Title: The Lost Child


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Chapter 32: On The Hogwarts Express

The term ended and soon their trunks were packed and Araminta went on the small boat to the train. Getting on she put her trunk and hawk in a corner and then settled down. Soon Hermione and Harry joined her, followed by a couple of others.

"Can we sit here?" asked a girl with blond hair.

"Sure," Araminta said and they all settled down.

The train trip was nice and Araminta talked all about what she wanted to do during the summer. Hermione talked about going to France and Harry talked about another horrible summer with the Dursleys.

"Maybe I could scare them so that they'll be nice to you," Araminta suggested. "Imagine your uncle and aunt looking at a vampire. I'm sure it isn't against the rules."

"You wouldn't dare," Hermione said, shocked.

"Oh come on, he's being treated like something horrible," Araminta said. "I'm sure that it would be nice to get some payback."

Harry snickered and Hermione shook her head.

When the Hogwarts Express pulled up everyone got off and headed off to the Muggle world. As Snape took Araminta away she told Harry that she would call him so that he would have someone else to talk to.

"That would be great," Harry said.

Araminta went pink and then left with her father. One thing was for sure she would have a lot of fun this summer and she hoped that Harry would join her as well.


I hope that all of you enjoyed this story. I know that I had fun writing it. Im going to do a sequel but it might be sometime before thats done and I want to finish writing it so that I dont have to rush and everything sounds good. It will be all about Aramintas second year (Harry's third) and will have a lot of interesting surprises. Also Araminta does come to see Harry and scare the Dursleys, if you want to know. Thanks for reading and I know that you'll all see Araminta soon.