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Summary: Dumped by his girlfriend for her sixty year old professor Kyle returns to South Park to watch his best friend marry. There he meets said professors son and finds out that maybe being dumped for an old fart was not the worst thing to ever happen to him, but the best. Kyle/Christophe

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Kyle's head felt as though it was being ripped to shreds. The alarm tore a hole in his dreamless sleep then squeezed its hands in there and ripped it to shreds. Tears sprang to his eyes as he rolled over and grabbed his phone. He bashed buttons, trying to make the noise stop.

"Ugh," Kyle groaned as the phone finally shut up.

Kyle attempted to sit up before flopping back down whacking something that growled at him on the way down.

"Ouch," a heavily accented voice groaned. "Is zat ze way you treat your lovers?"

Kyle sprang upright, blankets pooling on his groin.

"What the hell!?" He shouted at the man who was lying next to him. "What are you doing here?"

"Zis is my bed," the man said. "I would be asking ze same question if I hadn't spent eight 'ours 'aving my wicked way with you."

A memory flashed.

"You've been harassing me all night," Kyle sulked as the larger man pulled him into the bathroom. "What do you want?"

"You," Christophe hissed, claiming Kyle's mouth with his own.

"We didn't?" Kyle began, as memories began to flood his brain.

"Come 'ome wiz me?" Christophe whispered, kissing Kyle's collar bone.

"Uh…" Kyle whimpered, he had never felt so aroused. "I-"

"Just say yes," Christophe purred. "I will make it a night you won't forget."

"Shall we take this elsewhere then?" Kyle smirked, gently biting Christophe's bottom lip.

"God," Kyle cringed.

"I didn't zink it was zat bad," Christophe frowned. "I zought you razer enjoyed yourself."

As the memories continued to build Kyle felt Christophe kiss him again. He could feel Christophe stroking, licking and biting every inch of his body. He could feel Christophe stroking him to a climax, he could feel the man entering him, fulfilling him.

He could feel himself harden.

"Well, well," Christophe had obviously noticed Kyle's problem. "I guess it wasn't so bad after all."

"But I'm not gay," Kyle said, his eyes squeezed shut. "I like girls."

"I didn't say you were gay," Christophe rolled his eyes. "Bi-curious maybe."

"But I've never done anything like this before," Kyle began to breathe deeply.

"Maybe we should experiment a little zen."

"What?" Kyle looked into the Frenchman's dirty brown eyes.

"I am going to kiss you," Christophe said, a wicked smile crept across his face. "And zen we'll see what happens from zere."

"What?" Kyle blinked as the Frenchman moved towards him. "Okay…"

Christophe slowly leaned forward, and softly caressed Kyle's lips with his own. Kyle felt a shiver ran down his spine, and then he slowly began to kiss back. The he opened his mouth a little Christophe took that as an invitation to thoroughly ravish him. Kyle was in heaven. When Christophe finally broke away Kyle's face was flushed and he was more than eager to continue.

"What did you zink?" Christophe smirked, biting Kyle's neck. "Was it satisfactory?"

"Shut up and kiss me," Kyle said, pulling the larger man on top of him."

This time Kyle took the initiative, pulling the French man into a passionate kiss. Kyle then decided to attempt some of what Christophe had taught him last night, when the Frenchman moaned Kyle knew he was doing a good job.

"What the hell!" A female voice shrieked.

It was Christina; her face was white and her mouth wide open.

"Do you mind?" Christophe growled. "We are very busy at ze moment and do not appreciate being interrupted."

"But," Christine began, trying to figure out what was going on. "That's Kyle."

"No," Kyle rolled his eyes. "Really? You know my name?"

"You're not gay!" Christina stated. "I slept with you."

"How does zat make 'im staright?" Christophe smirked. "In fact I zink sleeping with you turned him gay."

"Yeah," Kyle agreed. "I think I should take a leaf out of your book and fuck Christophe's dad."

"Don't you dare!" Christophe growled, capturing Kyle's lips with his own. "You're all mine."

"I should have known," Christina finally recovered. "You were a lousy lay."

"He rocked my world," Christophe smirked. "Now please leave so I can fuck his brains out."

"Wait till I tell your father!"

"Leave, now."

Christina glared at the two of them before leaving the room, slamming the door behind her.

"What's the bet she's gone off to masturbate about us?" Kyle giggled.

"Ew," Christophe shuddered. "I don't want to think about her."

"Then where were we?" Kyle asked innocently.

"Right about here."


"So you and Christophe huh?" Stan asked his friend as he climbed into the car.

"You don't leave much room for small talk so you?"

"As soon as Wendy and I arrive in Italy we have a message from Christina saying that she walked in on you and Christophe going at it like bunnies."

"It wasn't like that," Kyle laughed. "We were just… experimenting."

"Experimenting?" Stan raised an eyebrow at his friend.

"We were just kissing," Kyle said quickly, a blush rushing over his cheeks.


"We were seeing how I would react."

"And did you?"



"Physically?" Kyle smirked.

"No," Stan said sarcastically. "Mentally."

"Yes," Kyle said. "It was good. Really good."

"Obviously if you're still seeing him." Stan rolled his eyes. "Are you in a relationship with him now?"

Kyle paused. "Yes."

"You don't sound so sure."

"I'm not," Kyle bit his lip. "I like being with Christophe, the last four weeks have been amazing. But I just don't know if I'm ready for another relationship."

"Have you talked to him about this?"

"No," Kyle sighed. "He'll be to understanding. I don't want him to distance himself because I might need space."

"But maybe that's the right thing to do," Stan smiled at his friend. "Is the sex good?"

"Stan!" Kyle blushed.


"It's freaking amazing," Kyle grinned wickedly. "He does this thing with his teeth-"

"Okay," Stan interrupted. "You can stop there."

They sat there in silence until they finally arrived at the pub.

"I think I'm worrying too much," Kyle began, his voice shaking slightly. "I feel so intense about this, I think we might have a future."

"Are you getting all romantic on me again?"

"Not like that," Kyle smiled. "We may not last forever, but we'll defiantly have a good few years."

And with that Kyle opened the door and stepped out of the car. As the icy wind hit his face he grinned. He didn't know his future with Christophe entailed, but as long as the Frenchman didn't end up screwing his dad, Kyle could handle anything.


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