"Wake up, Sarox," a voice called, "Open your eyes and wake up."

I tried to open my eyes, but a mystical force kept them closed. I remember where I was before I closed my eyes though. I was heading home. But then, I felt something rush into my head and all my senses were pulled away from my surroundings. Gone into a big, dark void. I felt how my whole body lost touch to the ground and kept falling, falling…

When I finally regained my senses, I was able to open my eyes again. I was still falling, but the fall had somehow softened as if I was close to landing, if there was any ground at all. My body turned downward and then I felt my feet meet a hard object, and that was when I realized that I had landed. Wherever that was.

"Where am I?" I thought to myself. "What is this place?"

I should be scared of all the darkness, but somehow, I just felt safe. I wanted to explore the place, so I stumble one step from its spot. Suddenly, the spot I stepped on emitted in a strong blinding radiance and spread out like a circle around me. I shielded my eyes from the strange light. When I open them again, the ground I was standing on had turned into a gigantic circle of glass that looked like a mouth that could've swallowed me whole and still wouldn't be enough. It had the image of a black haired girl in an orange outfit. I didn't know who she was, but she looked like someone I know.

Don't be afraid.

I looked around to see where that voice came from. Yeah, I definitely heard someone said "Don't be afraid," but… I didn't hear any voice. What was that? Was it someone who spoke to me in my head?

You inherit the power of light in your heart. It will serve as your guidance when the time is right.

"Who's there," I yelled.

There was no answer. I could only think to myself.

"Am I going crazy?"

Then there it was again.

Come to the center.

I felt as if something was waiting for me. Should I be scared?

No, I'm going to be brave.

I went to the center like the voice had told me. It wasn't until a few seconds later that I saw three objects appear around me like a triangle. They were about ten feet from where I was standing. I could see clearly that they were a sword with a golden handle, a blue magic staff that I found familiar from reading in picture books, and a red shield with three circle connected to each other in the center.

Now, choose. One weapon will be your strength. But remember, you may only choose one. Choose wisely.

I looked at the shield. It looked kinda funny. I could tell it was made of hard steel, it would be pretty unbreakable if I were to use it for protection. Then, I turned my attention to the magic staff. There were sparkles floating around it. Of course I liked magic. My father had told me stories about his adventures with a magician. It could be pretty cool to use a magic staff for a weapon. I walked closer to the staff. The sparkles were real pretty, I couldn't get my eyes off them. I was about to reach out to grab it. I wanted to use magic. I reached out. But then, I felt my heart pound and I stopped. It was telling me to think wise. I realized then that were was one last weapon for me to observe before I could decide, so I turned to the sword. Its blade emitted a shine of pure power. Just by looking at it I could feel a mystical strength flush over me. I walked closer toward it. I could tell it was made specifically for a warrior, and only a warrior would be able to wield it naturally. I'm no warrior. Not with my poor fencing skills. But when I looked into the sword, I could feel a strength that I've never had before.

I reached out to it, this time my heart didn't pound. The magic staff could not compare to the sword's power. I grabbed the handle.

You have taken the sword of a warrior. A weapon of courage and strength. Is this the weapon that you choose?

I took a moment to think, then made up my mind.

"Yes," I responded with my voice.

Very well. The Strength of a Warrior will become yours.

The sword glowed in my hand like I was becoming one with it.

You will go through many trials to prove your worth of this power. But do not be frightened. As long as you follow your heart, your weapon will always be by your side.

"What is this voice?" I thought to myself. "Why did you make me choose a weapon? Where am I?"

So many questions. I wanted answers.

Before I knew it, a light appeared behind me. It was so thick that it could almost swallow me whole. When I turned around to see what it was, it turned out to be a pink ruby door that leads to nowhere. The handles were made of silver and the door was covered with red, blue, and white diamonds.

Go through the door. Your journey begins…

Journey? What journey?

I felt how a small amount of frustrating wash over my body, the heat was vague, but I could feel it. Why do I have to do as you say? Who are you in the first place?

I took little time to calm down and refresh my mind and realized that if I want to get out of here, at least this spot, I'll have to go through the door. So I walked closer toward it with the sword in my hand, my heart beats faster by every step I take.

"Will I get out of here?"

I placed my hands on the handles, but it took a few seconds to work up my courage. When I thought I was ready, I opened up…