This is a short one shot for all the Jack Frost lovers out there. I hate how there are so few Jack stories so I decided to 'spice' things up…or should I say 'ice'? XD Lmfao, okay cheesy joke time is over!

The female in this story can be interrupted as anyone…or yourself…or a figment of my imagination. In my mind this is a deleted scene that possess a young lady that no one sees in the movie, hence deleted :P

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

"You're the one…you're the one causing all this trouble!" A whisper of pure horror left her dark lips as though letting anyone hear would make her die. She took a step back, her fingertips lightly touching her lips in impulse.

"Why, yes, yes I am." Jack smiled sweetly yet it only managed to send chills of repulsion down the girl's spine. "And now you're the one who's going to be frozen." His pale blue lips pursed in the mid motion of, quite literally, blowing her into a popsicle.
The young woman felt her body freeze for a split second but it was the kind of fear freezing, not the ice. Just like that as soon as it came, it left. She dodged the path the ice would have taken by sliding under his radar. Quick as can be she tackled the man into the wall and brought her fist to meet his face.

His hand grabbed her bunched up one and held tight, making a sharp gasp of pain be heard from her; her fist was turning an alarming dark blue thanks to his power. She bit her lip to keep from showing pain and worry and kicked him in his shin. Frost grimaced ever so slightly and then turned to where he slammed her into the wall without mercy. He chuckled when she bit her cry in half as if it were all just a big joke.

"I'm not going to let you destroy Santa's workship!" She snapped and tried to sound strong; even without looking at her fist she knew the ice and dark blue had reached her wrist. "Let go of me you oversized popsicle!" She screeched.

Jack's free hand covered her mouth as he tsked her mockingly. "Tsk, tsk, tsk, we can't have anyone hear you can we?"

He let her go and grabbed her free hand by her wrist when she tried to punch him again. She winced and sunk her teeth deeply into her bottom lip when the sensation of numbing entered her other hand. "Now then…say bye-bye." He whispered before his face started to turn blue.

The girl's body tensed with the same freezing fear as before but this time it didn't let up. Without giving it much thought, she looked at him in the eye and felt her heart flutter. Pursing her own lips for a different reason, she suddenly leaned forward and kissed him.

His lips were cold but not frostbite worthy. She was rightfully stunned when she discovered they weren't cracked from his natural coldness either; she loved the taste of his lips, of his kiss.

When at last she needed air, she pulled away and stared up as her heart raced. She could feel heat rising in her face and almost laughed; while her body hands were all but frozen, her cheeks were hot to the touch. Licking her lips, she stared up at Frost with unsure eyes of what he'd do next.

Frost looked…surprised. Not angry or anything, simply shocked. His dark eyes found hers and a small grin slowly etched its way upon his face. "Hmm…I suppose I could let you live…only if you do as I say."

"W-what?!" She literally choked out, her back straightening in an instant. "Do as you say?"

"Yes…first, you can't tell anyone of what I'm doing." He paused and then smirked evilly, "…the second thing, we can discuss later."