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'Good morning, shepherds!' House pushed open Katelyn's room door and proclaimed.

When all he got was a long, bewildered look from the Shepherd family, he said, 'Okay, let's try that again. 'Good – '

'Who are you?' Mrs Shepherd asked.

'Greg House. I'm your kid's doctor. I love sheep, too. Baaa.' He grinned maniacally at the family, and turned back to Katelyn. 'Hello. Your leg hurts like hell, I know, but if you'd not think about it for a while and listen to me, it'd get better a hell of a lot faster.'

'What does she have?' Mr Shepherd interrupted.

'I was just going to get to that – patience is a virtue. Especially when handling those oh-so stupid sheep. You don't have to thank me for the tip, really.' House winked. 'You,' he said, turning back to their daughter, 'have an aneurysm. Your blood vessel in your thigh ballooned out –'

'Wait, so that caused – so much – pain?' Katelyn wheezed.

'Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, I'm not done yet,' House answered impatiently. 'The blood clotted there, leading to an infarction – '

'That's like … a heart attack, isn't it?' Mrs Shepherd asked.

'Yeah. Heart attack means infarction in an artery near the heart, pulmonary embolism is an infarction in the lungs…your daughter has it in her thigh.'

'So…what are you going to do about it?' Mrs Shepherd asked. 'I mean, you're going to remove it, right?'

'…Yes.' House nodded. 'But what happens after that…that one I don't have to talk about. Actually, you're going to be the ones doing most of the talking. I just sit and listen.'

Mr Shepherd gave a bemused look as his only reaction.

'Your daughter has two options,' House declared. 'First option...amputation, then using a prosthetic leg.'

The entire family cast him a horrified gaze. House looked back at them, then twitched his mouth. 'Yah.'

'But why? Isn't it just a clot?'

'Nah…there's a lot more medicine-y things to it. But you won't understand…' he paused when Mrs Shepherd crossed her arms over her chest. 'Okay. Your daughter's infarction resulted in muscle cell death, and the muscle tissue becomes necrotic, starts spewing out potassium and other really dangerous things out into her system which is bad, of course.' He gave his patronizing, knowing look to the family.

'So… what are the options?' Mr. Shepherd asked.

'Like I said, there's the prosthetic leg option, and there's just removing the dead muscle. So not the whole leg's removed – just the dead muscle.'

'Well, which would you recommend?' Mrs. Shepherd said, frowning.

House flashed a huge smile, and popped a Vicodin. 'Gotta go.'


'My tongue has an ulcer.'

'Oh no.'

The patient gave a dark, quizzical look to house. 'Aren't you going to examine it, look at it?'

'It's an ulcer. You've got it diagnosed. Even a monkey could have done that.'

The patient swallowed. 'What are you going to do about it?'

House scribbled a prescription and gave it to the patient. 'This,' he said, as he thrust it into the patient's hand.

'Um, thanks,' the patient mumbled and scurried out the door.

'No thanks,' House muttered back, while massaging his right thigh. He glanced at the clock: 3pm. House downed another Vicodin, grabbed his cane, and left Exam Room One, slamming the door behind him.

Cameron stood at the entrance/ exit of the clinic, waiting for House to turn up. House caught her eye, looked down, and sighed. 'What is it?' he asked Cameron. 'And spare me from any of your moral lectures. I've heard every variation of it.' He stalked off, leaving Cameron standing alone.

'The family can't decide to amputate and get a prosthetic leg, or remove the dead muscle,' Cameron called to him.

House stopped short, then he shrugged. 'That's their problem, not mine.'

'But you would know what to expect! You didn't even tell them!' Cameron protested.

'Again, not my problem. Either way, it sucks.'

'Tell them, advise them about their decision,' Cameron said. 'It's a very important one for them, and they should be getting some professional medical advice.'

House nodded, and without a word, he walked off.


Once again, House pushed open the glass door to Katelyn's ward. 'Hello,' he said to them. He stood in silence at the end of the bed, and said, 'You should get a prosthetic leg.'

'Why?' Mrs. Shepherd asked. 'We were leaning towards the other option.'

'Choose the other option only if you want to experience pain for the rest of your life, and by pain, I mean on good days, just tolerable. Choose that option only if you want to be popping painkillers for the rest of your life – anti-rejection meds are way yummier, trust me.'

'How'd you know about the level of pain?' Katelyn asked out of genuine curiosity.

'I chose that option. Or rather, my – girlfriend chose that option. She did it while I was out, in a chemically induced coma, because the amount of pain I was in then was unbearable. You got yours early – you're lucky. And unless you want to end up like your oh-so-cool, glamorous doctor, I'd recommend you get the prosthetic leg.'

'Does it hurt?' Katelyn asked again.

'Did you even hear a word I said?' House answered. 'Get a damn prosthetic leg. There're not pretty, but, well. Definitely better than the other option.' He turned and limped out of the room, closing the glass door, without looking back at Katelyn and her family.

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