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12 years later…


"Ash! Ash, sweetie come on! It's time for your bath!" Misty cried, shaking the little bundle which was obstinately curled up in her Pichu-Cleffa-Azurill-Igglybuff-Magby-Elekid-Smoochum patterned blankets.

"I'm sweepy…" the two-year old mumbled, yawning cutely, cracking open a chocolate-brown eye.

"Come on Ashley, your brother's already in the bathtub! Don't you want to play with Squirtle, Staryu and the others?" Misty asked, ruffling the girl's short red-orange locks.

This statement fully awoke Ashley Ketchum, who had a love for water pokémon more than anything.

"I wanna pway with them mommy!" she squealed now bouncing into Misty's open arms, allowing her mother to carry her into the bathroom.


The bathroom was quite large – and currently full of activity, as Ash attempted to force a squirming toddler to have a bath, aided by his pokémon.

"MOMMY!" a little black-haired boy screamed, splashing his father with his feet, as the two entered.

"Mikey, stop splashing me! I'll make Squirtle water gun you the next time you do that!" Ash threatened playfully, perched on the side of the bathtub.

"Hi honey, having fun?" Misty asked, placing her daughter into Ash's open arms.

"Good morning!" Ash said, smiling fondly down at his daughter, as he placed a kiss on one of her chubby cheeks.

"Mommy, Daddy's being dumb!" Michael whined from his position inside the bathtub.

"He said that Stawmie can thundershock me if I annoy her. But water pokémon can't use electwic attacks!"

He stared at Misty out of beseeching green-blue eyes as if begging her to contradict this ridiculous statement.

"Mikey, I told you before, you can teach a pokémon different type attacks if it's level is high enough," Ash said patiently, setting Ashley down into tub next to her twin brother.

"It is true, Mikey. Starmie can prove it to you if you don't believe Daddy," Misty said, crouching down next to Ash.

"I wanna see!" Ashley shrieked excitedly, splashing Azumarill who bonked her lightly on the head in response.

"Yeah, me too!" shouted Michael, suddenly looking very excited. "Stawmie, thundershock!"

"No, Starmie don't!" Misty cried, distressed, but the pokémon was smart enough and hopped out of the tub, and then let out a few sparks.

The kids clapped and cheered loudly.

"That was so cool!"

"Wow, Stawmie do it again!"

"Pika pika pikachu! Pi pika chaaa!" Pikachu scolded from the sink.

"Pikachu's right!" Misty exclaimed. "What have Daddy, Pikachu and I told you about using electric attacks in the water?"

Michael smiled at her sheepishly, scrunching his nose.

"I forgot."

"It's very dangerous, and you could get hurt too." Misty said slowly. "So don't ever try that again. You're lucky Starmie's well-trained and knows what not to do."

"Sorry, mommy, I won't do it again," he said adorably, holding out his chubby arms for a reconciliatory hug which Misty lovingly bestowed upon him, followed by Uncle Pikachu.

"Me also!" screeched Ashley indignantly. "Me wants huggies!"

And soon Ashley, Ash, Squirtle, Azumarill, Starmie, Staryu, Corsola, Totodile and the rest of the pokémon joined in.

"Now kiddies," Ash said, pulling away. "You have to have your baths, or else you'll be dirty and smelly when Grandma, Uncle Brock and the rest arrive."

"Noooo! We wanna play with the pokémon!" Ashley and Michael howled simultaneously.

"Well, Ash, looks like there's only one option…" Misty said, meeting her husband's eyes.

"You read my mind, Mist," Ash said, winking back.

"Squirtle, Starmie, Azumarill, Totodile, Corsola, Staryu… water gun NOW!" they ordered, and the kids squealed gleefully as the gentle streams of water hit them.

"Now use bubblebeam!"


A few minutes later, needless to say, the little toddlers were squeaky clean.

"Mommy! Daddy! I'm bored!" shouted the hyper-active Michael from his playpen, as he fidgeted impatiently with the lock.

"Me too! Can we go for a ride on Chawizard!" yelled his equally hyper sister.

"No way!" came Ash's voice from the living room. "You're only allowed to that when Mommy or I are around – it's too dangerous otherwise!"

"Well then come on!" demanded Michael.

Misty sighed, entering the room.

"Daddy and I are busy right now. You can ride Charizard later, after the guests arrive. Why don't you play with the other pokémon?"

"Hey, Mike, let's battle!" Ashley challenged, as Misty tossed out some of Ash's pokéballs, and Bulbasaur, Meganium and Cyndaquil emerged.

Pikachu scampered in, accompanied by the water pokémon.

"What about Gyawados?" Michael asked.

"He's very grumpy right now, so let him sleep," said Misty, as she turned to Pikachu.

"Keep them out of trouble till the guests arrive, okay Pikachu….you too Bulbasaur."

"Pikachu!" Pikachu affirmed.

"Bulba saur!" Bulbasaur nodded – he was after all, along with Pikachu, the 'responsible one.'


"Ashley! Mikey! Look who's co-ome..." came a sing-song voice.

"Grandmaaaa!" shrieked the kids, running as fast as their tubby legs could carry them.

Unfortunately, in their rush to get to Deliah, they didn't seem to notice the sopping wet, slippery floor which Misty (aided by Staryu and Starmie) had just washed that morning.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu cried.

"No – don't run, you'll slip!" Ash called rushing across the slippery floor to stop his oblivious children.



Two pairs of long vines shot out, and grabbed the kids before they could slip, and placed them safely into their grandmother's waiting arms.

Ash however, slid right across the floor and crashed into Misty, knocking her over and falling neatly on top.

"Aaargh! Ash you're so clumsy!" Misty cried, struggling to push her husband off.

"Hey, come on, don't act like you don't like me being on top of you," Ash said grinning, suddenly flirtatiously.

"Ash, not right now! Your mom, the kids…" Misty hissed, slapping away his hand, which was inching up her waist.

"Spoiled sport," Ash grumbled, rolling off, getting up, and offering a hand to his wife.

"Maybe tonight…" Misty whispered, standing and kissing him on the cheek.

"Can't wait!" Ash grinned back, and they shared a secret smile before going to greet Deliah.


"Well, Mikey, haven't you grown? One day you're going to be a great pokémon trainer just like your daddy. And Ashley, you just get prettier and prettier every day I see you, darling. You're going to be a great trainer too, unless you decide to model or something…" said the kid's favorite Uncle Brock, patting them on their little heads.

"My daughter's not gonna be a freakin' model, Brock!" Ash hollered. "She's gonna be a great pokémon trainer like me, right Ashley?"

Ashley nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah! I'm gonna win all the badges! And then I'll beat the Elite Four- and then I'll beat Daddy!"

Ash narrowed his eyes at this.

"We'll see about that, sweetie. I'm not that easy to beat," he said sternly.

"Oh, come on Ash, you'll probably have retired by then!" Misty said, rolling her eyes.

"You can't be pokémon master!" Michael piped up. "Not if I get there fiwst!"

"I'll beat you easy!" Ashley said confidently, her tone as scathing as the one her mother sometimes adopted.

"No you won't! You suck!"

"I don't suck as much as you, you little Magikawp!"

"Yeah you do, you scawny little wunt!"

At this insult, Brock raised his eyebrows and Ash choked on his soda. Deliah just smiled.

"Michael!" Misty gasped.

"What?!" the little boy asked petulantly, sticking out his bottom lip.

"Don't call your sister that!" Misty reprimanded. "Where did you pick it up from anyways?"

"I heawd daddy calling you it to Uncle Bwock on the phone-" said Michael innocently.

"Really?" Misty asked dangerously, narrowing her eyes at her husband.

"Come on, Mist, I was jokin', you know I-" Ash began, eyes wide, looking rather fearful.

"Oh, it's okay…" Misty replied, cutting him off in a sickly sweet tone.

Ash looked relieved, though still a bit afraid, as he surveyed her carefully, as if fearing some kind of an outburst.

Misty smiled at him, almost evilly. "Oh yeah, Ash, I just remembered – I'm going for a movie with Melody, May and Dawn tonight… after the kids are asleep, don't worry. But I'll be back quite late, okay. So don't wait up for me."

Ash looked heartbroken. "To-tonight?! What?! B-but you said – you said we could-" he stammered, obviously very upset.

Misty cut him off before he could reveal any details about their former plans to his mother, the kids and Brock.

"Oh wait, maybe it's tomorrow night… yeah. But call me a scrawny runt behind my back one more time, Ash Ketchum, and I warn you – you get nothing."

Ash grinned. "Okay, then, I'm sorry."

"I forgive you – this time."

Meanwhile, their children continued a furious argument, which could even rival their parents'.

"I don't suck! You suck!" Ashley shouted, with all the conviction her two-year old self could muster.

"I do not!" Michael retorted, balling his chubby little hands into tiny fists.

"You do too!"

"I do not!"

"You do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"





Brock watched this argument with a rather far-away look on his face.

"Ah, the good old days… this brings back memories…" he muttered.

"Pikachu…" Pikachu sighed, hating the fact that he couldn't bring himself to thundershock toddlers – he'd always stopped Ash/Misty arguments that way.

However the argument came to an abrupt end as the doorbell rang.

"Who is it? Who is it?!" Ashley and Michael shrieked, bouncing up and down excitedly, as Misty hurried to answer the door.

"Like, hellooo cuties!" came a loud, feminine voice.

Brock immediately leaped up from the couch, a blushing, drooling expression inhabiting his face.

"Your like, most beautiful and talented aunts in the whole wide world have arrived…"

"Like, you babies are looking, totally adorable!"


A few minutes later, Ashley and Michael were being gushed over and fussed over by their gorgeous Aunt Lily, Aunt Violet and Aunt Daisy.

Time had done nothing to diminish the looks of these sensational sisters – they looked as young and radiant as ever.

"Like, Misty – when is Tracey getting here?" Daisy demanded suddenly, halting her cheek-pinching activities, much to Michael's silent relief.

"Why?" Misty demanded rather aggressively, hands on her hips. "You dumped him Daisy, leave the poor guy alone!"

Daisy looked affronted.

"I never dumped him! Did he tell you that?!"

"No – Gary told Ash – who told me… so you'll are still together then?"

"Like, duh! Why would I ever dump that sweetheart?! I am like, so going to so kill Gary when he comes here, he's like totally ruining my reputation… I'm not like, some kind of a skank that I'd – what Misty?"

"Language, Daisy." Misty hissed. "Don't say such words in front of the kids."

"Like they'd understand," Daisy said, rolling her eyes.

"You'd be surprised. Mikey just called his sister a scrawny runt."

"Oh – well, I guess it's in the like, genes. Don't worry, you were always a late bloomer, she'll fill up in about like, thirteen years," said Daisy comfortingly.

"DAISY?!!" Misty shouted. "You're completely missing the point!"

"Like, what?"

Misty chose to ignore this and stalked off to find her darling husband and seek comfort in his arms.


"May! Drew! Hey guys, it's great to see you!" Ash exclaimed, opening the door. "How's married life treating ya?"

May and Drew both blushed, not letting go of each other's hands. They'd been married for a year – their marriage took place almost three years after Ash and Misty's.

"Nice to see you too, Ash! Oh, it's amazing… I love Drew so much…." May gushed, her eyes sparkling.

"Yeah, it's the most brilliant thing ever…" Drew agreed, blushing.

Ash looked slightly uncomfortable, more so because he knew he had acted similarly, like a lovestruck fool a few years ago (and he still did around Misty, though he'd never admit it).

"Oh – uh, that's great. Hey Misty!" he called. "MISTY! MAY AND DREW ARE HERE!"

Misty appeared a few moments later, Ashley and Michael in her arms.

"Oh, hi May, hey Drew! How are you doing?" Misty asked, handing Michael over to his father so she could give May a one-armed hug.

"We're great – oh the kids! Oh, Mikey, Ashy, how are you two doing?" May cooed, kissing the twins. "Do you remember me? Aunt May?"

"Yeah, and me. Your cool Uncle Drew?" Drew asked, flipping his hair.

"Hi Aunt May, Uncle Dwew… how are Blaziken and Roselia?" Ashley asked sweetly.

"Have you won any rmore cool ribbons? Can I see your pokémon pwease?" Michael begged.

"Yes, sweetie, they're doing fine, I'll show them to you later." May said, and then turned to Ash and Misty.

"They're such adorable little angels… " she sighed, and Ash and Misty blushed, though smiled proudly.

"Yeah, they are…" Ash agreed, wrapping an arm around Misty's waist.

"Michael looks like you Ash, only he has Misty's eyes." Drew observed. "And Ashley looks like Mist, only with Ash's eyes."

"They're so precious…" May sighed again in adoration, now looking at Drew. "I want one…"

Drew smiled, squeezing her shoulder. "I kinda do too..."


Twenty minutes later, all but three of the guests had arrived – Professor Oak, Tracey, Dawn (who informed them that her boyfriend Paul was sick and thus couldn't come), Melody, and Gary, who was currently being attacked by Daisy.

"I never said you dumped him, I just said you stood him up on one of your dates!" Gary shouted, hopping up and down on one foot, attempting to defend himself from the fuming blonde, who had just stepped hard onto his foot with a rather deadly stiletto heel.

"That was because my Dewgong fell very ill and I couldn't leave him!" Daisy snarled.

"It's alright, Daisy, I knew that-" Tracey said, intervening, as he attempted to calm down his seething girlfriend.

"Yeah Gary, why'd you tell Ash that Daisy dumped him when she didn't?" asked Melody, butting in.

"You're supposed to be on my side, Mel!" Gary hissed. "And I never told Ash anything about dumping, I swear on Umbreon!!!"

Gary, Daisy, Melody and Tracey now all looked accusingly at Ash.

"Wh-what?" Ash asked, his voice quavering.

"Why did you tell Misty that Gary told you I dumped Trace when I didn't?" Daisy demanded.

"I – I thought – when Gary said you stood him up – it meant the same thing!" Ash cried hysterically. "What's the difference between the two anyway??"

The adults in the room groaned, sweat dropping.

"Ash!" Misty said exasperatedly. "I love you a lot, but sometimes you can be as oblivious and idiotic as a two-year old."

Ash chose to ignore the latter half of her comment, instead smiling. "Thanks, Mist, I love you too."



"I'll get it," said Misty, rising from the table.

Ash was too busy stuffing his face like a ravenous pig to care.

"Prepare for twouble!" came a childish voice as a little four-year old girl with purple hair and bright blue eyes darted into the room.

"Jessica!" the twins shouted excitedly at the sight of their playmate.

"Jess," came a woman's scolding voice. "No mocking the motto!"

Jessie and James entered the room, followed by Misty.

"Oh – hi Team Rocket!" Ash greeted them thickly, between mouthfuls of chicken.

Jessie looked at him disdainfully.

"Don't call us that, twerp – we quit years ago," she snapped.

"Ah well…" Ash shrugged. "Some habits never die. Nice to know you've stopped reciting the motto at least."

"We don't need to," James explained, pointing to their daughter.

"To pwotect the world fwom dewasta – dewasta – dewastashun!" she announced to the amused adults, looking exceedingly proud of herself.

"Aw, knock it off, Jess. Ya can't even say it right," said Meowth slinking in. "Hey twoips, how ya doin?"

"Hi Meowth," everyone greeted, and the meal continued on.

"Hey Jessie!" Dawn exclaimed suddenly. "You look kind of – swollen."

"Ew, cellulite…" Violet muttered.

"Of course not!" said Jessie, scowling at Violet. "I'm not fat!"

"Then you must be like, pregnant…" Violet pointed out.

Jessie blushed. So did James.

"What?!" Ash, Misty and Dawn exclaimed together.

"You are pregnant?!" May squealed. "That's great, congratulations!"

"I'm gonna have a baby bwother," Jessica announced happily. "Then he can say the motto with me!"

"That's cool!" Ashley shrieked.

"Then we can battle you – me and Ash against you and him – just like our mommies and daddies did!" Michael added enthusiastically.

"Yeah, gweat idea." Jessica agreed. "But don't cwy if you lose."

"We won't lose! We got Pikachu, and Bulbasaur! And Stawmie, Chawizard and Gyawados!" Ashley shouted.

"G-g-gyawados?" Jessica asked fearfully.

"Yeah! He's huuuuge!" Michael said. "And stwong! He can do hyper beam and hydwo pump and all cool attacks!"

Jessica looked petrified – was this the same Gyarados that had tormented her daddy?

"Alright, kids." Brock said soothingly. "Break it up and eat. You're all too young for pokémon battles, and when you do fight, you have to do it with pokémon you raise yourself, not mommy's and daddy's pokémon."

"Can we use Steewix then, pwease Uncle Brock?" Ashley begged, clambering onto his lap.

"Yeah, and your cool Swampewt too!"

"Oh, well… I suppose you can later…" Brock relented, melting.

"Brock!" Misty cried.

"No – I mean no, you can't. Raise your own pokémon, it's more fun that way." Brock said backtracking.

"Okay," Michael said cheerfully. "Professor Oak, when are you gonna give me and Ash our stawter pokémon, huh?"

"In a few years, be patient." Professor Oak replied. "Though I just received the new starters at the lab yesterday. You kids can come over and play with them."



Later that evening, the three kids were frolicking with the pokémon in the Ketchum's large backyard, as the adults lounged in sun chairs near the swimming pool.

"Hey, Mist…" Ash said, reaching out to take his wife's hand in his.

"Hmm?" she asked, turning to him.

"The thing tonight – after the kids go to sleep… we're still doing it right?"

Misty rolled her eyes, flicking his nose.

"I'm not sure. I think I'll be too tired…" she teased, taking pleasure in her husband's distraught expression.

"Misty! Pleeeease! You know how badly I want to, and we haven't had time for weeks with the kids an all…" he begged, the puppy-Growlithe face back on.

"Fine. You know I can't say no when you look at me like that…" Misty relented. "You're too cute for your own good, Ash."

Ash puppy-face immediately turned into a smirk.

"Hey Mist, I was thinking how 'bout tonight we try-"

Misty glared at him.

"Don't push your luck Ketchum. We're not doing that."

"Okay," Ash shrugged, knowing full well he could convince her later.

"You know I'm really glad everything worked out… it's all so perfect…" Misty said suddenly, her voice dreamy, as she gazed at the kids.

Ash nodded, leaning over to kiss her.

"Yeah, it is. I'm glad you fished me out of the river that day…"

"Little did I know…you were a dense, annoying little kid back then…"

"And now I'm your husband and the love of your life?"

"I'm not too sure about the last bit… you know the love of my life was always Pikachu. And Togetic. Those two were the only reason I stuck around you for so long."

"Ha ha, very funny."

"Oh, stop sulking Mr. Pokémon Master!"

"Have I ever told you how much I love it when you call me that?"

"About five times. You are the love of my life, Ash. You know it."

"Yeah, I do. It's just nice hearing you say it."

"I love you, Ash Ketchum."

"Love you too, Misty Ketchum."



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