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Toshiro sighed as he made his way back to his apartment; the encounter with Bakura lay heavily on his mind. Upon reaching his apartment he unlocked the door and stepped inside, dropping his bag in his room. Walking over to the kitchen he debated on what to eat for dinner as he scanned his cupboards. After a bit of pondering he finally settled on simply make instant Raman. After Toshiro ate he headed to bed and, lying down on his bed, he mulled over the events of the day.

Waking once again to the blaring of his alarm, Toshiro got out of bed and started getting ready for the day trying to decide how to handle the problem of Bakura and the fact that he would most likely confront him some time today. Rummaging around for something to eat, Toshiro decided to just let the events play out. Finishing his breakfast, Toshiro garbed his bag and locking the door behind him, headed to school.

Upon reaching the school, Toshiro glanced around before heading to his first class. Swiftly entering and taking his seat, Toshiro scanned the classroom. Yesterday he hadn't paid any attention to who was in his classes because he was too focused on Bakura. Sitting quietly he watched the door out of the corner of his eye, taking note of when Bakura entering and toke a seat next to him. What confused him though was that Bakura looked nothing like he had yesterday. Today he looked innocent with wide doe like brown eyes. Toshiro figured that this was Ryou rather than Touzoku Bakura.

With a sigh Toshiro Choose to ignore him till lunch, Toshiro focused on his work, drowning out the teacher's random, pointless babble. After a rather boring class the bell finally rang and Toshiro headed to his next class. Only two more class until lunch, Toshiro just hoped that he wouldn't have to deal with Touzoku Bakura again.

When the bell for lunch rang, Toshiro gathered up his stuff and walked out of the classroom, heading up to the roof where he had spent his last lunch hour, preferring the open space to the crowded areas that everyone else seemed to prefer. Taking out his cell he proceeded to scan for hollows of strong amounts of spiritual pressure while eating his lunch.

Hearing foot steps approaching him, he didn't even both to look up to see who it was, knowing it was no doubt Ryou, Bakura or some of their friends.

"Yes?" he questioned.

"Hitsugaya-san, who, or rather what, are you?" Toshiro couldn't help but smirk at the question. Glancing up to see who asked it, he smirked even more. He had been right; Ryou had brought his friends with him. Identifying it as the platinum haired boy who had spoke, Toshiro sighed and closed his phone before placing it back in his pocket.

"I highly doubt you would believe me if I told you, let alone understand. What I'm curious about is the meaning behind these two words; host and shadow realm." Toshiro replied. The tanned blond threw a sharp glance at Ryou who glanced down.

"Yami told him," Muttered Ryou in answer to their questioning looks.

"Knew we should have never trusted him." The boy named Joey huffed.

"OH?" Toshiro asked, his icy gaze fixed on the group.

"That is none of your concern" replied Yugi, only it wasn't Yugi.

"I believe it is actually." Replied Toshiro.

"No, it isn't" Yugi comanded.

"Either way I will find out." Toshiro stated.

"We'll see?" Yugi replied as they turned to leave.

"What are your names?" Toshiro demanded colder than usual. "Tea Gardner, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, Ryo Bakura, Marik Ishtar, Yugi Motou and some times Seto Kaiba." Yugi stated as they left.

- -Time Skip: Friday- -

After the meeting on the roof on Tuesday, Toshiro had requested that soul society to a member of his squad to assist him. They would be sending Mana because she was the only person in his squad that looked the right age and was easily captain level.

She would be arriving that morning and would be staying with him. They would both attend the high school while investigating the dark spiritual pressure along with the strange group that it centered around. Toshiro let out a sigh as the doorbell rang; answer it he smirked in satisfaction. There, standing in front of him, was Mana.

"Hello Tochio, how have you been?" asked Mana.

"I saved a class mate from a hollow and ended up with more questions than answers when they confronted me." Toshiro replied with an annoyed sigh.

"Poor Tochio," Mana commented and walked past him into the apartment. Shaking his in annoyance he followed the ancient Egyptian girl into the apartment they would have to share.

"Have you been informed that you are to pretend to be my twin?" Toshiro questioned.

"Yep, but I get to be the older twin cause I'm older." Replied Mana. Nodding Toshiro took her stuff and placed it in the spare bedroom he was planning on turning into an office.

"Hurry up and get ready Mana, we leave for school in half an hour." He stated and set off to gather his school supplies.

"Yes sir and I'm going to have to call you Toshiro at school because were supposed to be twins." She replied as she went to her room to change and gather her own school supplies.

"I'm aware of that Mana." Toshiro said as he ate breakfast.

Locking the door behind them, Toshiro and Mana headed towards school. Mana froze when sensed the dark spiritual pressure and had to stifle a gasp of shock. It was shadow magic, something she hadn't felt since her pharaoh had sealed it away at the cost of his life and memories. Even master Mahado didn't use shadow magic anymore. His zanpukto was dark magician however, just like his ka and if master Mahado's zanpukto was his ka, did that mean that the pharaoh's zanpukto was Ra, Slypher or Obelisk? Not for the first time she was just thankful that the thief king that had tried to steal the items 5000 years ago was dead and most likely a hollow.

"Mana, hurry up," Toshiro spoke, noticing that she had stopped.

"Yes Toshiro," Mana replied, hurrying to catch up.

Having arriving at school, Toshiro ignored the dark spiritual pressure, having had gotten used to it over time. Yugi and his friends cast glances at him, but had not approached him since Tuesday. Today however they had decided to approach him.

"Hitsugaya-san," Yugi called the strange upside down pyramid that he always wore swing back and forth as he walked. Ryou, he could tell due because Ryou appeared to be kinder than Bakura, smiled nervously in greeting, the ring like object glowing briefly, causing Toshiro to wonder what exactly it was. He could feel Mana stiffen at his side and heard her stifle gasp in shock. Her aqua eyes glued to the two objects Yugi and Ryou were wearing.

"The millennium puzzle and the millennium ring?" Mana whispered almost too softly for even Toshiro to hear, however it seemed that Ryou had heard also because the ring to glow again. This time though Ryou change and where the timid albino once stood, was Bakura.

"Impossible, you can't still be alive." Bakura hissed at Mana.

"Touzoku Bakura, how you should be dead, you should have died 5000 years ago." Mana replied, clearly shaken.

"Mana, what is going on?" Toshiro demanded, tired of being left out.

"…Your guess is as good as mine" answered Wheeler.

"The Pharaoh sealed my soul in the millennium ring where I've had nothing to do for the past 5000 years till Yondoshi (1) put in the ring and I was freed. Unfortunately the pharaoh is also back." Bakura answered, his voice dripping with scorn and hatred for the pharaoh.

"Wait, my Pharaoh is here?" Mana asked.

"That's right, stuck in that puzzle he loves so much. No matter I will get it from him and banish his soul to the shadows for the rest of eternity." Bakura replied laughing psychotically.

"Bakura…" Yugi, or rather the other Yugi, commanded.

"Of course Pharaoh, only you wouldn't recognize one childhood friend and the original owner of one of the monsters in your deck. Meet your dark magician girl Pharaoh." Sneered Bakura, (Yami?) ((What is it Abiou (2)?)) (We should probably get to class before we're late Yami) ((Alright Abiou))

"That's enough Bakura, give Ryou back control, we have to get to class." The other Yugi commanded.

"Of course, you majesty," Bakura scoffed as he returned to the ring. The other Yugi did likewise and returned to the puzzle.

"Mana, I expect a full explanation later." Toshiro stated as he headed to class. Still a little miffed about being ignored.

"Yes Taicho," Mana replied as she followed him.

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1-Land lord, what Bakura calls Ryou.

2-Partner, what Yami calls Yugi.

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