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"I don't know you." I said my voice firmer as I assessed the situation. No reason to stutter. I wasn't lying. I didn't know this boy. Or should I say man? His face looked young, older than me though, sixteen or seventeen maybe, but his body? He was tall and broad; he could have crushed my skull with one hand. His expression looked pained and he grimaced.

"Chloe, you do know me." He insisted. "It's Derek. Simon's brother?"

"I'm sorry Derek. I d-don't know who you are." Derek. Derek, Derek, Derek. That name sounded… familiar. I didn't know who he was but my lips remembered forming that name before, many times. It seemed safe. He ran a hand through his just a bit too long black hair and let out a sigh of frustration.

"Remember, Lyle House? Tori, Liz, Rae? Simon and me?" His eyes were intense and he took a step towards me grabbing my forearm. I winced and tried to pull back. He flinched and jumped back. Obviously thinking that his forwardness had scared me. It didn't. It should have, somewhere at the back of my mind I knew this but for some reason I couldn't bring my self to be too alarmed by his presence. One thing startled me though; my arm had throbbed painfully where he had grabbed it.

"Sorry." He said jumping back. "Your arm…" he trailed off. "Your arm!" he exclaimed. "Pull up your shirt." He gestured vigorously with his hand. My eyebrows rose up and quickly realising his mistake a dark red blush began to stain his cheeks. "Your, ah, sleeve, I mean." He raised his gaze from the floor when I begun to tug up my long-sleeved shirt. I held his stare as I pulled it up. Then, breaking our glance, we both looked down at my arm. I gasped, loudly.

"M-my arm!" I exclaimed tilting my face up to look at him. He looked a small bit smug but a whole lot of sorry as he took in my arm. A large mark ran down the length of my forearm. It well into the healing process by now but it looked deep and must have hurt like hell when it happened. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut as I tried to remember how it had happened. I groaned loudly when I couldn't.

"You fell on some glass." Derek said soothingly reaching forward to tug my shirt back down. "When we were escaping Lyle House." Lyle House. There was that name again. Lyle House, I thought hard. Milos had said I'd been in some sort of group home, maybe this was the place.

"Is Lyle House a group home for kids with, ugh, mental problems." Derek's eyes lit up and he smiled, glad that I had remembered at least something. I didn't have the heart to tell him that this was second hand information.

"Yeah," he laughed sarcastically. "Something like that."

"Wait." I said, my mind catching up with some of the other details he'd mentioned.

"We escaped from there? As in, like, ran away." He nodded gravely.

"Yeah, you, me, Simon and Rae. Only, you and Rae got caught." Oh. Okay. I took a step back. This guy was a mental hospital escapee. Maybe my creepy radar wasn't what it should be.

"Well, ah, Derek? That's your name right? I have to get back to class. It's been good seeing you." I turned and walked briskly back to the classroom, terrified to look behind me. Suddenly a hand clamped over my mouth. Derek.

"I'm sorry Chloe." He said as I screamed against his hand. "You'll thank me for it later." Using one hand he pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and quickly punched in number. Oh my God. I was being kidnapped, kidnapped! By a psycho who claimed he knew me from our time together at a mental hospital.

"Simon." Derek said quietly into the phone as he pulled me backwards down to corridor. "I've got her." I heard quiet mumbling form this 'Simon'. "No. She didn't know." Derek sighed loudly as I screamed against his palm again. "Okay. I guess we'll have to. But I don't like it." Derek ended the call with click of a button. "I'm so sorry Chloe. But we've got to do this." His bright green eyes looked pained and if he wasn't holding me against my will I would've said that I felt sorry for him. Instead, I bit his thumb which had been resting on my lip. He let out a string of curse words but kept moving.

We stopped at a bathroom. A boy's bathroom to be precise. I whirled my head back around to stare at him. What the hell?! My mind was reeling. Was he going to… The thought ended abruptly as he pushed open to door and I was faced with two more people. A girl with short cropped black hair and a boy with tanned golden skin.

"Hey Chloe." The boy said waving at me sadly. The girl held a large syringe in her hand, her eyes hard. I tried as hard as I could to pull out of Derek's grasp as she moved towards me.

"You're going to have to hold her still Derek." She said her tone exasperated. He did, gripping my arms tightly and holding them to my sides. To do so, he had to move his hand from my mouth and I let out a long piercing shriek.

"Jesus!" she said jabbing the needle in me quickly with one hand while thrusting the other over my mouth. "Calm down!"

"Tori," the boys said advancing, "She doesn't know who we are. She must think we're going to kill her." The girl, Tori, rolled her eyes and pulled the syringe out of my arm. It hurt but almost instantly everything started to feel sort of foggy. The room began to swim before my eyes. I tried to move my arms to break free of Derek's hold and make a run for it but I knew that I stood no real chance. There were three of them, all taller and stronger than me and I was drugged. Derek loosened his grip and lifted me up, cradling me in his large arms.

"Quick." He said. "We've got to get out of here." Then, I blacked out.


"She's coming around." A low voice beside me said and squeezed my fingers. Where was I?

"About time." Grumbled a voice, female this time.

"Shut up Tori." Said another male voice, slightly higher than the first.

"Shut up. Both of you." Repeated the first. Derek. It was Derek's voice! Tori and Simon too. I opened my eyes and looked around. The world was hazy; looking how I imagined it would to a drunk. Derek looked down at me, his jewel like eyes lighting up when he smiled. "Hey Chloe," he said quietly. I smiled back slightly, my muscles slow and sluggish. "Do you know who I am?" What?

"Y-your Derek." I narrowed my eyes at him slightly. "Did I hit my head?" He shook his head.

"Does the word necromancer mean anything to you?" Okay. What the hell was up with him? I looked at Simon and Tori. They also looked concerned.

"Um, yeah." I said trying to sit up. Derek rested a hand on my shoulder to hold me down. I didn't much feel like putting up a fight so I let him win. "I'm one." He breathed a sigh of relief.

"You're okay." I nodded again. "Do you want a drink?" I shook my head but he handed my an already unscrewed bottle of water and propped my up slightly so I could drink some without spilling it all down my front.

"What happened?" I looked around at the three of their faces and took in our scenery. We were in a tent. Rain pounded against the outermost layer of it, the pitter pattering of it was comforting.

"My mother." Said Tori. "She cast a spell on you. We figured out the spell to fix you though. It wasn't that hard. The hard part was finding it. You forgot all of this. Everything that had happened at Lyle House." My eyes bugged out.

"What?" This time when I went to sit up Derek let me. Though I quickly regretted it was my stomach somersaulted. "Did it work? Did I?"

"Yeah." Simon answered his brow creasing. "You didn't know who we were." He looked slightly wounded though he tried to hide it.

"Where are we? Why aren't we at the safe house?" Derek and Simon exchanged a glance.

"Chloe," Derek said. "The safe house is gone."

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