Title: The Lost Child

Rating: K

Summary: Araminta Snape is a girl that has no family and no past. When she accidently finds the Ministry of Magic the guardian sends her back in time so that she can meet her parents and find her past. Warning: Talks about child abuse and missing letters.

Disclaimer: I dont own any Harry Potter stories except Araminta and therefore Im not making any money.

Chapter 1: Araminta

Eleven-year-old Araminta Snape lived in muggle London with the Grangers. Both Grangers were retired dentists that complained about almost everything and their favorite complaint was Araminta and whatever she had done on a particular day. For the Grangers they had a very hidden secret and if it came out then they feared that all their social standings would cease. Her parents had been Severus and Hermione Snape, both of them had been a witch and wizard. Her parents had died at the hands of rouge Death Eaters and the Headmistress had asked the Grangers to take care of Araminta until they could take over when she started school.

Of course Araminta didnt know any of this and that was how they wanted it to continue. Araminta had long black hair, chocolate brown eyes, large front teeth, a thin frame and a somewhat hook nose. She loved reading and her favorite was about witches that cast spells or fairy godmothers that used their powers to enable girls to go to the ball. She also loved dragons, centaurs, and any other magical creature that she could get her hands on. This love for those kinds of books, as Mrs. Granger called it, was bad and she took away Aramintas library card so that she could never check out those kinds of books again.

Of course that didnt stop her from still going back and reading for hours, something that had caused her to be yelled at by her grandmother and father. Deep down she wanted magic to be real and those creatures to be just as real but there was no chance of that happening. And then one day her grandparents started acting strangely, like something had happened and they didnt want her to find out. The truth of the matter was Aramintas Hogwarts letter had arrived and they were worried that someone would come and tell her that she was a witch.

Mrs. Granger had lost her daughter to them and to her no good for nothing husband who taught Potions. They might hate Araminta but they didnt want her to suffer at the hands of the Wizarding world. Naturally they would never tell her this themselves. The next day another letter arrived and then another. All the time that the letters came Araminta wasnt at home and for the first time Mrs. Granger wasnt upset that she had spent all her time at the Library.

They would just hold back the letters until July 31st and then the letters would stop. Sure enough August first came and no letters came, causing the Grangers to breathe a sigh of relief. Meanwhile for Araminta she had decided to take a tour of London. She had sort of been allowed to know where everything was but this was the first time she was doing it alone. She wondered around for what seemed like forever and thats when she noticed a very odd-looking man walking down the alley.

Araminta had no idea why this man would even want to walk down the alley, as allies were dangerous. However she followed him and at once saw him go through a wall, just like if it wasnt even there. She ran over to the spot where he had gone through and her hand slipped inside. Feeling very excited she went through and was met with a thong of people, going this way or that.

Araminta gasped in amazement, her eyes taking everything in. What was this place, she thought. Suddenly a hand touched her shoulder and Araminta almost jumped out of her skin.

Ive been expecting you, the voice said. Why dont you follow me.

Araminta had no choice but to follow this person and soon she found herself in a small office. There was nothing important about the room but the door was closed anyway.

W-Who are you? Araminta asked.

Im the guardian for the Ministry of Magic, the woman told her.

The guardian of what, Araminta said, confused.

The Ministry of Magic, the guardian said. I protect it from outside intruders; Ive done that for over a thousand years. You must be Araminta Snape.

Araminta was shocked and it showed.

Not as good at hiding things as your father was, but youll learn, the guardian said to her. Now the reason why Im here is because I knew you would come here, though I wasnt expecting you to be in such bad shape.

What are you talking about? Araminta asked.

Not knowing who your parents are, what they were like, the guardian said. Well Im giving you the chance to meet them, to see them and all their friends. Youll learn where youre supposed to learn and youll better understand more about your past.

Araminta was stunned. This woman was going to let her meet her parents.

And how long will I be with them? Araminta asked.

For as long as you wish, the guardian said. So, do you want to see them?

Araminta nodded at once and then there was nothing.

Araminta felt like she was having a strange dream, filled with all sorts of wonders and amazements. Suddenly she opened her eyes and saw a starry sky to greet her. Fearing that she had run late and her grandparents were going to start on her she started to get up but she found that she couldnt. She tried to move her legs but they werent moving.

Ah ha, I finally did one spell right, said a cheery voice.

Thats enough Gilderoy, said a stern male voice. We asked you to watch her while I took care of a problem not to bind her to the stone work.

Sorry, Headmaster, said Gilderoy and soon the strange sensation was gone.

Now that she could move someone helped her to her feet and she looked around. There were hundreds of other people that looked just as young as she was and they were looking at her strangely. Of course the room was beyond Aramintas wildest dreams; it was so fantastic that she was sure that it was a dream.

Should we tar and feather her, Gilderoy asked, causing Araminta to back away.

Gilderoy, we are doing no such thing, a woman screeched.

Well it was worth asking, Gilderoy said.

A very old man patted her on the shoulder and when Araminta looked at him she instantly liked him. Of course he was dressed oddly, like some of those storybook wizard where.

Well I think we should start at the beginning, he said. My name is Albus Dumbledore, Im the Headmaster here.

Here, where am I?

At Hogwarts, Dumbledore answered. And you have to be magical if you ended up here, even if you appeared suddenly.

Magical, I dont understand.

Dumbledore gave her a small smile. Im talking about you being a witch, my dear.

A witch, Im not a witch, Araminta said. I mean, they dont exist.

Oh we most certainly do, said the woman. Im a witch, your mum is a witchI bet.

I dont know what my mum was, Araminta corrected. My grandparents dont talk about her.

Your father.

Araminta shook her head.

Dumbledore, she doesnt-.

Theres only one way to find out who your parents are, Dumbledore told Araminta. If you will allow me to do a bit of magic.

This got Araminta excited, real magic. Araminta nodded at once and Dumbledore pulled out a wand. She stared at it with fascination and then he said a long word that Araminta had never heard before. A thin, pink, line appeared which caused Dumbledore to frown. The ends shot in different directions and one end wrapped around Professor Snapes wrist and the other at one of the tables.

Araminta heard a gasping sound but she had no idea where it was coming from. Suddenly a very angry girl came charging at them, the other end wrapped around her wrist.

Is this your idea of a sick joke, Professor, the girl fumed.

No, its not, Dumbledore said. I thought that the spell would create a parchment that we could keep secret but I forgot the spell causes a line if both parents are still alive.

You forgot, how convent, the girl hissed. Now release me from this line.

Dumbledore released the spell and the line vanished. The girl turned and marched back to her table, Araminta thought she looked very angry.

She cant be-.

Im afraid that she is, Dumbledore said. But give it time, shell come around.

Araminta wasnt so sure about that.

The woman that had told her that her mum had to of been a witch took her to a place called the hospital wing. A witch named Madam Pomfrey helped her out of her old clothes and started to check to make sure that she was alright. The witch shook her head as she had to heal very wound that she had gotten.

How could people that are supposed to care about you do this to you, she said.

My grandparents dont mean it, Araminta said.

Pomfrey huffed at that but said nothing.

Now youll stay in the hospital wing until morning when Hagrid will take you to get your things for your first year, she said. Im sure that youre eleven.

Yes, Araminta said.

Good and then youll be sorted, Madam Pomfrey told her.

This part interested her. What do you mean Ill be sorted?

Into your house, Miss, Madam Pomfrey said. Goodness, didnt your grandparent tell you anything?

No, Araminta said, Nothing.

Madam Pomfrey shook her head. Your father is going to have his work cut out for him.

The next morning Araminta found a clean pair of clothes waiting on her. She slipped them on and found a note inside. Taking it out she opened and read:

I hope that you like these clothes as it didnt look like you really had much. Hope you have a great first year.

Angelina Johnson

Miss Johnson came by and gave them to me, Madam Pomfrey said. Nice girl.

I bet she is, Araminta said, glad that someone was being nice to her.

Madam Pomfrey led her to the entrance hall where several students were whispering and pointing in her direction. A couple laughed and then moved on. Araminta had a funny feeling that they were talking about her.

Wait here, Madam Pomfrey ordered and then left her alone.

While she stood there several more people walked past her, some of them pointing but others just walking past her as though she was not even there. Suddenly someone tapped her on the shoulder and when she turned she saw a black girl standing there wearing a strange uniform. It was solid black and it had a lion on the front. Thats when she noticed that everyone wore the same thing but not all had a lion on the front. Some had a snake, a badger, and she swore she saw a bird on a couple.

Hello, Im Angelina Johnson, the girl said.

Araminta Snape, Araminta said and they shook hands. Thanks for the shirt and jeans.

No problem, Angelina said, smiling at her. So how was Madam Pomfrey?

Strict, Araminta answered.

Angelina laughed and Araminta wondered what she had said that was so funny.

Dont worry about her, shes like that to everyone, Angelina told her. So is Hagrid taking you to get your things?

Yes, but I think hes late, Araminta told her.

Well thats because he doesnt want to be around someone like you, said a cold voice from behind.

Both girls turned and Araminta saw a red hair boy standing there with another boy that had messy black hair and glasses.

Weasley, leave Araminta alone, Angelina said. Or Ill tell Percy.

Araminta, what kind of name is that? Weasley said. Sounds like a stupid name to me.

Araminta felt her anger starting to bubble.

Ron, come on, said the black hair boy. She might get her dad to take points off our house.

Fine, but watch your back you stinking Slytherin, Weasley said. Or-.

Or what, Weasley, boomed a voice that made Araminta jump.

She turned and saw a very large man standing there. In fact he was so large that she felt quite small.

Or what, Weasley? the man repeated.

Nothing, Weasley said.

I thought so, the man said. Now get to your table and have your breakfast.

Both boys hurried inside and the man approached them.

Ill leave you alone, Angelina said and hurried into the Great Hall as well.

Sorry that Im late, he said. I had to feed fang. Names Hagrid, thats what you can call me.

Araminta, Araminta said.

Hagrid smiled at her. Well never thought I would see Snapes daughter coming to Hogwarts. Well youre just like the other students to me, as Dumbledore said last night. Great man he is and I know that everyone will like you.

Not those two, Araminta said.

Oh dont worry about Ron and Harry, Hagrid said. Their harmless enough.

Araminta wasnt to sure about that but she followed him out of the castle and they were soon gone.


A/N: Dont we feel bad for her. She doesnt know anything about the Wizarding world and shes already suffering from very narrow-minded people. Well we all know that someone had to come to her defense and I like Angelina Johnson a lot. Well next chapter she gets sorted and this sorting shocks Snape and angers Weasley. Dont we all want to do that.