine, whatever." Then he walks out the room leaving Sam alone.

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