"Is that all that happened, Ms. Valentine?"

Jill nodded tiredly. She had been brought to Anderson, the head of BSAA, immediately after returning to the US for an extended debriefing. At first, she didn't know if she could talk about her ordeal, but as soon as she started, she didn't seem to be able to stop. All her memories flowed out, tumbling after each other. Jill lost count of the number of hours she'd been holed up in the room as she talked, it could've been days already for all she knew. Her narration went uninterrupted, save for her taking small sips of water when she felt her voice going hoarse. Irving, Excella, Wesker… All of their names figured prominently in her story, but none more than Chris Redfield.

"Ms. Valentine?" Anderson prompted.

Jill raised her head and nodded once more. "Yes, sir. At least, as far as I remember. I'm sorry to say that there are still some things that have escaped me, but I'll try my best to recall them."

"There's no hurry," Anderson said, starting to wave a hand, but then he paused and then grinned. "Well, actually there is, given the urgency of the situation. If Tricell is indeed involved in the manufacturing of BOWs, then it's best we go after them now. Best to strike while the iron is hot, I always say. That's not to say our budget won't be cut, since Tricell's one of our biggest sponsors, but well…" He added, chuckling, but turned to look at Jill's tired face. "Ms. Valentine, you've been through a lot. We're not that obsessed that we'd force you to remember things while you were mind-controlled."

"But sir, what about…"

Anderson waved her off. "No buts," he said firmly. "What happened was out of your control. All in all, you handled the situation quite well. At the very least, I think that makes you deserving of a vacation." He chuckled again. "And no, we didn't deduct those two years of your absence as part of your vacation leave."

Jill chuckled in spite of herself. "Thank you, sir."

He waved off her thanks. "That's not to say you'll be escaping from writing those reports," he jokingly admonished, knowing how much the BSAA agents detested reports. He stood up and extended a hand. "Welcome back, Ms. Valentine."

Jill shook it. "Thank you, sir. I'm glad to be back."

"Now how about stepping out of my office and easing the mind of your young man?" He said, his eyes twinkling behind his glasses.

Jill smiled as she walked out. At their mid-thirties, she and Chris weren't exactly teenagers, but she supposed that they were seen as children by their chief, who was already seventy-odd years old and had no intentions of slowing down.

True to Anderson's prediction, Chris sat near the door, and he immediately stood up and went to her side as she stepped out the door.

"Everything okay?" Chris asked, immediately taking hold of her hand as he reached her side.

Jill's full lips extended to a smile. Even when they were dating before her disappearance, he'd never really been the touchy type, but every time they saw each other, he couldn't seem to keep himself from touching her, as though to assure himself that she really was there. She still wasn't quite used to it, but decided she liked it. "I'm alright," she said automatically. "How about you?" She looked up at Chris. "I almost thought you'd try to break the door in when they brought me up here," she said teasingly, and then laughed outright at the red tinge that stained his cheeks. "Wait, you did?"

"Yeah, well…" Chris muttered. He pulled Jill gently as he walked. "It's not like there's no tomorrow. They could've questioned you then, instead of dragging you like you were a criminal. You needed your rest."

If it was possible, Jill's smile widened even more. "I'm alright," she repeated, squeezing Chris's fingers. "They just wanted to talk, that's all."

Chris snorted. Six hours of being locked up in a room was not his idea of talking. "How did it go, anyway?"

"As well as can be expected," Jill said, shrugging. "They asked about what happened. They'll probably be trying to talk to me the next few days about it, not that I could add to what I already told Anderson," she added, attempting to make her tone light-hearted.

Chris growled. "You want me to talk to them?"

Jill sighed, half out of exasperation, the other half amusement. "Chris, I'm a big girl. I think I can handle our bosses. Besides," and she hesitated, "I think I needed to talk about it, anyway."

"You could've talked to me," Chris muttered.

"I will," Jill said, squeezing his fingers again. "Hell, I know you're the only person who would be able to understand what I went through. But they're our bosses. They need to know what they might be facing, and even if Wesker's gone, uroboros is still a major threat." Jill smiled softly. "They need to send out more heroes like you to save the world."

"I'm no hero."

Jill suddenly stopped. Pulling his head down, she kissed him long, lingeringly. "Well, you're mine, so deal with it."

Chris held her tightly. To think he almost lost her… Planting a kiss on her forehead, he whispered, "Yeah, I can do that."


They held each other. Presently, Chris pulled away, but took her hand again. "Let's go home."

She looked into Chris's eyes, and found herself staring at the blue depths that brought her back. Home. Yeah, and it's right here with you.


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