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Little one? - Zanpakuto speaking

Toshiro Hitsugaya was pissed. No, he was beyond pissed. The head captain had informed him he was to go to Domino City and masquerade as a high school student there. There had been reports of a strange spiritual pressure coming from that area. As such the 12th division had informed all the captains that no one under the level of a captain could withstand this strange spiritual pressure. It had then been decided that he would be the one to investigate due to the fact that he was the only captain that was around that age that could blended in easily.

He was to attend the high school to see if it was any of the students there while taking care of any hollows that showed up. He would also be sent his paper work due to a laptop designed by The Research and Development to allow contact between the Soul Society and the Real World. He was also being issued a gigi that allowed him access to his zanpakuto if needed. He groaned at the thought of having to act like a kid. He was not a child despite how old he looked, and would not let anyone think other wise.

Toshiro decided to visit Hinamori (Momo), his friend since the time he lived in the Rukongai, before he left. He would pack later. Entering the squad 9 barracks he walked swiftly to the lieutenant quarters where Momo stayed.

"Momo!" he called once he had reached her room. "Are you here?"

"Shiro-kun!" Momo replied exiting her room and hugging her childhood friend.

"It's Hitsugaya-tochio to you lieutenant." Toshiro replied in his usual icy tone.

"Don't be so stern Shiro-kun, I have watermelon." Momo stated entering her room. Though most were not aware of it, Toshiro loved watermelon.

"Fine, Momo. But at least call me Hitsugaya." He replied following her.

After his visit with Momo, Toshiro headed back to the squad 10 barracks to finish his paper work and pack for his mission in the world of the living. When he got back to his office he was greeted with the sight of his lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto, passed once again, with bottles of sake littering the area around her. Shaking his head and sat down to work knowing his lieutenant would wake up sometime soon or later.

Despite her lazy attitude and her avoidance of work, she was still a lieutenant and as such, was a strong fighter. Toshiro just wished she would stop drinking and start working more or at least actually doing her paper work rather than leaving it for him to do.

Finishing the last of his paper work after a long, stressful three and a half hours, Hitsugaya headed to his quarters to pack what he would need to take with him to the world of the living. It didn't take him long to pack his duffle full of what would be his school uniform and some casual cloths to wear around Domino when he had the spar time.

After having packed all his things he went to observe his squads training. As he entered the training grounds he found Seth, Mana, and Mahado, training together as was normal for them. They had been in his squad since before he had become captain, but they never tried to gain a higher rank. He had heard that Seth was to become the 9th squad's captain soon and was thankful for that. He knew Seth and had worked with him and above him; he trusted Seth with Momo's safety.

Walking over to the group he observed their training silently. They were all highly skilled; Mana and Mahado were both highly skilled with Kido and easily could best anyone else when it came to using kido at the same time as ones zanpakuto in a fight.

"Seth, I heard you were going to be the 9th division's captain, congratulations." He spoke, interrupting their sparring match.

"Thank you Toshiro-Tochio, and I'll keep an eye on Hinamori for you, make sure she doesn't get into any more trouble like last time." Seth replied with a nod. Toshiro nodded in reply.

"I won't be here when you're named captain though, I'm being sent to cheek out a strange spiritual pressure in the world of the living."

"It must be pretty powerful for them to send a captain there." Mahado stated, speaking up.

"Yes, and due to the fact that it could be a high school student, I have to enter the high school." Toshiro replied.

"I'm sure they won't bother you to much Toshiro-Tochio, about your height that is." Mana said, joining the conversation.

"Mana" warned Toshiro.

"Yes Tochio," Replied Mana. Toshiro sighed and nodded.

"I'm going to get some sleep before I leave. Wake up Matsumoto and make sure she gets her work done." With that said he left the three, unaware what his association with them would cause in the time he was in the world of the living.

- -Next Morning- -

Toshiro was standing at the Senkimon Gate, waiting with the Hell Butterfly that would be his guide for the Gate to be opened. He had his duffle bag slung over his shoulder, and his usual cold look that challenged anyone to treat him like a child or anything similar. It also promised pain to any who tried. After waiting for half an hour, the Gate opened and, taking one last glance at the Seireitei, Toshiro walk through the Gate and headed towards the world of the living, unable to shake the feeling that something major was going to happen.

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