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Authors note: Okay, so this is my first attempt at an X-Men fan fic. I have to warn you that I have never read an x-men comic book in my life. Sorry guys. All my knowledge and love of X-Men comes from the 90s X-Men cartoon series, other X-Men fan fics and summaries of the comic book from the internet. That being said, I hope you still give my fic a chance. Let me know if I did justice to Rogue and Gambit (the best characters ever!). Well, I hope you like it………

Fighting the Odds

By: Nicole


Remy LaBough opened the door to his room and made his way wearily to the bed, not bothering to turn on any lights. He managed to throw off his tattered uniform in a few painful yanks, pulls and tugs as his tired form fell against the comforting mattress, causing it to sink slightly in the middle from his weight. Remy was tired, no he was exhausted; physically, mentally and emotionally. Having just returned from a very long late night danger room session his body was in desperate need of rest. But his heart was equally fatigued and his mind was troubled with loves incessant problems. Why did love have to be so difficult? There was no reason why it had to be this hard. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy and girl live happily ever after…..right? Isn't that how the storybooks go? But then again, the girl in those books probably wasn't a rogue; his Rogue.

Remy took a deep breath, not wanting to focus on anything at the moment, especially not Rogue. He just wanted to sleep; sleep away his problems, his worries, his heartache. He lay there on his king sized bed, on his soft mattress in nothing but his boxers on his sweaty body. Yeah, his body was pretty sweaty and grimy from the DR session; he needed a shower.


He slowly sat up, unwillingly having to put his sleep on hold until his body was clean. He made his way to his bathroom, flipping on the lights, turning the hot water knob and switching on the shower head. He took another deep breath as he stared at his reflection in the mirror watching as it slowly disappeared, being overrun by the increasing steam now filling the room. He wished that his problems could disappear as fast. He slipped out of his boxers and stepped behind the sliding glass door of the shower. His tiredness quickly dissipated as the hot waters cascaded over him. He jumped at its initial impact, but his body quickly adjusted to the heat. He breathed in deeply, relaxing under the waters warm hand and the heats comforting effect as he felt his mind drifting to the pleasing face of a specific fellow x-man. A pair of green eyes shimmered in his minds eye, captivating all his attention. The beautiful thick brown hair that was the curliest, waviest and prettiest he'd ever seen highlighted her porcelain face. The white streaks signaling her bangs were icing to the cake; giving her a flare of uniqueness that only Rogue could possess. Everything about her was intoxicating, drawing him in and overcoming all his senses like alcohol to a wino. Man he loved her. He knew that, he was sure of it, just as he was sure of the rising and setting of the sun. It was something that could never change or be altered; it simply was.

He grabbed the Ivory soap and began to wash away all his anxieties and troubles. Rogue was afraid and her fear was pushing him away. She loved him but she was afraid of letting anyone get too close. That fear had always gripped her, always controlled her, which of course is understandable. But from Remy's point of view things like not being able to touch anyone shouldn't matter, at least, not when it came to him. She shouldn't be afraid not to get too close to him; everyone else, yes, but him, no. They should be allowed to be together. He would find a way for them to be together, touch or no touch; it didn't matter to him.

He turned off the water, grabbing a towel as he stepped out of the shower. After drying off his body he ran the towel through his hair a few times and tossed it into the dirty clothes basket. Walking across his dark room in the nude, he reached for some boxers in the top dresser drawer. He slipped on the black silky material and returned to his comforting bed. Before he drifted off to sleep he envisioned Rogue once again, the image bringing a smile to his lips. He knew the odds were heavy against him, but it was a gamble he was willing to take.


She tossed and turned, tangling her body within the sheets. She draped her arm around a pillow, trying to find comfort on her right side, but only stayed like that for a few seconds before flipping to her back and hugging the pillow to her chest as she let out a frustrated sigh. It was just no use, she couldn't get to sleep. Why couldn't she get to sleep? It was 4 o'clock in the morning and she was still awake. But she knew crystal clear why sleep would not come to her, would not show its wanted presence in her room at this moment. There was only one reason and one reason only that would give Rogue a sleepless night; a one word reason; a Cajun reason. Remy.

Remy was all the reason that sleep would not enter Rogue's eyes. It both baffled and thrilled her that he couldn't seem to leave her alone. But mostly, it frightened her. And I don't mean like a "scared of spiders" kind of frightened, but a "your dog is about to get hit by a truck" kind of frightened. Was love supposed to be like that? She was so confused, and angry, and sad, but mostly just confused. She had never allowed herself to get close to anyone and it had been working quite nicely since the Cody incidence.

Rogue groaned out loud as she let the small pillow at her chest fall to the floor as she turned to lie on her stomach, kicking the thin sheets so they revealed half her right leg. She didn't want to think about the hospitalized boy or any incidents where she hurt someone who tried to get close to her. Why couldn't Remy realize that he could end up exactly like that, or maybe even worse? Why couldn't he just see that she could hurt him.

"Dumb Cajun."

She allowed her mind to linger on the dumb Cajun, catapulting his smile and his charm through her thoughts, letting them swirl around in her head. She could no longer fight them off, but surrendered to them lovingly. She permitted him to whisper in her ear and soothingly dispel her fears. She didn't know much about love, she didn't know much about relationships, but she knew how much this Louisiana X-Men meant to her. And no matter how much she wanted to deny or ignore, she knew that when it really came down to it, she could not lie to herself. No matter how much she wanted to, no matter how high the odds were stacked against her, she had to be honest when it came to love. Love. Finally, she was able to fall asleep; love put her to sleep.