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A/N: Hi! Okay, so here's my version of what'd happen if Misty came to Diamond and Pearl.

Now, I never actually watched D/P or anything after ep 273 (where Misty leaves) except the bits where Misty returns to Hoenn.

'Cause I don't care all that much for May and Dawn! (Though May rocks when she's with Drew cus contestshipping is bliss)

So I might have screwed up poor Dawn's character (I dunno much about it, except my presumptions and a few bits from Bulbapedia hee hee..)

But come on, when comparing to Misty?! Dawn and her pokémon like PALE in comparison (Piplup vs Gyarados hahahaha)

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High Queen


Ages : Ash and Misty are 15, Dawn is 11, Brock is 20.

Yes I actually calculated this… see if Misty and Ash were same age, 10, at beginning – and Ash states that to reach Indigo League took him a year in 'Battle of the Badge'…

So that'd mean by the team he finished Orange Islands and Johto would be about 2 ½ years or so?

And then in Hoenn (which is fewer episodes) about 1 ½ years? And assuming a year has passed in Sinnoh, he'd be 15, right? So would Misty.

And Dawn, who was 10 at start of Sinnoh would be 11. And Brock who was 15 at start of Indigo League would be 20.

Anyways sorry for all that crap… on to the story (finally)…


Ash scanned the map frantically. Misty was right, though he would never admit it to her. He was direction-impaired.

He imagined her, glaring at him with ocean-colored eyes, one hand weilding the deadly mallet of doom.

You're so dense Ash Ketchum! I can't believe I'm even following you around – why is that again? Oh, yes! You wrecked my bike you little loser!!! And you haven't paid me back yet!!!

Ash smiled slightly, as he remembered the incessant fights he had with Misty, which usually sparked off when they were lost and boiled down to one thing – the bike. Those fights were actually enjoyable, and they definetely killed the tedium of trudging through bug-filled forests.

Ash's smile turned into a smirk, as he imagained Misty's reaction to bugs… she'd scream and grab him in fear, like she always did.

Ash missed Misty, a lot. He would never admit this to anyone, not even Pikachu or Brock (who knew it anyways).

He missed her company, talking to her, their playful banter, arguing with her – Mew, he even missed getting whacked by that annoying mallet!

Dawn was nice, yeah… but she wasn't Misty. She was no fun to argue with, didn't piss him off enough, never pushed him to the edge like Misty did…

"Ash, do you realise Misty's going to kill you? We're late enough as it is!" Brock said, snapping Ash out of his thoughts.

"Misty?" Dawn asked, curiously. "You mean that gym leader friend of yours, the girl Ash has a lure of?"

"Yeah… Ash probably forgot to tell you because he was busy dreaming about her but –"

Brock smirked as Ash glared at him for this comment, noting the blush on the latter's cheeks.

"Yeah, we're meeting her at the lakefront. She was finally allowed to leave the gym and is meeting us for a few weeks." Brock continued.

"That's so cool!" Dawn squealed, and Ash decided to focus on the map. Anyways, he'd be meeting Misty soon.

The thought gave him a weird fluttery feeling in his stomach, like a Butterfree flapping around, but he ignored it, and attempted to concentrate on the map.

The sooner I get us 'unlost', Ash thought, the sooner I can meet Misty!

(Thirty minutes later)

"Well congratulations, Ash!" Brock said, his eyebrows raised. "You finally managed to find the correct route in a map! After five years of failing miserably at it! Gee, I wonder why that is…"

Ash ignored the sarcasm and the teasing tone of Brock's voice. They were finally out of the lakefront… but where was she?

"PIKACHUPI!!!" Pikachu, who had been sitting quietly on Ash's shoulder the whole time, gave a sudden excited cry, and leapt off of Ash's shoulder, scampering towards the lake.

Ash's heart gave a bound. That was Pikachu's pika-name for Misty. He looked towards the direction where Pikachu was running, and saw a figure, standing at the edge of the lake.

"Misty!" he cried joyously, and began running after Pikachu, towards the figure, followed not long after by Brock and Dawn.

It was her, and Ash's heart gave a bound as he saw her. It was Misty alright – no one else had such bright orange hair, or eyes of that color… he knew her face, but she looked, so different.

She's really pretty, something in Ash's head seemed to say, and Ash brushed it off, staring at Misty.

She was wearing tiny denim shorts, and a loose yellow empress waist tank top. However Ash was distracted by the fact that her hair, instead of being tied, was loose. It fell just below her shoulders, and there was a clip in the shape of a Togepi in it. Azurill was bouncing happily on the grass next to her.

Misty's face broke into a happy smile, and her eyes sparkled as she caught sight off them. She knelt down to catch Pikachu, who jumped into her arms. She hugged him tightly, nuzzling her face in his fur.

"Pika pika pi Pikachupi!"

"Aww… I missed you too Pikachu…" she crooned, and then lifted her blue-green eyes up to see Ash, running towards her. Pikachu hopped out of her arms to great an excited Azuril.

"Pika pika!"

"Azu rilllll!"

"Ash!" Misty cried, her eyes lighting up.

"Misty!" Ash shouted happily.

(A/N: They do that a lot… like in Forest Grumps, Navel Maneuvers… all those good old eps… and the other person, i.e. Brock/Tracey and in this case Dawn, is always left out… hee =D )

Ash ran towards Misty, but in his excitement didn't look where he was going, and tripped over a rock just a foot away from Misty.

"AAAAAAH!" Ash cried, as he flew through the air, colliding straight into Misty and –


The duo tumbled right into the lake.



The pokémon seemed rather bemused. Brock and Dawn stopped abruptly. Dawn looked a bit shocked, though Brock was fighting off sniggers.

A few seconds later, Ash and Misty's heads emerged from the lake surface, soaking wet.

"Ash Ketchum! You are so clumsy! Can't you look where you're going?!" Misty spluttered, pushing wet hair away from her eyes.

"Heh…S-sorry – cough – Misty… But you – cough - like the water right?" Ash said sheepishly, coughing out water.

"Yeah, right… anyways, nice to know you were so excited to see me… missed me much?" Misty grinned at Ash, her eyes twinkling.

"Yes – I mean - what?! NO! No way!! You must be crazy!" Ash stuttered, blushing furiously, though still unable to tear his gaze off of Misty.

Misty smiled, blushing slightly as well.

"Hey, luvdics! Don't forget your friend Brock!" Brock yelled, successfully interrupting the moment.

"WHAT?! HIM/HER! NO WAY! EWWW!" Ash and Misty yelled simultaneously, a practiced response. (after having to deny themselves to Nurse Joy, Melody, Team Rocket, Tracey etc).

They swam apart immediately, looking away from each other.

Brock and Pikachu laughed, and Azurill giggled.

Misty, however, finally pulled herself out of the lake, followed by Ash, and smiled warmly at Brock.

"Hey Brock! It's been a while!" she said, extending a hand.

"Yeah Misty, it's great to see yo-eoooowwwwch!!!!!" Brock yelled in pain as Misty twisted one of his fingers.

"Now Brocky, you know you shouldn't make evil comments like that…" Misty said, her voice as sweet as honey, and Ash nodded vehemently in agreement.

She then turned to Dawn. "Um – hi?!"

Dawn smiled widely, trying not to appear too excited. "Hi, my name's Dawn! I know who you are, you're Misty, the gym leader of Cerulean Gym! You like water pokémon, right? Me too! My starter, Piplup, is a water-type! Do you want to see him, he's a real cutie! This is so exciting, I've always wanted another girl to hang out with! And I've always wanted to meet you since Ash showed me that lure and-"

"The lure?" Misty interrupted, shooting a glance at Ash.

"Yes, the lure that looks like you!" Dawn rambled on. "Ash always uses it, keeps it in his pocket, and he's so possessive about it, once I asked for it and he yelled at me, said it was only his and-"

"Dawn, shut up!" Ash shouted, not liking the smirk that was growing on Misty's face.

"Huh? What's wrong, Ash?" Dawn asked cluelessly, not realising what she had revealed.

"Glad you liked my special lure, Ash!" Misty said.

Ash grew redder, and refused to meet Misty's eyes.


A few minutes later, the gang had continued on towards the next city. Unfortunately, this consisted of taking a route through the woods. And with Ash and Misty there, that could only lead to –

"Lost?! We're lost?! Again?!" Ash groaned, though he was looking forward to the fight which would surely begin soon. He hadn't had a good verbal brawl with Misty in ages.

"I see that your map-reading skills have improved with time, Ash." Misty said, in a dangerously sarcastic voice.

"Like you'd be any better! You can't find yourself in a mirror!" Ash retorted.

"That was my insult for you, five years ago, lamebrain, so don't use it!" Misty snarled.

"Guys, come on, you've only met each other for five minutes…" Brock pleaded, but to no avail.

Dawn and Azurill watched in awe. Pikachu sweatdropped.

"Well, at least I'm better than you!" Ash yelled.

"No you're not! Though you should be considering, you've been travelling and I've been in a gym all these years!" Misty yelled back.

Ash couldn't think of an intelligent enough response to this so he used his #1, ultimate Ash/Misty argument comeback…

"I am too!" Ash shouted, all too enthusiastically, jumping into his 'Misty-Fighting-Stance'.

"You are not!" Misty shouted back, with as much vigor, taking a similar position.

"I am too!"

"You are not!"

"Am too!"

"Are not!"

Pikachu was now getting bugged, and his cheeks sparked.

"What are they doing?" Dawn asked Brock fearfully.

Brock sighed, resting against a tree, now watching the scene with mild amusement.

"What Ash and Misty do best, and have been doing for the past five years…" he replied wistfully.



(Five minutes later)




"AAAAAAAARRRRGH!!!!!" Ash and Misty cried, as they landed on the floor, smoking slightly.

"Pika pika chu pi pika pi chu!" Pikachu scolded. Brock laughed. Azurill bounced around gleefully. Dawn looked worried.

"Thanks, Pikachu." Ash grumbled sarcastically.

"Yeah… couldn't you have let us finish the fight before you did that?" Misty asked.

"Pikachu pika pika pi chu kaaaa!" Pikachu said exasperatedly.

And then the gang continued on as if nothing had happened.


That evening, they had finally decided to stop and set up camp in the middle of the forest.

Brock was cooking something scrumptious, from which the most delicious smell wafted into the air.

Ash and Misty were sitting on a log, just talking and catching up, as Misty stroked Pikachu and Ash petted Azurill.

Ash kept sending Misty furtive glances out of the corner of his eye, something which no one but Pikachu noticed.

Pikachu just winked at Ash, who blushed.

Dawn sat a few feet away from them, leaning against a tree trunk and brushing Piplup's fur. She wanted to talk to Misty and show her Piplup. Misty seemed like a lot of fun from what Ash had told her. And Dawn had been dying for another girl to talk to. But right now, Ash and Misty seemed too engrossed in their own conversations to be interested in anything else.

Dawn had picked up snatches of their conversation, a lot of it revolving around things that happened before she came, and full of inside jokes. Right now they seemed to be talking about how Misty had caught Gyarados.

(A/N: FYI, this is all true, and if you haven't seen the episode, watch Cerulean Blues… it's awesome and Misty totally rocks in it!)

"So then Gyarados broke free, and hyper beamed those losers, sent them blasting off, rather like Team Rocket.. .ha! Hey, have you met those three lately?"

"Yeah, you'll meet them soon, they keep following me around… but Misty? You mean, you took all those poison stings! That's awesome! But-"

"Yep, I did. Those losers weren't going to hurt my water pokémon, and three on one is unfair!"

"Yes, but do you have any idea how dangerous it is to take a pokémon attack?! Misty!!"

"Really, Mr. Chosen One? I suppose jumping between Mew and Mewtwo's psychic blasts would be absolutely safe, then?"

(A/N : Just assume their memories had been fully restored in Mewtwo Returns)

Dawn listened to this open mouthed… she didn't know Misty was that brave… and Ash jumped between Mewtwo and Mew's psychic blasts?! When?!

"Yes, but I had to save the world and – hey Brock, that smells amazing!" Ash suddenly broke off, drooling.

Misty whacked him gently on the head. "All you still think about is food, huh?"

Ash grinned slyly. "Well, I think about other stuff too…"

"Okay, food and pokémon! You haven't changed one bit!"

"Hey! I'm taller than you now!"

"I meant mentally. You have the mental capacity of a Psyduck…"

"Ha! You're one to talk! How is he by the way? Still popping out of his pokéball randomly…"

Misty sighed at this. "Yes… I don't know what to do, Psyduck is so annoying and – PSYDUCK!!! I never called you!"

"Psy – duck?"

Ash and Brock burst out laughing at the yellow duck, who stared at Misty stupidly.

"Psyduck, you stupid pokémon, get inside your pokéball! Just cause I say your name doesn't mean I've called you out to battle!!!" Misty shrieked.


Ash watched her, fondly. Still my fiery old Misty… you haven't changed much either – mentally, that is.

Physically, however was another thing altogether, which Ash decided it was better he did not think about to much (not that he could help it).


Dinner was an amusing affair. Dawn had finally shown Misty her pokémon, and the two had gushed over the cuteness of Buneary, Pachirisu and Piplup.

Misty had been thrilled to taste Brock's cooking after all those years. And of course, Ash had behaved like the gluttony slob he was. Which prompted the next argument.

"Ash, don't eat like that! It's disgusting!" Misty grumbled, wrinkling her nose at the boy next to her, who was ravenously munching his rice-balls.

"Okay mom." Ash scowled at her.

"Mom?! I'm not your mom, Ash Ketchum and you know it!" Misty said indignantly.

"Yeah, I know that, trust me…I only have to look at you to realise." Ash said, looking at her shrewdly (if Ash can be imagined as shrewd – erm – maybe not =S)…

Misty narrowed her eyes. "What is that supposed to mean?"

Ash grinned widely. "My mom's not as scrawny as you!" he said playfully, poking her in the ribs.

"Uh-oh…" Brock muttered under his breath.

Misty growled, and stood up menacingly, feeling around randomly in air for something.

Ash suddenly looked terrified

"Heh.. I was only joking – s-sorry Mist, you know I didn't mean that – I – I …"

"What's happening?" asked a bemused Dawn. Brock only murmured 'Mallet of Doom' something which puzzled poor Dawn further.


A few seconds later, Ash was on the ground, clutching his head in exaggerated agony, as Misty flourished her mallet like a sword.

"C-couldn't you've warned me you bought that thing?!" Ash whimpered.

"What's the fun in that." Misty said, smiling evilly. "And stop acting, it's made of rubber, it can't even hurt."

Ash's whimpers immediately subsided, and dinner continued amicably. Dawn was shocked.

"Oh, you'll get used to it." Brock reassured her. "This is quite normal with those two around… arguing, flirting, staring… I've lived with it for years…"

"Flirting?" Dawn asked. "It kinda seems like they hate each other!"

"Oh no." Brock said wisely. "It's just pent up sexual tension, that is."

"Hmm…" Dawn said, still confused.


At night, Dawn realised that Ash and Misty probably did like each other (like, DUH?!) as they set up their sleeping bags extremely close to one another.

(A/N: I love how they do this! Especially in the ep where Brock is sick… they're really close… and then there's the one at Orange Islands with the Magikarp, where they're snuggled in a tent, and sharing the SAME PILLOW!! And of course, Charmander's debut ep – couch sharing galore… anyways, sorry, back to the story!)

Dawn and Ash had never slept that close. Usually, Dawn slept in her tent, and the boys outside. Even Ash and Brock never slept that close! (or May or Max… tee hee)

But still, Dawn noticed that Ash and Misty's sleeping bags were barely a few centimeters apart. Pikachu and Azurill were curled next to them.

"'Night Brock, Dawn, Pikachu… 'Night Mist…" Ash said, stifling a yawn.

"G'night…" came the sleepy responses, and Brock smiled to himself at the special nickname Ash used for his friend.

"Misty?" Ash whispered softly, a few moments later, so that only she could hear him.

Misty turned to him, and Ash felt another funny feeling in his stomach, which he ignored.

"Yeah, Ash?" she asked, staring into his eyes.

"It's great to have you back… you know, with m- with us." Ash said, smiling a bit.

Misty smiled back. "I'm glad I'm back too, Ash. It's a lot more fun travelling with you guys…"

"Yeah… anyways, good night Mist…"

"Night Ash."